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Comment 13 Jan 2016

Hiring Depodesta, hiring Jackson, moving on from Manziel, the Browns are having a great off-season so far. If they actually draft well I'm gonna start getting seriously excited about the future of this team for once!

Comment 05 Jan 2016

This is the first time in my entire life I have been this excited to be a Browns fan. Those of you mocking this move are extremely shortsighted. This move is either a stroke of pure genius, or a ticking time bomb waiting to explode all over the organisation's face. This is the exact type of move the Browns should be making, simply from a pure game-theory standpoint. They are the team with literally nothing to lose and everything to gain, therefore they should be making risky moves that have huge upside potential. Even if this does fail spectacularly, its still the right move, but I am optimistic that it will work, a phrase I never use when describing my feelings towards a Brown's offseason move. 

Analytics is the future of sports, and this guy is the original architect. Everyone is now using it in baseball thanks to this guy. The Warriors are eviscerating everyone in Basketball by utilising an analytic model, and even in football, The Patriots have been using some form of it for a while now. This guy had the Mets rolling before he left, their farm system is stocked and they went to the World Series this year, do you really think he would leave that situation if he didn't believe that it could be done in the NFL?

I really don't see what the issue with this move is, at  least they are finally trying to win for once in my life. 

Comment 01 Jan 2016

Ummmm...... You don't always have total control over whether you get into those championship games. It always depends on the timing of the loss that usually comes once a season or so, as well as the national perception of your team. National championship coaches are rare, I don't know how you can argue any differently. I was disappointed that we didn't get there this year like everyone else, but 50-4 with a championship in 4 years is an amazing accomplishment, who cares if it doesn't come with its own special trophy???

Comment 06 Dec 2015

I don't like the 6 or 8 team models, if the playoff were to expand I would be a heavy advocat for a 7 team model. 3 teams with a gauranteed spot in the playoff field, with the remaining 4 teams battling it out for the final position in the field. This would still preserve the integrity of the regular season while giving more teams a shot at competing for championships. I like the current 4 team model as it is and would like to see it remain intact, but I fear expansion is inevitable, and that this 7 team model is the best comprimise.

Comment 27 Sep 2015

I think it may go even deeper than that honesty. Firstly, we know that Meyer and the offensive coaches have changed the offense since last year, and that things were not going to be as smooth coming out of the gate as they would have been if we had the same offense. Secondly, we were never going to lose any of these games, so why not use them as glorified practice sessions? A poster on this thread has already commented on the value of in-game reps to a player's development, so why not practice the plays we suck at while we have the luxury. Thirdly, defending national champions have a horrible motivation problem that keeps them from repeating when they have a shot at doing so, this offense was receiving a hell of a lot of praise over the offseason, what better way to keep them motivated then to create a little chaos and show them that they still suck, and that all those media pundits and fans dont know what they are talking about?

I personally think that this is exactly what is happening. We will be fine when it counts, have a little faith. 

Comment 16 Sep 2015

I was excited when I clicked the link to this article since this is the type of stuff that interests me, but this exercise proved to be quite pointless. The data is all over the place so no real conclusions can be drawn, and that's discounting the small sample size. The score of our game is misleading anyway considering how bad our offense played, and I am sure some scores in that chart are just as misleading as ours. You would have to watch every game in that chart, the first 2 games of each season, and then compare it to what you saw Saturday for any true conclusions to be drawn. Guess we will just have to wait until Saturday to see if last weekend was a fluke game for the offense. Good article idea though, its why I love this site.

EDIT:  The next time you want to do an article similar to this one, it would be awesome if you could include the betting lines for each game as well. 

Comment 13 Sep 2015

I've said it a million times, Mariota will be a far better NFL QB than Winston, no idea what people were thinking with that one, and I never will. 

Comment 12 Sep 2015

The QBs, while making a few bad throws (which happens nearly every game from every QB), can't be at fault for today's bad offensive performance. The real problem today was the offensive line being generally tired and sluggish from the VT game combined with playing an inferior opponent in Hawaii. Our entire offense simply looked tired, sluggish, lacksidasical, whatever adjective you want to use to describe a tired team. You could tell by how sloppily we were shifting through the motions of our offense, how long it took us to get set and into our plays, etc. Our blocking on running plays was not good on the majority of our runs, inside or outside, and nobody was getting downfield to help spring a key block on a huge play like usual. The receivers were not getting good separation on our deep strike attempts, and yes, a few balls were poorly thrown. All of this was to be expected though, and I am not worried at all about our offense.

The biggest story today for me was how dominate our defense looked. Pitching a shutout, multiple negative yardage plays and sacks, interceptions,  fumbles, even scoring a touchdown. I think we may have held their passing attack to under 100 yards for the first time since 1998? This bodes very well for the future since its our offense that has been our strong and most consistent side of the ball the past few years, but if our defense continues playing like this than we can have a few bad offensive performances and it won't matter.

Just like it did not matter today. 

Comment 09 Sep 2015

I didn't watch the game, but wow the PSU O-line has no excuse to be that bad, 10 sacks given up against Temple? I don't understand how they can be that terrible, and I'm not saying that to insult them, I'm saying that because I literally cannot fathom how they are so bad.  I'm trying to picture scenarios where their O-line looks like that against that team, and I'm coming up empty. We probably will have to rush only 1 D-lineman just to keep things fair when we play them. Very disappointed right now, it gets boring destroying every Big Ten team outside MSU every year after a while. 

Comment 01 Sep 2015

I think our O-line play in that game last year was the deciding factor. I don't think most people, buckeye fans included, realize exactly how big of an effect their poor performance had on the game. It was a close game even with them struggling, and had they even played an average game we would have won comfortably. I don't expect them to repeat that performance this time around, say what you will about the vaunted V-tech D-line, and with our defense being much more formidable this time around, as well as the many other improvements surrounding this team, and I have a hard time predicting anything other than a blowout victory for the good guys. OSU 42-17.

Comment 18 Aug 2015

 It does not make a whole lot of sense for government buildings to have the option to fly the Confederate flag, regardless of your interpretation of it as a symbol. The whole purpose of a flag, at least originally, was to identify the entity that controlled an area as friend or foe from great distances. Think Knights of the Round Table, or the many clans that fought for control of ancient China. The Confederate flag was originally designed and created as a symbol of unity for the rebel army against the US government. US government buildings fly the American flag to demonstrate that same kind of unity, and to show that this is a US territory. Flying both the Confederate flag, and the American flag on government buildings is confusing and illogical for this reason. It disrupts the show of unity and strength among the states; we are the United States of America after all. I understand that the Confederate flag is a point of pride for many southern citizens, and they can fly it if they want on their own, private, buildings, but flying it on state capitols, or any other government building, is a different story. 

Although I don't particularly care either way, this situation just always perplexed me.