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Comment 27 Nov 2016

The offensive series that had me apoplectic was the final drive of regulation time. First and goal at the 8, down 3, and a TD wins the game. At a time when they needed "combobulation", the players and the coaches simultaneously "fritzed". Haven't heard anything about this sequence or what happened. Maybe they were just happy to have a chance to tie and go to OT, but it was so uncharacteristic and could have been disastrous.

Still, when all was said and done . . .

Comment 27 Nov 2016

It's never automatic. But, I must say that in the UFM era, I never worry about the team being prepared, confident and ready to play. That's a nice feeling.

Comment 26 Nov 2016

Obviously, thrilled with this call. But, it was interesting that there were no sideline views shown on either the earlier review of their first down, or this one. Way to hold the refs accountable.

Comment 25 Nov 2016

My .02, Alaskan King crab and Florida Stone crab claws give lobster a run for the money (literally and figuratively), but not snow crab. Lobster is the pick here. Preparation is also important. Simple steaming is pure, simple and delicious, served with lemon and drawn butter. But, some people prefer baked or broiled. Poaching the tail in emulsified butter is also incredible. Try them all, if you get the chance. Bon appetit!