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Comment 15 Nov 2014

Wonder if UK getting demolished by Tennessee helps with Harris?

Comment 10 Nov 2014

Miller is the better athlete, at least in the ATH-as-position sense. Barrett is the better quarterback.

I don't see any point in arguing the latter any longer. Barrett, after two thirds of a season, is already at least as good as Miller ever was as a quarterback. Whatever Barrett gives up to Miller as a running threat from the QB position he more than makes up for as a much better, more confident, and more versatile passer. On Saturday the passing playbook was chapters longer than it ever was with Miller, a three year starter.

Given that, why not do what this staff is already doing with Marshall, but with a more experienced and polished runner? Except, while (at least right now) no one really worries about the pass when Marshall takes the snap, with Miller a limited, but viable passing playbook is a very real possibility. ... Kinda like the actual passing playbook we saw the previous two years.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

I think you use Miller similar to Marshall, but let him pass a little more. Only a LITTLE.

Frankly, I think this is better for Miller's NFL prospects too. Look at Denard Robinson making it as a running back. Miller has no chance as an NFL QB, but he has a chance as an "Offensive Weapon".

Comment 04 Oct 2014

Last year the whole offense was Braxton/Carlos because our receivers often struggled to get open.

Was it because the receivers struggled to get open, or because Miller is very limited as a quarterback? Do you really think the passing playbook wasn't drastically simplified last couple of years? I think it was his fault, in that he couldn't throw a lot of the passes Barrett is throwing. Look, Miller is an electric athlete, but with him the offense is too one-dimensional. Couple that with the fact that his throwing shoulder is highly suspect now, as someone in this thread mentioned, and I think the team is better off with an experienced Barrett at QB next year. Miller would be stellar in the Wilson/Marshall role.

Comment 04 Oct 2014

i think your nuts if you think JT is as good as Miller....can't believe people are going there after 5 games....insane....

Miller is an excellent, dynamic runner, but the passing game is crippled with him. He didn't get appreciably better in two years' worth of starts. All those offensive weapons were being wasted because Miller couldn't reliably get them the ball. As good as Miller is, I think the offense will be better without him.

Comment 04 Oct 2014

where does Braxton transfer to ?

I think this is a legitimate question. Well, not the transferring part, but what to do with Miller next year. I think, with the progress he's already made, Barrett will be the better quarterback next year. I think just handling Miller the job will kill the passing game. On the other hand, you probably want to have Miller on the field for as many often as possible ... if he's willing to play a position other than QB. I'm not sure what the solution is.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Let me be absolutely clear: I'm not defending Dantonio. I have no idea whether he made sure he heard from the medical staff what he wanted to hear. I don't remember how long Ghoston was out of the game after that play. Everyone in football - coaches, medical personnel handpicked for this purpose, college administrators, pro team owners, and, saddest of all, fans - pretends like football players should "just shake it off" and get back in the game. Dantonio may be a more or less egregious example of this, I frankly have no idea.

But this isn't what happened with Hoke. Hoke didn't pretend that the injury was no big deal - he didn't know how to handle it, or maybe even didn't realize there was an issue until there wasn't enough time on the clock to substitute. He then was too indecisive to call a time out. And this is why you have your own fan base howling loudest of all - it dovetails so well with all their complaints about Hoke. You can claim that what Dantonio did was worse because you believe he KNOWINGLY put a player in danger, but Dantonio got the go-ahead from medical people. It's not his job to decide what's safe and what's not in medical situations - that's why they have doctors and trainers on the sideline. The system, broken as it is, worked.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

This is merely the capper that Hoke has lost control of his team, the program, and game situations. This on top of all the underachievement and lack of passion.

This is exactly my point - player safety issues shouldn't get convoluted with things like underachievement and lack of passion. Hoke is a terrible coach, that's clear. He clearly can't manage games. And he may or may not have lost control of the team - we don't know that. They appear to be listless, not out of control. But player safety is more important than all that. Hoke's inability to make in-game decisions put a player in danger - that's a huge problem. If Dantonio put another player in danger by sending him back out when he shouldn't have, that's a problem too. It has nothing to do with whether Dantonio's teams play with heart.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

So your point is that Dantonio didn't know what was going on any more than Hoke did? I don't think the two are the same.

Ghoston received medical attention on the field and was helped off by medical personnel. Dantonio isn't a doctor, and I'm not sure per rules he's even allowed to stand over the player in that situation ("wasn't out there"). At least you never see coaches do that, whether because there's a rule against it or they simply want to let the medical people do their job. In any case, he clearly consulted with the medical staff AFTER they examined Ghoston and found out he was cleared.

