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Comment 14 Apr 2014

He has an .880 sv% in the playoffs dating back to 2010. That's turrible. If the Penguins get a .915 sv% or so out of him, they'll win in 5-6. However, if he goes out there and lays an egg, like a freaking .880 sv%, Columbus takes it in 6 or 7. 

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Comment 13 Apr 2014

I don't think you have a concept of how good that Kings line up was, and is to this day. Columbus doesn't have a shutdown defense, in fact, not even close. Johnson and Wisniewski are defensive farces, and Prout is too slow to defend in transition, and Nikitin has turnover issues at times, as do Johnson and Wisniewski. The only defenders I'm confident in on a nightly basis to be sound in both zones are Murray, Savard and  Tyutin, and Tyutin sadly hasn't recovered fully from his Olympics injury. But yes, Columbus does have a goalie on par with the Kings, but that is all the CBJ have on par with the Kings. Our forward core is as deep as theirs, but not as defensively responsible, and our defense is nowhere near theirs yet, but with Murray, Savard, Erixon, Goloubef, Heatherington and Reilly all being between 19 and 23, the CBJ very well could have the most dominant blue line in the NHL in 3-5 years. So yes, going "The Kings won as an 8 seed" and then using that as justification for why the CBJ can, is irresponsible. 

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Comment 11 Apr 2014

Agreed on Mad Mex, but I haven't eaten their since my freshman year. I actually don't think a meal at Eddie George's is that much more expensive than eating at a place like Chipotle or Cane's. I've walked by Currito an endless amount of times, I'll have to give it a try. I don't know how far you've been down West Lane, but if you haven't had Piada it's worth the trek up West Lane. 

Comment 11 Apr 2014

Yes the Kings were an 8 seed two seasons ago, but I think that using them as a comparison is pretty irresponsible. Los Angeles had an elite center in Anze Kopitar, an elite defender in Drew Doughty, an elite goalie in Jonathan Quick, accompanied with very good pieces like Jeff Carter (douchebag), Slava Voynov, Mike Richards, Justin Williams, Dwight King, Dustin Brown and Alec Martinez during the Cup run. They had a shutdown defense, a shutdown goalie, and were one of the best puck possession teams in the NHL. So yes, an 8 seed can win the Cup, but the 2012 LA Kings were not your average 8 seed. 

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Comment 10 Apr 2014

Bishop, Price and Rask have been better, but there's no way you can consider Lundqvist's play as better than Bob's. Bob has a higher sv%, in only 6 fewer games. As for scoring, Columbus has 7 guys with 15 goals and Ryan Johansen, who has more goals than anyone on the Blackhawks, solid enough for making noise in the playoffs. As for how far they'll go, that depends entirely on who they play. If they get the 3 seed and face the Rangers, they have a really good shot, as those teams split the series this year. If they face Pittsburgh, their odds are greatly diminished, but Fleury has been a joke in the playoffs the past few years, giving them a chance. If they face Boston, they stand pretty much no chance. Columbus is also a better possession team than Pittsburgh, Montreal and Philadelphia, and they're one of the better even strength scoring teams in the league, all of which are extremely important in the playoffs. So really, it all depends on the team that they draw. 

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Comment 09 Apr 2014

Pita Pit is solid too, little more expensive than Apollo's, but still good. Moe's is the best for a burrito if you ask me, and Eddie George's is just a solid sports bar. However, nothing touches the Top 2 of Buckeye Donuts and Cane's for me. 

Comment 04 Apr 2014

I wouldn't worry about the Avs in the playoffs. Their possession numbers are some of the worst in the league (4th worst), and they don't have any elite defenders, at all. They're just like the Capitals, built for the regular season, when penalties are more commonly called, and teams play a less conservative game. Come playoffs, when there's even more 5v5 play, and teams run possession-heavy systems, the Avs are going to suffer. 

Comment 04 Apr 2014

Well, the CBJ sit at an 88% of making the playoffs. I wouldn't be so confident about your Blackhawks right now. Without Toews and Kane, that offense is going to be crippled. Oduya is injured as well. 

