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Comment 04 Dec 2013

Enter this game with the mindset that they're facing a formidable defense and that our defense is exploitable. It will sharpen their focus and avoid the superiority complex they may have had prior to The Game.

Comment 30 Oct 2013

I saw that TBUN spelled "OH NO!" earlier this season. Is that the extent of their marching and  formation proficiency?

Comment 30 Oct 2013

It only LOOKS easy... just like Penn State looked challenging, until that end zone pick.

Comment 27 Oct 2013

Remember when we all thought a rematch with Northwestern in the B1G CG would be our best chance for a spot in the BCS NCG?

Is the B1G really a down conference? Or, like the SEC, we're just so strong - top to bottom (No, not you Illinois; nor you, Purdue.) - that any B1G team can beat any other on any given week? Indiana beats Penn State. Penn State beats Michigan. Minnesota beats Nebraska. Everyone beats Northwestern...

Comment 08 Oct 2013

From the Pat Forde article:

"He's a good kid," Miller said of Hyde. "He's a great player, too. He's a great guy, man."

Reasonable people can question two-thirds of Miller's above assessment. But nobody who saw Carlos Hyde run Saturday night would debate the player part. And for many Ohio State fans, the middle sentence is all that matters."

From the Pat Forde byline:

Pat Forde is a Yahoo! Sports’ national college columnist.

Reasonable people stop reading after the first four words, "Pat Forde is a Yahoo!"

Comment 23 Nov 2012

Lifetime 24-22-2. No vacancy. The NCAA has no jurisdiction over me.

Comment 17 Nov 2012

WOW! These game posters are oddly prophetic! First the Purdue "Great Train Robbery", then the Penn State "Extinct", now this Wisconsin "Prize Fight" which foretold the trench battle that ended up with both teams doing their best to knock each other out. Can't wait to see what's in store for rivalry week.

Comment 06 Nov 2012

This is what rebuilding looks like.

I'll take it.