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Comment 20 Jul 2016

I hope so since we told Sibley to take a walk (Yes, i know Grayshirt......).   Especially since I think Dobbins will likely sign with us but I don't think it's close to set in stone.

Comment 27 May 2016

It's hard to keep up with all of the sports figures aliases for Tinder cheating and STD testing.

Comment 16 May 2016

These have to be the only 2 answers I think.

The Pitt game is funnier in hindsight due to May and it was a whooping, but 59-0 is my winner.  Opponent, stage, and considerations for new QB all in play.

Comment 13 May 2016

OK.  For players I have seen (TV or otherwise)

Ryan (worst PITCHER of this group but potential of most dominant)





I think Kershaw is close to joining this list.


Everyone above except Kershaw (for now)

Plus Koufax, Gibson, Walter Johnson.

PITCHERS WHO BELONG BASED ON ABILITY OR A SHORT TERM but not for a career (injury, etc...)

Wood - his 20K  game was probably the best one ever pitched

Arrietta - amazing but for less than a season so far

Gooden - his 84 season was one of the best ever and at such a young age

Comment 12 May 2016

I miss Animaniacs.

I also think it is crazy how most people think that the genius one is The Brain and the insane one is Pinky.

Comment 11 May 2016
I caught that too. Frankly, I chalk it up to Ramzy being so over ecstatic that a Cleveland team won an important game that he is too delirious to remember details. Once he sent a tweet that said the Indians won the pennant in the movie and I had to tweet him to be that guy and point out it was just for the AL East title. Also, how Cleveland is it that the greatest sports accomplishment for the city in 52 years is from a movie where the team doesn't even win the championship. Hell, they didnt even make the Series.
Comment 21 Apr 2016

WR seems very talented but very inexperienced.  names like Dixon, Clark, and Stump may be premature as it seems like a whoever steps up plays kind of thing.

Alabi has only his classmates and 3 5th year (will be) Sr's in front of him one of whom's career is already done. Seems premature as well.

I think you are looking at 5th years and then whomever can't get out of the bottom of the depth chart are likely transfer candidates.  Seems a bit early to say that about some of the guys you name though you may ulitmately be right.

Comment 21 Apr 2016

I count 9 5th year seniors for 2017 according to Eric's chart.  One of those is Munger so he is already out. 

That leaves 8, that could be told you got your 4 years but you won't be on scholarship anymore.  One of those is Barrett and if he wants to come back he'll get to.  Now you are at 7 spots that could open..

One is Conley, he's probably NFL bound. 

One is Billy Price, he plays if he stays. 

You are left with Lisle, Sprinkle, Lewis, Hill, and Worley.  If they get "let go" you have 5 spots plus Conley and maybe Price.  If they both go you have 7 from the 5th years that could open up space.  Add the 6 Sr's.  and McMillan and you have 14 spots.  15 if Barrett goes pro. That is really tight.

I could see a transfer or two for playing time and injuries happen but I don't see much more.  Going to make this very interesting.  I'd hate to lose out on the players we are in on due to numbers but I think Meyer will earn his money this year with all the hard choices and conversations.