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Comment 07 Nov 2014

They also need to take a look at the prosecution end.  My daughter's car was broken into and she had several items taken.  The perps were apprehended almost immediately.  One was arrested, the other two were juviniles and the mother of the juvies accused my daughter of being at fault for having things visible for them to steal.  The trials kept being delayed because the perps wouldn't show up and no one would issue a warrant to pick them up.  After my daughter went to court 4 times, the prosecutors told her to give up, nothing was going to happen to them.  She said she wanted justice and wasn't going to go away.  The "adult" finally showed up to court and was given three days in jail, that he already had served and probation.  Every once in a while I check online, and he has more burglary charges often.  Put the idiot away and make the campus area safer.

Stop trying to arrest every minor with a beer on Saturdays and look for the real criminals.

Comment 01 Nov 2014

The refs must have been shown the SEC east graphic.  Time to help them out. 

Comment 01 Nov 2014

It's time for these officials to get the call from SEC/ESPiN HQ to make sure Georgia wins it.