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Comment 14 hours ago

Thanks, SL, and all.

For the record, not a MC fan. Just too calculated and derivative for me. But, their 2008 album, where they forget about ballads and do songs that are about them and their real life experiences in the business, all while rocking hard, is very good. Unfortunately, it is also the product of modern recording practices. Every part done on ProTools and emailed to the producer for splicing and dicing. Mick Mars even commented that he hardest part of touring after that album was re-learning the songs, because they didn't know how all the parts would be woven together in production.

Comment 01 May 2016

It sure is easy for a lot of people with paying jobs to chastise those who would prefer not to play for free anymore. 

You said a mouthful, brother.

Comment 01 May 2016

Diehard Browns fan here, too. Sat in old Mile High and watched Byner fumble and Bernie try to throw with a hand held together by rubber bands. No, I didn't live in Denver. Those were road trips from CLE.

I just don't know how to have faith in management group that hasn't done anything together yet. And, Haslam and patience are words that don't belong in the same sentence. I was excited that Chud was fielding a competitive team that looked downright professional at times. Then someone (cough, cough) decided JFF was the future. When I hear that the Browns have now done something no other team has ever done in the draft, I don't default to "wow, it's revolutionary and awesome," but rather "there's probably a good reason." Also, count me among those who wonder why Buckeyes look good to everybody besides the Browns. They're not good enough for our rebuilding, expansion-like team?

Anything other than "wait and see" seems like the result of drinking the old koolaid.

Comment 01 May 2016

Not at all. Simply based on the number of them, existing players, and roster size. I didn't have a wish list at all. I'm one of those salty fans who's heard front offices use "rebuilding" and "expansion team" to buy themselves a couple of seasons of failure before leaving town to collect what's left of their contracts. This is nothing new.

Comment 01 May 2016

I think taking that many players at one position is an admission that you aren't sure any of them can do the job. It indicates lack of confidence in your ability to evaluate talent. "Let's just bring in a bunch, and see who sticks." The draftees get that, too. You think any of them feels that the team really believes in them? How about Coleman? "Sh*t man, they drafted how many more players at my position?"

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I picked up JLaw that way. She sent me hers; I sent her . . . somebody else's. Anyway, um, . . .

I guesss "Let's meet IRL" is just too bold?

Comment 29 Apr 2016

Have you ever had the cabrito at The Cadillac Bar in Houston? "You're never far, from the Cadillac Bar!"

Ginger or Mary Ann?

Comment 29 Apr 2016

Willie actually owns the Pedernales Country Club, JLB. He had a recording studio on the grounds and cut a few records there.


Comment 29 Apr 2016

Thanks for the nice comments, everyone.

Willie is another musician who'd rather sing and play than pick cotton. Seems like we've heard that a few times. I'd say the American music scene would be a lot less interesting if cotton was easier to pick.

Willie's got some Cherokee in him. Can you tell?