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Comment 9 hours ago

I've been a Bruce fan since seeing the Born to Run tour. I like Born in the USA, too, and see it as another collection of stories about regular people leading regular lives of hope and desperation. The songs were mostly written at the same time as Nebraska. They are typical Bruce rock band numbers, recorded live in a few takes and without production tricks. Tonally, it's a homage to 60s rock and roll. Nothing wrong with that.

Comment 28 Jun 2016

I don't know what to think about Radiohead. I'm a little like Gen. JCLP, in that I've listened to this album in particular several times, trying to "get it" -- and still don't. I guess I'm not smart enough for whatever it is they're laying down. OK Computer from a tone and composition view reminds me of the Beatles -- but a whole album of just their darkest songs -- kind of like "What would the Beatles have sounded like in 1997, all pissed off and hopeless?" I've read that OK Computer is one of the great "f&ck" albums of all time. Don't really see that either. Just makes me want to go to sleep.

I'm hoping someone here can clue me in, so I don't miss some great music.

RB, have a great vacation!

Comment 26 Jun 2016

Here's my BB&A story. I worked midnights stocking a Kroger store while in college. 4 of us would unload, open, price and shelve a 1700 piece truck in a shift -- still remember running up and down the aisles at night, and the BB&A album was always the first on the PA system to get us cranking.

Comment 26 Jun 2016

Chic'sGhost [12th Warrior] 24 Jun 2016, 12:17 pm

I absolutely looooooooove Beck's jazz stuff.  Check out the last photo of the post and the young bass player. Her name is Tal Wikenfeld, and she's a prodigy.  She's 30 now, but started playing professional gigs in her teens. Crazy talented and good.  

Love the versatility of Beck..  He is AWESOME.  

"You're welcome for the house I built."

Comment 24 Jun 2016

No problem, KMP. Just wondered about his not being on your list. As you say, it's all subjective. The RS list is just a compilation of votes of its panelists. Be interesting to see all those individual ballots. There might well be some that look just like yours.

Anyway, thanks for the explanation, though you didn't owe me one.

Comment 23 Jun 2016

In case anyone is interested . . .

. . . it's also the 75th birthday of Robert Hunter, non-performing member and lyricist of the Grateful Dead. A volunteer participant in the CIA's psychedelic drug testing at Stanford, as well as the perhaps less structured Ken Kesey Acid Tests, Hunter and Garcia were friends from Jerry's bluegrass band days. Hunter wrote most of the Dead's early classics: Truckin', Uncle John's Band, Casey Jones, Sugaree, Sugar Magnolia, Playin' in the Band, and Dark Star. He also wrote the lyrics to the later hits Touch of Grey and Althea.

Happy Birthday, Robert Hunter!