No one checked Morris out after that hit, yet he stayed in. He should have either been taken out or examined on the field - a time out should have been taken, if necessary. The head coach has to make that decision, but Hoke is too deer-in-the-headlights to make it ... so they just go to the next play. Same with Morris going in when Gardner's helmet came off. As soon as Gardner went in someone should have told Bellomy to get his helmet and be ready just in case. Instead Bellomy wasn't ready, so Hoke panicked about getting a delay of game and sent Morris back out.

Look, if you want to question whether the medical personnel are under too much pressure to clear players to go back in against their better judgement and whether the whole sport has a terrible injury culture, I'm right there with you. But these two situations aren't at all the same from a player (or game) management point of view.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

So ... shake it off?

Another big difference: Morris is a prettyboy QB, Gholston was a DE with a mean streak everyone knew about. And then there's the race thing ...

I think real difference is in how the fan base already feels about their coach. It's not worth making this into a story if the coach isn't already hated - you'll get the fan base accusing you (the journalist and/or outlet) of bad things and no one else caring. But in this case, you've got a fan base of millions complaining to anyone who will listen and fanning the flames.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Did Gholston get checked for concussion symptoms before he was sent back out? I kind of doubt he was in on the next play.

I think it makes sense to separate the anger of Michigan fans who were already sick of Hoke and the national media shitstorm (NBC nightly news two nights in a row? Really?).

From what I've seen on MGoBlog, people are pissed because this is exactly what makes Hoke such an incompetent dinosaur of a coach - he does a piss-poor job of in-game management and seems proud of it. Any competent coach would have remove the player after that hit. When Gardner's helmet came off, Bellomy should have gone in for a snap to hand off the ball. On top of quite possibly having a concussion Morris couldn't put any weight on his foot, so what use was he? But Hoke seemed like he barely knew what was going on, like maybe he even forgot they have a third QB dressed for the game? The question isn't whether Morris was definitely concussed, it's just how inadequate Hoke's reaction was.

The shitstorm shouldn't be a surprise - concussions and their long-term effect are a huge on-going story about football. Any producer who at least KNOWS a CFB fan will know that Michigan's self-immolation is one of the biggest stories in CFB, if not in all of sports right now. Now you have a chance to get those viewers, plus the viewers who couldn't care less about football, but love to tsk about how violent it is and how it causes brain damage. How could you NOT run with that story?

Comment 20 Sep 2014

Yeah ... it's incomprehensible to me that Tressel+staff actually did a better job recruiting quarterbacks than Meyer+staff.

Comment 20 Sep 2014

B1G will have 3 legit coaches, and 3 very good, close to legit coaches (Anderson, Franklin, and Pelini)

If I'm right in assuming you're saying Meyer, Miles, and Dantonio would be the three legit coaches, I'd have to dispute your placing Dantonio, but not Franklin, among "legit" coaches. Franklin looks to be pretty legit, and Dantonio doesn't exactly have the record of Meyer and Miles.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

There are a number of elite players, but they don't play in a vacuum. When a whole unit has elite players, e.g. OL + TEs + RB last year, it's a monster. Receivers can't appear elite if the passing game is severely crippled due to the QBs limitations. DL is exclusively elite players, but there was an unbelievable drop off in quality behind Roby and Shazier in the backfield. That's two thirds of the D. Unless the DL sacked the opposing QB in under 3 seconds, he was usually able to complete a pass. There was no such thing as a coverage sack for two years.

Now backfield is stocked with elite talent, but they are at most true So. Even if they would have been contributors on an otherwise experienced D, they can't make up an elite D by themselves. Not in the second game of the season anyway. If you want to blame someone for the defensive disaster last two years, you have to start with Tressel's recruiting.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

I think people WAY underestimate just how much of a black hole Tressel left for Meyer in the secondary and at LB. No, Tressel never had units as bad as the last two years have been, but here are ALL the DBs he recruited between 2008 and 2011:

Travis Howard (2008), C.J. Barnett (2009), Pitt Brown (2009), Dominic Clarke (2009), Jamie Wood (2009), Christian Bryant (2010), Jeremy Cash (2011), DerJuan Gambrell (2011), Doran Grant (2011), Ron Tanner (2011).

