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Comment 02 Aug 2016

I am lucky enough to say that my wife stated the goal of seeing OSU play at every other B1G stadium.  We have been able to knock off MSU, Wisconsin, Indiana, Northwestern and Minnesota so far.  This year we are going back to MSU and Wisconsin, but adding Penn State as well.  What a great wife I have.

Comment 30 Jul 2016

Just finished, very good. 

Comment 19 Apr 2016

The OSU alumni association had a tailgate at the Union the last visit to Madison with Archie and Gene Smith there. Stay away from the student sections like Madtownbuck says and don't be an idiot and you'll be fine. I've sat in several sections and never had a problem. OSU block has been in II, JJ, KK in the past. Our best seats were the last time OSU was at Wisconsin, we had seats with the Badger players parents and when Ball fumbled the ball towards the end of the fourth quarter. Everyone around us thought he had scored and were cheering and I saw the ball pop out after Shazier punched it out. Needless to say I started cheering and everyone around weren't happy when they realized what happened. 

Comment 21 Sep 2015

Thanks everyone.  We poured our beverages into a solo cup inside the cooler and then tossed the empties into a garbage bag.  The vehicle they hassled had the rear tailgate open with empties sitting there on the coolers.  One of the people from our party asked them after the police had left and they said they got a written warning and told to pour the beer into the cups inside the vehicle and dispose of the cans appropriately.