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Comment 31 Dec 2014

Funny, I had a dream about this, and it wasn't good. Then again, most dreams aren't good and mine never come true, but I'm going to go with it regardless.

76 yards, but it won't matter because Ohio State won't be able to stop the run.

Alabama 38 - 14 Ohio State

Comment 12 Dec 2014

Two plays I would have loved to see in there - Joey Bosa's sack of Hackenberg to end the game against Penn State and Jalin Marshall's punt return for a TD against Indiana. Those games were very much in doubt at the time, and those two plays are the two that stand out the most for me this season.

Great video none the less, although like Up, it unexpectedly kicks you right in the feels from the get go.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

The GIF of us stopping Melvin Gordon in the backfield was by Ryan Shazier. I'm afraid we're going to have issues stopping him without Shazier as none of our linebackers are anywhere near that level of talent. 

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Slobber Knocker of the Game was that hit the Minnesota DB put on Corey Smith on they INT return. Next best was one where our DB (I think Powell) blasted Minnesota's TE when he was jumping for the ball. Both were clean and vicious hits on players who didn't know they were coming.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Advanced statistics have shown Ohio State's rush defense to be very suspect this year, as the defensive linemen often get out of their lanes and the linebacking play has been fairly sub par. I think Wisconsin, if they make it to the B1G title game, will be a very stout test. It could end up being a shootout.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

I have actually convinced myself that a 1-loss Baylor would not be deserving over a 1-loss Ohio State team, mostly because most of Baylor's toughest games were at home while Ohio States are all on the road or at a neutral site. If Baylor wins out, they are the Big XII champs and should get the nod over TCU if the committee truly values conference championships like they say they do. I do not believe Baylor gets in over one loss Ohio State. If TCU wins out and Baylor drops one, I do believe TCU gets in over Ohio State.

Right now, I would rank our best bets as 1) Florida State loses or 2) Baylor wins out. SEC West champs will get in, even if they manage to blow it in the SEC Championship game. I think even a two loss Pac 12 champ of Oregon or Arizona State get in over a one loss B1G champ. I don't believe the SEC will get two teams.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

Yep, the nine conference games basically balances out their cruddy OOC. Are wins vs TCU, at Oklahoma, vs Oklahoma State, & vs Kansas State better than wins @Maryland, @Michigan State, @Minnesota, & neutral vs. Nebraska? Having just typed that out, I'm really not sure that they are. The Buckeyes biggest games were on the road this year, outside of Virginia Tech.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

The only way Ohio State gets in is if Florida State loses a game somewhere along the way. SEC West, Pac-12, and Big XII champs are locks this year, and deservingly so.  The ACC is the only conference obviously worse than the B1G, so I can't see a one loss Florida State or Duke champion getting in ahead of a one loss Ohio State or Nebraska champion.

Comment 28 Oct 2014

What adjustments can you make in the passing game when your QB has lost all confidence? Even simple throws to the flat were not happening for him. The QB could no longer run, and Penn State realized that, effectively torpedo'ing the run game. They tried opening up in the second half when they realized that PSU knew Barrett couldn't run, but the direct snaps to the H-Back didn't work and the deep passes by Barrett were atrocious.

I think it's time to accept this is an offense with no game breakers. There isn't a Percy Harvin. There isn't a Braxton Miller. No Terrelle Pryor, no Ted Ginn Jr, no Beanie Wells. Devin Smith is the closest the 2014 Buckeyes have, but the limitation at QB will keep his deep vertical pass game in check. This is an offense that has to methodically move the ball downfield, and requires 5-10 yard passes to do so. On a day when our QB cannot make those passes, our offense is just not going to work.

Mini rant. I really get annoyed when announcers keep saying how dynamite Dontre Wilson is in open space, and how he's a threat to take it all the way every time he touches the ball. Really? Has he ever?

Comment 28 Oct 2014

It's not like we weren't running routes to those areas of the field. Your QB has to choose to look and throw there. JT Barrett was obviously rattled the entire game. A trip to Happy Valley can do that. Remember Terrelle Pryor's first game there?

Comment 19 Oct 2014

A prime example was his 33-yard touchdown jaunt up the gut after protection broke down on Ohio State's opening drive of the 2nd half. 

Protection didn't "break down," it was a screen pass that Rutgers immediately covered up. At that point, J.T.'s options are to throw it to the feet of the running back or tuck it and run. You can't throw downfield since the linemen have already released. It was a great play by Barrett, with some good blocking downfield.

Comment 07 Oct 2014

That throw from Barrett to Marshall was the best throw I have seen an Ohio State quarterback make in years. I honestly can't think of another pass like that since maybe Joe Germaine. Hopefully it is a sign of talent and not a fluke, but it was just spot on perfect.