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Comment 04 May 2012

JT Barrett will prove t be the best of any of the other QBs we offered. We wont be missing out on the others. no opportunity cost here. And Trubisky could be the next Tebow!

Comment 03 May 2012

Ryan Shazier went from boy to man faster than you can say -ichigansukz. Looks like we've found John Simon's successor to how much dedication can be put into the weight room. L.L. cool-J lookalike?

Comment 03 May 2012

Your absolutely right. It's gonna happen in the 'really' near future :)  And it's not just gonna be the D-line, but the O-line dominating things as well. Then you got the LBs,DBs,WR,RBs, FEAKIN' TIGHT ENDS!  Say it ain't so.......

Comment 30 Apr 2012

Devin Smith is a no.1; Michael Thomas a no. 2 as he is more of a big, posession-type receiver. Marshall and Treadwell in the "speedy" slot. Gibson could be a no.1 or a no.2  and D.J. Quick I'm not sure where he fits in. We have Marshall and any combo of the other three would be awesome.  

Comment 30 Apr 2012

True friggin' competitive Buckeye through and through! love his attitude and ball skills. I wouldn't mind seeing him on offense or defense OR BOTH! Now I see why he's one of the top 4 cornerbacks in the country...but DAMN! he can do alot more than that! I love him already.

Comment 30 Apr 2012



Highlight film looks like a solid WR but I'm still not sold on him being the 'percy harvin' type guy yet. For a soph I am impressed with his skills though and really like his downfield blocking. If we take him, I see him as a nice WR but still waiting to see the next 'percy'. Then again I dont know his measurables and his HS system might not show what Urban can exploit from him. His junior campaign will give us much more insight.











Comment 26 Apr 2012

Dont worry,simon will be gone but with micky marotti runnin shit in the weight room bosa will continue to grow into an absolute monster. BTW the defense is shaping up to be the best in cfb history,putting usc's with mauluga and what not to shame! Only were gonna do it year in/year out. Just look at the studs we have after simon, hankins, nate williams,goebbels,etc... Leave the defensive line (who will top the nation in 2012). Kenny hayes, steve millier, joel hale, michael bennet, chase farris, adolphus washington, noah spence, se'von pittman, tommy schutt, jamaal marcus, joey bosa, billy price, tracy sprinkle, lewis neal. Its not even gonna be fair! Then you have the best s strength/conditioning coach in the country, the best group of defensive coaches in the country, and the best damn had coach in the land! Add all this to a swarming, attacking LB/DB group led by more great coaches and we will barely need urban's nation-best offense as braxton's/barrett's units will start in opponent's territory almost every drive. Put simply e will score a shitload of points with no remorse and give up little to no points every game. Starting in 2013 urban wins out his contract with NCs every year.

Comment 25 Apr 2012

Extremely excited about JT Barrett. One of the top Qb in Texas,the top Qb producing state by far. ok maybe California comes kinda close but DAMN! Urban Meyer is taking this recruiting thing nationwide. We represent well in Fla, TX, CA, NC, NJ-Mass, PA, Midwest, and of course O-H-I-O! The SEC will no longer corner the market on Big-time college FB.

Comment 25 Apr 2012

I'd like to see Simon mostly a d-tackle, but also switch to DE and MLB sometimes. Keep the offense guessing where he's coming from.

Comment 23 Apr 2012

Its official, Joey Bosa just committed! Welcome home to Buckeye nation Mr. Bosa. Go BUCKS!

Comment 23 Apr 2012

The 'hoot n holler' drill is a glimse into the future junkyard-dog mentality these players will have coming into each and every game. Vicious attack dogs on both sides of the ball ready to rip and shred the opponent's flesh. we will keep our foot on their necks once we have them down and not ever let up. Urban Meyer (to John Simon): "Sweep the Leg"!

Comment 22 Apr 2012

looks like Mewhort is one of the very few who can hold their own against Simon.

Comment 18 Apr 2012

Sprinkle will be a DT all the way. It might take some time to bulk up his body and teach him some techniques but we might have just picked up the next 3* All-American. Would love to see the next Cam Heyward out of him. It really means alot for Urban to declare the defensive line bordering on "rediculous." First, Tressel got the ball rolling recently with some really nasty, sick linemen; then for 2012 we got a fast and furious Urban Assault with DE's,tackles; and it's not slowing down for '13! In the near future, Vrabel's unit will make opposing coaches go into halftimes wondering why the "hurricane" warning sirens werent sounded. Add that to Fickle's crazy/freakish speedy LB's coming in and the vicious DB units led by Withers and Coombs. Pretty soon we wont even need an offense more than a field goal kicker..... oh, thats right Urban doesn't mind dropping 60 on teams. Starting in 2013 the NCAA/BCS will be heavily stacked in our favor. GO BUCKS!

Comment 13 Apr 2012

In the past a guy like Anzalone would be a virtual lock to Penn ST. Times have changed now. He still could go there but not likely. If he grew up a florida fan, he didnt realize it but he was really an Urban MEyer fan, and now his favorite coach is closer to home. Spring game will be alot of fun and I hope he pulls the trigger and commits.