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Comment 19 hours ago

Desecration to Texas aside (haven't Texans started wars over lesser things?),

As a Texan, I am offended greatly.  And frankly, we should declare war over this.  I see nothing wrong with bringing to justice the offenders who designed that horrifically awful cake.

We have the death penalty here and  I believe this applies. It would probably get fast tracked too.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

I started thinking about the route tree

We have a route tree?

Comment 23 Nov 2015

You _ust be looking for a way to get  yourself fired.  If so, then by all _eans do it.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Let's just say that quite a few posters on the Zeke thread will likely find themselves on This Week in Schadenfreude.  Some of the stuff was plain stupid.  

Having said that some of it was spot on even if brutal.

Comment 20 Nov 2015

Are we getting 2 TDs and 6 FGs? 4 TDs and a pair of safeties? Perhaps getting a 2 point conversion at some point?

4 TD's and 4 2 point conversions.

Because we can, dammit! 

Comment 18 Nov 2015

Jack Nicklaus.

I like Mr. President's John Legend idea.  He can bring Chrissy.

Earle Bruce

Troy Smith please.

Jim Jackson

Nick Swisher

Mike Doss

Archie Griffin

Drew Carey

Logan Stiebe

Jim MF'n Tressel

Comment 13 Nov 2015

That's a civil lawsuit then I believe.  Assuming PA state law allows pensions to be seized.  

I know that the Brown's  cannot get OJ's NFL pension so that maybe a hindrance here.  

But, yes he legally deserves the money and if the families can get at it, then they should sue for it.

Comment 12 Nov 2015


Sorry can't read it. It's by Travis.  There are better (read: non-Travis) articles out there that explain this.  I'll link to the one I'm thinking of if I can remember who wrote it.

Have to confess, I still don't understand how this blew up the way it did.  And that is all I have to say about that.

On to easier topics like "Best PB& J Sandwiches"

Comment 12 Nov 2015

Agreed and yet I will still probably buy one.  However, if you have certain credit cards you can have them spit out a one time purchase number and you input that for your credit card.  Works the one time and saves you on the fraud.