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Comment 4 hours ago

"The ants are my friends, they're blowin' in the wind,

The ants are just blowin' in the wind."

Comment 4 hours ago

Got a little something you might like later on -- check out "TIMH".

Have an awesome Mardi Gras, NOLA!

Comment 16 hours ago

There hasn't been one post in here that violates the commenting policy of 11W. Disagreements over taste in music do not warrant DVs. Whoever is throwing them around in here, did you know DVs are not anonymous to Mods?

Comment 18 hours ago

OK, here's the poop. I don't hate MC or Vince Neil. I really don't know anything about them, or didn't until last night. I recognized the name, but never listened to them (by choice -- might have heard "Girls, Girls, Girls" somewhere or another), don't own anything they've recorded. The 80s metal and hair bands blew by me like the wind -- was too busy working my way up the ladder. I read about Neil killing a passenger wrecking some exotic sports car -- and that he has a racing team. That seems imprudent. I read that when he was picked for the band, one of the guys said "I don't care if he can sing, look how he gets the crowd going." I read that his other businesses include a tattoo parlor, a tequila brand and some wine. I listened to a few minutes of the band's hits.

I remember that Nicky Sixx post, John. I didn't have anything to add then, either.

Mama always said, if you can't say something nice . . .

And, I had a doctors appointment this morning.

Comment 07 Feb 2016

Thanks for the insights JLB. Alas, I (and 99%) of the arable mass of the US, were "fly over" country for the Wall. Better to have been living in Dortmund then? Maybe not. They still had a real wall then.

Not sure I can agree with Roger about the "surrogate" thing. If someone had pushed surrogate Bowie out on stage, I'd have wanted my money back. I think PF's fans would, too, if they hadn't been on hand to take over.

Comment 07 Feb 2016

KB, I found a newspaper article reviewing the Wall show that referred to 500 arrests at the previous PF show at the same arena in 1975, and said bands avoided the venue because it was within LAPD jurisdiction and implied they were a might too aggressive vis-a-vis rock and roll crowds.