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Comment 09 Mar 2014

It's a tough call.  Jerry Lucas probably comes out on top historically, but that was so long ago I can't relate.  I'd personally say Jared Sullinger.  He was only here for two years but I thought those were Mattas two best teams not including the Thad Five.  Honorable mention: John Deibler & Evan Turner.

Comment 11 Feb 2014

I always remembered having to pay $5 for the spring game and I don't think it should be a penny more. For me, one of the great things about the spring game was seeing people and families that you wouldn't see at regular season games.  People from Columbus who love the Bucks but did not attend OSU, or any college for that matter. Yes it's a class issue.  I loved seeing Buckeye fans who couldn't afford regular season tickets get the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of The Shoe and watch the pride of Ohio, even if it is just a scrimmage. 

Comment 07 Feb 2014

The B1G needs to change its recruiting rules and allow over-signing.  It sucks but clearly it can't compete without playing by the same rules as everybody else.  Or the NCAA needs to streamline the recruiting rules for all conferences


Comment 05 Feb 2014

Who cares about tradition, local rivalries and geographical culture?  Also, who cares about competent football programs when we already have the TV market (e.g. Pitt & WVU)?  Corporate investors have increased profit margins to worry about.  They need those east coast $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Comment 07 Jan 2014

The SEC is the best conference in college football and it's not even close.  7 consecutive national championships, 9 out of 16 BCS titles.  It has the largest number of active players on NFL rosters and secures commitments from the best athletes coming out of high school year after year.  All you have to do is watch the NFL draft or go right now to 24/7sports.com, rivals.com, scout.com or any other recruiting website.  Anybody who thinks the SEC is not the best conference in college football is delusional.  Let's switch the scenarios.  Lets imagine it wasn't the SEC but the Big 10 that won 7 straight titles and 9 out of the 16 total BCS titles BY 5 DIFFERENT SCHOOLS.  Would anybody here be even asking this question?  I am a Columbus native who graduated from Ohio State and loves the buckeyes BUT I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!!!  

Comment 29 Oct 2013

And how does this help us the fans?  Great,  Our conference is rolling in the dough. Meanwhile the product on the field is crap.  In fact, it's such crap that an Ohio State team that manages to extract itself from this pile of feces unscathed won't even be given a chance to play for a title. At least Maryland and Rutgers are joining to make the editors at Forbes even more giddy. What a joke.  Thanks Jim!    

Comment 02 Jun 2013

Love the photo with Norv and Chud in the background.  Those guys eat and drink football and are always scouting for the future.  Go Brownies!

Comment 31 May 2013

Why are we making national headlines because of dumb comments spoken by our university president?  This guy needs to remove the bow tie and shut his mouth.  Stop acting like a clown and embarrassing our fine university. 

Comment 16 Mar 2013

2013 = one of Thads best coaching jobs ever.  No question B1G coach of the year.  Watch out for these Bucks in the tourny.  Mattas got them primed!!!!!!!!!!!!


Comment 26 Feb 2013

"No S**t Sherlock" - Every black dude in America.


Comment 18 Jan 2013

I really hope he was in on it.  It really makes me feel better about myself to know that such horrible people are real.  I hope a lot of bad things happen to him and I hope a lot of good things happen to me.

Comment 07 Jan 2013

Yeah what is the point of this post?  Are you blaming the rape of women and the cover up after wards on small town America?  This isnt a small town problem.  This is a world problem (Read the latest from India).  And to try to marginalize the group that posted the video that finally drew attention to this crime by calling them the "flavor of the month" is pathetic.

Comment 18 Nov 2012

Is there any way we the fans can be part of this decision?  Seriously.  This changes everything the Big Ten has always been.  A middle America power conference.  I don't care if this brings in a lot of money.  For whom?  Not for us the fans.  By bringing in Rutgers and Maryland we are diluting our tradition.  It dilutes the pride we have of being from the midwest and having a conference that reflects those values.  Do we need the money?  No we don't.  We need to call this for what it is: GREED.  If Mr. Delany is concerned about the Big Ten moving forward he should concentrate on the quality of football being played on the field because currently it is underachieving.  In fact bringing in Rutgers and Maryland only adds two programs whose tradition and success on the football field are mediocre at best.  If expansion is inevitible then I would have liked to see us go after Pitt or Oklahoma.  But the addition of these two east coast teams will change our character and make up into something that we will not recognize.    



Comment 24 Oct 2012

This a great question but come on guys it HAS to be Penn State.  Yes, I hate Wisconsin and they have been the superior opponent, but I would honestly say with Michigan being down for so long the games against Penn State for most of the Tressel era were the most heated, hazardous, satisfying and belligerent.  For me personally, when Penn State came to town it was on.  Trash talking to all thier fans, getting lost in a druken stupor somewhere on North Campus after a non-sensical loss to those garbled-mouthed, buck-toothed Hill-Jacks.  Them and the Steelers. God i hate them. 

Comment 29 Aug 2012

Although I do think it disrespectful, a bit silly and yes, sad that a room full of grown men would be busy with there heads down, tweeting on there smart phones while somebody is trying to speak to them, especially when that person is Urban Meyer, I do think OSU is in no position to dictate these terms during a press conference.   

Comment 27 Aug 2012

I lived in Tucson for two years and it is a great place.  Similar population to Columbus and home to a large University (U of A).  The heat is not as bad as Phoenix as it is at a higher elevation but during the months of May and June it is pretty unbearable.  The monsoons come around the 4th of July and cool things off but even then during the summer I would try to get out of town during my weekends.  Arizona is beautiful though. Extremely diverse environments from The Sonoran Desert up to the high alpine mountains all across the state.  

Also there are a bunch of midwesteners all across the state especially from Ohio.  There are a bunch of Buckeye fans and finding a place to watch the games in Tucson with fellow fans is not difficult.


Comment 26 Aug 2012

I still don't understand why it's accepted to hate on Pryor and still the standard to apologize for Jim Tressel. All the kid did was play his heart out for us.

Comment 16 Aug 2012

Rashard Mendenhall "hates America"?  Put him at the top of the list!