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Comment 23 Oct 2016
Certainly disappointing. Their goals are still in front of them, however. Gotta get better in a hurry. Dust it off. Onward. The season gives no f*cks about your disappointment.
Comment 06 Feb 2016

The Giants would be a great fit. They desperately need a running back that can do it all and participate in all three downs. They shuffled four different running backs all season and it fooled no one. The Giants also have a few young linemen that are really coming along. I think Zeke would be dynamite there.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

I understand, but in the end I'd say the only team that was truly penalized - in any impactful way - for winning ugly was Notre Dame after their close win against Boston College, which was followed by a loss to Stanford anyway.

Iowa wasn't penalized for winning ugly because, going into this weekend, they were one of only two playoff contenders with an unblemished record. They deserved to be where they were, because we knew they'd have to put up or shut up in the Big Ten Title game anyway. 

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Slow down, fellas.

People seem to think that a six-or-eight-team playoff is down the pike. Have we forgotten how long it took us just to get HERE? I wouldn't go thinking a playoff expansion is a certainty, and I definitely don't see it coming any time soon.

Moreover, I'm good with four. Yes, it sucks this year because I do believe Ohio State is one of the country's four best teams and they aren't in it, but you can often say the same thing for just about any sport; the best team doesn't always win.

The only difference is that college football involves voting, and that sometimes makes us believe that a team that f*cked up should be put in any way because they win the "eyeball test." Well, no. You earn it on the field with wins and losses. Ohio State had a bad night and, consequently, didn't earn it on the field this year. It sucks, because they're talented enough to win the whole thing, but if teams were put in the playoff based on talent alone then we'd be picking the four based on Rivals rankings and not what's done on the field.

That's why Iowa got passes for "winning ugly." Because of the "win" part. That's all that matters. The college football playoff is not about assembling the best teams. It's about the teams that deserve to be in it.

Comment 05 Dec 2015
Don't care. I just hope they get dumped next year in East Lansing.
Comment 02 Dec 2015

There's more than enough talent in the state of Georgia to make its namesake university a yearly contender for the SEC crown. Plenty of talent has come through the door over the past decade and more often than not, it's been squandered.

Given that, I really don't see why Georgia fans are expected to shut up and be content with perpetual 9-3 seasons and a coach that has done nothing but lose big games for years. I like coach Richt, but I understand the fans' frustration and it's definitely time for a change.

Comment 02 Dec 2015

Good hire for Miami, I see Richt doing very well there.

I've said this in other threads, but I really don't understand the criticism of Georgia for letting him go. They'd clearly plateaued under his guidance and they've had more big-game blow ups in recent years than any program should have to endure. Alabama's still king of the conference, but they can be beaten. There's no reason Georgia can't be in the mix for the SEC crown with all the talent its state produces.

Comment 29 Nov 2015

I really don't understand those condemning Georgia over this. Yes, Richt is probably the 2nd-best coach in program history, but they've clearly plateaued under his guidance. It's a program ready for a change.

Comment 29 Nov 2015

Would the Rose Bowl be on the table? Perhaps against Stanford if they win the Pac 12 and don't sneak into the playoff? Or would that go to the loser of the Big Ten title game? 

Comment 28 Nov 2015
Last week, I posted in the forum about how foolish I felt for being a nervous wreck all year and letting my own lofty expectations prohibit me from enjoying an Ohio State football season the way I should. I let all of that go today, and enjoyed every last damn minute of this game, and still would have even if it hadn't been such a resounding victory. These guys let it all loose today, and seeing them celebrate in the locker room after and just have fun was a joy to watch. Love these guys. Thank you for a lifetime's worth of memories, seniors. Go Bucks.
Comment 22 Nov 2015

I think you really hit on something. Now, we're partially to blame (we have to be) for letting expectations get in the way of enjoyment, but what you said is right. It was so obvious that last year's team was having fun, even before they hit that unforgettable three-game stretch. They smiled, they laughed, they cracked wise and teased each other. We all fed off of that and had just as much fun with them because of it.

It should always be fun when you're winning, and for 10 games this team did that just fine. I just wish they'd had more fun doing it. Maybe their own expectations got in the way of that.