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Comment 10 May 2017

And I can buy different speeds/bandwidths from my ISP if I want.  That is not the issue.  For a good roads analogy, you'd have to pretend something like OTIC was privatized and controlled all the roads in Ohio instead of just the turnpike.  OTIC then has the option of not maintaining or repairing alternative routes to the turnpike, forcing drivers to use it and pay the tolls.  Then, maybe OTIC wants to build a new airport and suddenly orange barrels pop up closing 2 lanes on any major highway within 5 miles of CAK or CLE.  Or, if CLE paid so many millions of dollars a year, OTIC would open up another lane near their airport. CAK, unable to afford these payments, would suffer as a result in this hypothetical.  These are not market forces, but instead regulations imposed by corporations that haven't been elected and have obvious conflicts of interest.

Comment 04 May 2017

My wife and I typically workout at home regularly as she is a pretty successful Beachbody Coach.  We just got back from the annual trip (this year was Hard Rock Resort Punta Cana) and it was awesome.  I've been struggling with my routine lately with all that's been going on (Moving to a new place, starting a new job, continuing to run my business, outdoor soccer starting up [both coaching and playing], new baby, international trip with new baby...) but decided to start the 5am workout routine again since our return and it's been great.  Working through Body Beast and once I'm comfortable I'll be starting to train for my 2nd Tough Mudder in Western NY in early August.  Typically this means a longer total body program, plus weekend runs on the Buckeye Trail in Cuyahoga Valley NP (5-6 miles of trail running).  My heaviest was a very out of shape 195.  Healthiest weight was probably around 167, though I'm back up to 180 with everything that's been going on.  Gotta love the process.  

Comment 26 Apr 2017

I can vouch for this as well.  And yes I started singing the theme song in my head as soon as I saw the comment.

Comment 20 Jul 2016

Factoring in he's still only 23, and he perfectly fits a need United has had for years, I'd have a hard time finding a number I wasn't ok with.  Plus, factoring in % of MU's turnover, it wouldn't even be considered their biggest deal. Good point about the move being good for him though, MU's been a bit directionless as a club since Fergie left so who knows what would have happened under Moyes and van Gaal.

Not sure if you factor this in as well, but given the currency strength of the both the Euro and the Pound compared to what it was for Bale's transfer, Pogba's deal in US dollars is actually close to 30 million less than Bale's.

Comment 18 Jan 2016

I get this too, though only at my work computer, so I assumed it was something with the firewall there.  I also get the arrow when upvoting/downvoting, but my vote still works.

Comment 05 Jan 2016

Agree completely, "as bad" is just a comparative term, not a qualitative assessment.  My point was more the Dline was missing 3/4 of its starters and didn't have any depth to speak of, not that Hubbard didn't look great.  Quite the opposite, he played very well, though he's not yet the force of nature Bosa has been.

Comment 04 Jan 2016

I started wondering the same thing during the game, but then I started thinking about how we were also missing Washington and Schutt and didn't have any depth on the D line.  They just looked gassed on those long drives ND was putting together.  It's definitely not the same, but I don't think it's as bad as it may have seemed in the Fiesta Bowl.  Hubbard is still really new to both his size and playing DE.