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Comment 18 hours ago

Man is visiting his wife in the hospital, and she's in a bad way. Doctor says to him "Your wife's heart is just not beating fast enough and we can't seem to correct it. There have been some reported cases where performing oral sex has sped up the heart rate. Would you try?" Man says "Sure Doc, I'll do anything."

Doctor and nurses leave the room. Few minutes later every monitor and alarm at the nurses' station goes off. They rush into the room and see the heart monitor has flatlined. The woman is dead. Doc looks at the man and asks "Did you do what I asked?" "Yes" says the stunned man. "Well, what happened?" asks the Doc.

"I think she choked."

Comment 06 Jul 2015

Just because you don't like the way he has communicated does not make him evasive. As far as I can recall, his only messages have been to the effect that he is returning. I'm not aware of anything he has said that indicates he's thinking about, let alone intending to transfer. That speculation has all come from others, based on them not finding his statements, at the Shoe or as reported by Urban, to be definitive enough to satisfy them.

Maybe he just wants to know if the "fans" who want to run him out of town, or just out of the QB position, are in the majority. An outsider reading these forums would say we have a hell of a way of showing the guy our support.

Comment 05 Jul 2015

Braxton Miller announced today that since no one has listened to his statements about returning to Ohio State, he has decided to just go ahead and transfer. Miller added "I thought it was enough to announce it at the celebration for the national championship, but I guess not. I've been working my butt off and rehabbing here. I even go to practice with the team. I told coach Meyer I was coming back and he announced that for me, but people still said I hadn't been clear enough for them. So, eff that, man. I'm out. Y'all a bunch of ingrates."

It should be noted that Miller was resplendent in a Giorgio Armani suit. It was blue with red pin stripes, so it appears Miller is headed for . . .

Comment 05 Jul 2015


Comment 04 Jul 2015

Disagree. The "Braxton sucks" threads will be right there with "fire Beck" as soon as it gets tough. Sentence 2 will be: "As I said months ago, JT is 'the best' QB on the team and should have been starting."

Ad nauseam is right. Mental masturbation without the happy ending.

Comment 04 Jul 2015

The point of my snark, Dave, is that all the campaigning for this guy or that one is tiresome and worthless. It's Urban's decision, and he's certainly seen all of the film on all three guys. More importantly, he sees them every day in practice, which no one here does. So, fine, anyone can say "X is the best" based on looking at 3 of his plays in one game. It doesn't mean anything. It's not even a comparison.

And, at the end of the day, all of this choosing sides just sets up a QB controversy situation that we most definitely do not need. Folks that are out there campaigning for one guy over the others will be the first ones, if their guy doesn't start, to clamor for a replacement when things don't go well -- and you know there are always bumps in the road.

I just wish we could let it play out, get behind whomever is chosen to start, and let the coaches do their jobs. All this campaigning does is sow the seeds of dissent in the ranks.

Just my opinion, of course, and I could be wrong.

Comment 04 Jul 2015

I can't see the future. But, I am looking forward to this season.

Too many variables to predict that any one coach might be the future head coach. I'd leave it at this: if he succeeds as a head coach at Houston, he'd be a worthy candidate.

Comment 04 Jul 2015

So, some early Michigan recruits have to start worrying about oversigning, eh? If a player committed before Harbaugh got there, he'd be wise to call the coach right away. If the call goes to voicemail and the message is not returned, start looking for a new school.

Player: "Hi coach Harbaugh, this is________."

Harbaugh: "Who?"

Player: "I committed to Coach Hoke last year. Really looking forward to playing for you."

Harbaugh: "Wrong number." <click>