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Comment 1 hour ago

This is a run-first, run-second, pass-third offense. Barrett doesn't make quick passing decisions, and it's almost certainly not his fault - they don't seem to be practicing it. This is a terrible combination with an OL that can't pass protect.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

I think the problem must be with the playbook, not so much with the plays that were selected from the playbook. You don't completely abandon passing, including in almost all 3rd and long situations, unless you have absolutely zero confidence in it. And that must be, at least in part, due to how much they work on it. Against good defenses you have to have a working passing game to enable the "athletes in space" plays, or you simply can't move the ball.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

I'm certainly not out for Beck's head. And the Saban situation was very different because he hands his offense over almost completely to his OC. The parallel for Meyer there was hiring Ash. For me, the blame here rests with Meyer because ultimately it's his offense. One way or another he has to get it worked out, and that may very well be by being less stubborn himself. This offense is too reliant on (and in love with) "athletes in space", and that's Meyer.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Given the player continuity from last year to this, I'm inclined to think the problem started with the staff. With Zeke and apparently others (I only saw the video of Zeke) airing unhappiness with coaches in public, their dissatisfaction with coaches' decisions must have reached a boiling point. I'm sure they are even more frustrated than we are with the offensive talent being wasted all season.

When faced with a similar breakdown on offense, Saban brought in Lane Kiffin. He was laughed at, but look at the results. Let's see what Meyer does.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Honestly, I'm not knowledgeable enough to assess the play of individual linemen. I'm happy accept your assessment with Elflein and Price. Frankly that's already a great job by Warinner given that Price was a lowish 4* and Elflein was a low 3* coming in. But when two of your starting linemen were ranked 565 (Boren) and 978 (Elflein) and a third is a 5th year practically seeing the field for the first time, you're already beating the averages with just one of them being a good player (Elflein). And that means the O line as a whole is under-talented compared to the rest of the offense. Last year was a spectacular coaching job to get them to play as well as they did. This year, as you said, when 2 of 5 STARTERS are below average, it means that, for Ohio State, O line recruiting was sub-par for several cycles. So as a whole the offense has too many talented athletes with no obvious positions - where would you put Marshall, Wilson, AND Braxton at the same time? - and not enough O line talent. And is quite short on experienced WR. In other words, unbalanced.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Talent can only shine when it's put in a position to succeed by the offense. Braxton getting the ball behind the LOS with an LB and two DBs crashing down on him before he turns the corner isn't an opportunity for him to break one, it's a desperation move with no chance of success. In order for it to work those DBs have to be chasing WRs somewhere else. But they won't be, if you've been unable to make teams pay for leaving WRs open not just this game, but most of the season.

I think the role of the O line in this has been largely ignored. How long, on average, did we see JT hold on to the ball last night before trying to get rid of it? If the O line can't protect the QB long enough for the WRs to get open, then DBs are free to crash down on all those QB runs and cute hand offs. The only way this team could put up points last year on a good defense like Alabama was by stinging it with the passing game first. Recall that Bama was completely stuffing them until then. However the offense was able to do that last year, it's been completely absent this year.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Yes there is a lot of talent on offense, but it's poorly balanced. Whatever voodoo Warinner was able to perform with the O line last year, it was gone this year. The O line is 1 complete stud and a ragtag group of undersized, under-talented guys with a D line convert 5th year senior starting for the first time. They played line what they are. Combined with both QBs being unable to connect on simple WR patterns, and it just spiraled out of control. You simply can't have an offense built around QB draws and hand offs to athletes in the backfield. You end up with no plays to call on 3rd and 9 after an inevitable no-gainer to the sideline by Braxton. Drives stall. Your offense is one-dimensional and your stud RB can't do it by himself all drive because the opposing D loads up the box and/or brings heavy pressure.