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Comment 10 Aug 2011

For me it has to be NC State '03. My parents had just divorced and everything just sucked and my dad took me and we were in the south stands it was so amazing. We had a huge lead then that last play was the most nervous moment of my life and then they said he was down and i cant remember a more satisfying and relieving moment in my life still to this day lol.

Comment 30 May 2011

wait so TpeezyJew still never gonna play again after the article proved nothing?

Comment 30 May 2011

Really sad right now, truly the end of an era. All i gotta say is the Tat5 need to go, right now.

Comment 25 Apr 2011

aight good, i really, really want him to stay, i just dont know what to feel right now, should i feel diffrent about this crap from what i did yesterday? i just dont think i grasp the full meaning of what happend today.

Comment 26 Mar 2011

i have nothing to say, i really really thought this team was gonna make it to atleast the elite 8, something i obviously havent learned is to never ever trust a thad matta team

Comment 22 Feb 2011

OSUBUCKS10 i comepletley agree with you, but it is the football thing, basketball will just never have the popularity football does, not that its right, it just is, i was there, it got loud at times but i definitly agree, it could and should be alot better