Comment 04 Apr 2014

Grant was a good strategist, he knew that the South could not sustain the casualties that the North could, and that they could not produce like the industrious North, so his strategy of overwhelming the Confederates was right. It was his in-battle decisions, or tactics that left a lot to be desired, he was famous for ordering frontal assault after frontal assault, which eventually worked, but its efficiency was severely lacking. Sherman was much more tactically brilliant, and was a good strategist himself (he even suggested seizing the Mississippi, Cumberland, and Tennessee rivers at the beginning of the war to splinter the Confederacy). Sherman never had a Cold Harbor disaster like Grant, and was not known for sending his men to their deaths in droves like Grant, that's what places Sherman above Grant for me. Sherman saved the Union's bacon at the Battle of Shiloh, by running an organized retreat after the surprise Confederate attack, instead of a mad scramble, and by then leading an effective counterattack the next day. If it weren't for him, Shiloh would have been a complete disaster for the Union.  

Comment 04 Apr 2014

And Andrew Jackson, the man that oversaw the ethnic cleansing and forced removal of several Indian nations from the Southeast is on the $20 bill. Just because you're on our currency doesn't make you a good person, or a role model. 

Comment 03 Apr 2014

This. Edison redesigned the light bulb, Tesla basically did the groundwork for most of the technological innovations that occurred in the late19th/early 20th century, like the use of AC over DC, and his countless work with radio waves. Edison could never get over the fact that Tesla was more brilliant than him. Of course Tesla was practically insane, but man was he also brilliant. 

Comment 03 Apr 2014

How on earth are people voting for Grant over Sherman? A general that sent his men to their deaths in countless droves, or a man whose tactics have been revered by military historians for over a century?

Comment 02 Apr 2014

Followed by Comeau's drop pass to no one. That OT was like there were 5 Derick Brassards on the ice. 

Comment 02 Apr 2014

They need to dump Jack Johnson in the offseason. He can't play defense, he doesn't score, he doesn't drive possession, possesses no hockey sense. Other than being able to skate, he is literally everything you don't want in a 1st pairing defensemen. Dalton Prout is just as bad, he's slower than a snail, he doesn't drive possession, and he has no hockey sense, it takes him way too long to react or think when on the ice. And this is Richards's top pairing. At least Wisniewski, for the absolute defensive farce that he is, is only getting 2nd pairing minutes. And then who in the Hell plays Jared Boll, the guy who can't even skate and stickhandle at the same time over a guy that nearly has 20 goals in RJ Umberger? I'm no fan of Umberger's, he's overpaid and has a tough time finishing, but at least he's not a disgrace to hockey like Jared Boll. This team misses Ryan Murray badly, really badly. He didn't make mistakes, he calmed Wisniewski on the power play and covered for his ass when he made mistakes, and he helped to drive possession, plus he can skate well. Which is almost the polar opposite of that joke, Jack Johnson. 

Comment 26 Mar 2014

Why do you care what football players make? They work for private businesses, congrats to them for making as much as they can. And again, why do you care how some player celebrates? We're literally watching grown men play a child's sport, I don't think chest-beating and ball-dunking is going to make it any more ridiculous, plus the whole purpose of professional sports is entertainment, and if players celebrating entertains the fans, which it does, then live and let live. 


OT: Watching Bill Polian explain how dunking a football over the goalposts could lead to players fracturing their wrists made me laugh. Apparently Polian thinks that NFLers have forearms of porcelain. Someone needs to get that guy off of ESPN, change his Depends, give him a glass of Ensure, and put him to bed. 

Comment 26 Mar 2014

My favorite picture of Ohio State's campus is an old picture of students skating on Mirror Lake during winter. I'd definitely go with the first option. 


Comment 23 Mar 2014

No they certainly don't, and I think Notre Dame got a bit of a bump merely because of their name. I think Hockey East is overrated this year, because if Minnesota plays to their full potential, no one can skate with them, no one. They went to Boston College earlier this year and slapped them around their own arena. 

As for OSU, there are a couple of pluses to take away from their end to the season. 1) Fritz and Dzingel are going to come back with a vengeance as seniors, 2) Frey looks like a total stud in net (how was this guy playing in the USHL as a 20 year old??) and 3) OSU's charge in the B1G tourney helped to knock Michigan out of the NCAA. 

Next year's OSU team is going to be very fun to watch, they'll be an offensive dynamo, they'll have great goaltending, and will have two additions to the blue line that I really like, Janik Moser and Victor Bjorkung, two mobile, puck-moving defenders that should definitely add an offensive touch from the blue line. 

Piece on Bjorkung: http://www.chicagosteelhockeyteam.com/steel-spotlight-victor-bjorkung/

Piece on Moser: http://www.sbncollegehockey.com/western-college-hockey-recruiting-ncaa/2013/1/26/3918466/german-defenseman-janik-moser-commits-to-ohio-state