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Comment 02 Aug 2015

Yeah, I was just kinda thinking out loud there. As a product of the early success of this recruiting cycle recent Hurry Ups have been ... shall we say underwhelming? I guess at this point it's a matter of waiting on the remaining top targets to make up their minds, because there don't seem to be any names floating around that would be "takes" before the top guys decide.

I was kind of hoping Jeremy would weigh in on the sure-fire backup options at DT, CB, and S, since those sound like the remaining must-haves in this class.

Comment 02 Aug 2015

Assuming no decommits, what's the worst case scenario for the rest of this class? In other words, at what positions will they bring in SOMEONE, even if the remaining realistic top options (Jackson at DT, Victor+Corley at WR, Hamlin+Fuller+Pryts at DB, etc) don't pan out?

Seems like DT is a must, while WR could hypothetically be done? Will there for sure be a safety AND another corner in the class? Based on how thin LB interest appears to be, I'm guessing it's either Hansford or no one?

Comment 02 Aug 2015

Take a look at how they've been able to put players in the NFL over the last five, hell last ten years, and it might give you some idea.

Besides, does ND's ability to land star players surprise you more than Tennessee's, or Clemson's, or Georgia's, or Ole Miss', or Penn State's, not to mention Michigan's? None of those teams have sniffed anywhere near even a chance to play for the national championship in 15 or more years. None of them have even a fraction of the success ND had between the 1920s and 1993. Yet they all regularly get top recruits. I don't see ND as a particular outlier in this regard.

Comment 13 Jul 2015

How about something plausible, yet would be welcomed with much rejoicing.

The return of the front page grey box?

Commented on 12W
Comment 03 Jul 2015

I haven't done any kind of survey, but from the recent hurry ups it seems like there are Gary, Lawrence, and Jackson (all of whom seem very unlikely, particularly Gary), and no other names get mentioned more than once, maybe twice. From that I conclude that the once-twice mentioned names go either with guys who have options and OSU is nowhere near the top of their list (basically like the first group, but outside the top100) or with guys who will commit the second they get the green light. That's not plan B, that's more like C or D.

So your description of last year's situation seems accurate for this year too.

Comment 27 Jun 2015

Ah, I thought you meant specifically the Hand/OSU situation. I remember meatchicken fans reveling in how much they thought Hand hated OSU, so their tears when he committed to Bama were that much more delicious. Wondering if there really was something to the "Hand really doesn't like OSU and/or Meyer" thing, or just the usual, simply not near the top of his list thing. Same with Gary.

Comment 27 Jun 2015

Not me - I'm much more "if you're not with us you're against us".

I'd say something like "Gary is very likely to go to the NFL from almost any college team, so maybe he just doesn't care about winning in college", but then I'm reminded of Kalis, who seems to have completely flushed NFL potential down the drain. Bet he'd like to have that one back.

Comment 27 Jun 2015

Gary aside, I'm a little confused about the DT situation. Are there any targets besides Gary, Lawrence, and, Jackson (all of whom seem like either long shots or extremely long shots), or are the staff willing to live with one DT in this class?

Comment 27 Jun 2015

What was the Da'Shawn Hand situation, other than he didn't come to Ohio State? Just obvious that he was going through the motions on his visit?

Comment 16 Jun 2015

Am I the only one who finds the dichotomy of responses incredibly amusing?

It looks like Mint has a different lineage from CentOS/RHEL, in that it's derived from Debian (maybe together with Ubuntu, which is itself derived from Debian?) I haven't used anything Red Hat-derived in a LONG time, so I don't know how different Red Hat tools are from Debian's, but I can tell you that apt-get and its front ends available in modern Ubuntu make administration of your OS way, WAY easier that it used to be.

I believe Gentoo is still the distro with the highest degree of control, where you pretty much assemble your OS yourself from all the available pieces. Unfortunately this can be extremely time-consuming, especially if you aren't already an expert in the inner workings of Linux.

Comment 02 Jun 2015

No, unless FitzBuck really meant to use the Spanish pronoun. I'm guessing (s)he meant cue, though I suppose it could have been queue, as in the UM fans are getting in line (queue) for whatever.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

I don't think Vrabel quite fit with Urban's coaching style

This may be true, but if it is, it's the first I'm hearing of it. What was the mismatch?

Whether a coach leaves when Vrabel did or when Drayton did, it's going to affect recruiting. Hiring Larry Johnson was the right move, and just because we didn't get every single five-star D-line recruit doesn't mean there was that much of a drop-off.

There was a clear issue with D line recruiting in this cycle - by OSU standards of course. Birm said Vrabel's departure caused a bigger problem with recruiting than he (Birm) could have imagined. Birm didn't elaborate on that, but I'm taking him at his word. Certainly hiring Johnson was the right move.

Urban will make the right hire, and Weber will be fine.

I'm sure things will be fine one way or another, but that doesn't change the fact that at the moment there is a fire to put out.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

when did Weber say he was lied to? I don't recall that tweet. I know he tweeted "this is gonna hurt, ain't gonna lie".

Weber did not say anything about lying in his tweets. That is an inference just about everyone (including on this board) is making about why he is upset. It's a reasonable one, given what we heard from Meyer about how he and Drayton were on the phone with Weber at 1am the night before NSD - we don't know what was actually said, but we can make reasonable guesses.

Please elaborate how much more "lying" that Stan Drayton did to Weber compared to the "not lying" that Vrabel did to recruits he was talking to the day before he left.

I never said anything about Drayton lying. I'm sure he was careful not to say anything untrue. There is a difference between being told explicit lies and feeling like you were misled, even by omission. Fact is, Weber feels mistreated and the relationship with him will need to be repaired (again, per Birm).

Based, again on the rumors we heard, the situation with Vrabel appears to have been completely different in that until shortly before leaving he wasn't planning on doing so. The ugliness of that situation had nothing to do with lying. In fact, it had nothing to do with players at all. But, if the rumors we heard are true, it was very ugly, and as a result the staff lost an excellent coach and recruiter who also happens to be an OSU legend. I really hope we see him back some day

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Three things:

1) I don't remember anyone feeling like they were lied to when Vrabel left, which is the big issue here.

2) Vrabel leaving ended up having a lasting negative effect on recruiting, per Birm. I don't think it's an accident that this is the lowest ranked recruiting class since Meyer got here.

3) The rumors swirling around Vrabel's departure were even uglier in their own way.