That's it, in 4 years. Pitt Brown was a huge bust, Clarke had a behavioral problem. Do you even remember Gambrell and Wood ever seeing play? Ron Tanner is the genius who got a 15 yard penalty on an egregious late hit on Saturday. He's seeing play for the first time as an RS JR, backing up a true SO. Orhian Johnson came in as a 3* ATH in 2008 ... and pretty much played like it. Four solid contributors in four (!) recruiting classes: Howard, Barnett, Bryant, and Grant. Same story at LB.

Meyer's entire tenure he's had 2 real stars in the D backfield (Roby, Shazier), 7 reliable-to-acceptable upperclassmen (Howard, Sabino, Klein, Bryant, Barnett, D. Grant, Orhian Johnson), 1 complete bust (Pitt Brown) and 1 near-complete bust (C. Grant), a bunch of Fr/RS Fr/So who were either huge liabilities or couldn't/didn't even play (Camren Williams, Perry, Perkins, Najee Murray, Powell, Bogard, Tanner, Reeves), and a bunch of guys whose name you would barely recognize. That's 9 acceptable players in two years for two units that have to field at least 7 players between them for every defensive snap. Almost any sub is a huge liability.

So when you complain that "Meyer arrives and D instantly takes a nosedive", please remember that it takes years to develop players and that everything Meyer has had to work with came from Tressel.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

You win as a team and you lose as a team. A defense shares the blame unless it gives up 0 points, in which case it's hard to lose. But I think if you asked who did their job and who didn't, the reasonable answer is that the D did almost everything that you could reasonably ask, especially given the incredibly inexperienced secondary. On the other hand, offense had WAY too many 3-and-outs and, together with the kicking team, left at least 10 points on the field, and that's if you count a 40-yard FG as no gimme, which I think you should. But even there I'm not saying someone really dropped the ball. The OL is made up of inexperienced guys who mostly should be career backups, given their talent level. It's fine to insert one of those guys into your OL if you have to, but you can't have a functioning line made up of them. Barrett is a gifted QB with a bright future, but it's his second college game, and he's playing it with THAT line. The RBs have to run behind that line. Wilson, Marshall, the receivers all have to get the ball from that QB behind that line in order to do something.

I can't even blame the coaches for their preparation or play calling. These are the plays you call with this line and this QB. And you play this soft in the secondary when it's made up almost entirely of guys making their first, second, or third career start and didn't have any substantial PT before that. It doesn't matter how talented those guys are. The problem goes back to recruiting OL, QB, DB, and to some extent LB during 2010-2012. You can't have an RS freshman and Cardale Jones as your only options when your injury-prone star QB goes down. This is what you get.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

bench grant for mcmillan.  don't sit him for a stiff vet like we did with bell last year.

Grant hasn't been nearly the disaster this year that Pitt Brown was last year. He had a good game last night. You think a true frosh MLB is going to be much better in coverage, no matter how highly rated he was coming in? Did you know that Grant was the #2 recruit his year? By all means, bench a senior captain in favor of a true frosh because you haven't had a chance to be disappointed by him yet.

do we have a TE?  why do we bother rercuit them?

Seriously? Did you not see Stoneburner and Heuerman last two years? Did you know that TEs are also asked to block sometimes, since they line up on the OL? Did you know that the regular OL is a disaster and that Barrett needs all the protection he can get right now?

man I miss Tress.  guy got royally screwed and now they are going to pay players.  what a freaking hose job he got.

Ahh, now I get it. You can't even be happy when a better coach falls into your lap after the already-pretty-good-coach is fired (sorry, retires or whatever) and promptly wins 23 straight games with the very mediocre team the previous coach left him. Do you see what's happening in the rest of the B1G? You want to trade places with Sparty fans right now? How about another B1G team? How about Texas and Florida?

Or maybe you forgot the Florida loss, the two USC losses, the LSU loss for that matter? You're not happy with Barrett, Collier, and the mysterious "Burrow", fine. Tressel recruited Miller - do you think he could have gotten more out of him than Meyer did? Would he have turned Miller into Tom Brady? He didn't with Pryor, who only won as much under Tressel as Miller did under Meyer and was also very flawed. Oh, and Tressel left Meyer a disaster in the secondary and at LB, but I'm sure he would have kept all those 50-30/60-40 wins to much more respectable 24-17 type scores.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

1) What BadOwl said. Unlike last year, nothing was given away last night. The D was all over them all night long. Brewer played lights out and their scoring drives started at their 35, 39, 42, and OSU's 43.

2) What Hydeyokids said. Did I mention the secondary has 5 SO/RS FR in the 2-deep, three of whom are starters, in the 2nd game of the season? This will be a great D and, with this OL, the team will go as far as this D carries it. And I'm betting that will be pretty far.