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Comment 20 hours ago

the kid from TTUN against Sparty

Hell, he was pushed down onto the Spartly player that was on the ground.  PUSHED.  And they upheld it after review.  Just egregious.  I'm for anti-launching and anti-helmet to hemlet hits (as long as the hittee did not lower head into hitter causing said helmet to hemet).  But this rule needs so much overhauling it isn't even funny.  It is absurd.

Comment 20 hours ago

I think the Bosa situation should be a penalty

I could not disagree more.  If that is a penalty, shut down the game.  And I am not one of those "this is a wussification of the sport" types.

he wasn't targeting the head or launching. 

Could not agree more.  He didn't target the head.  He never launched and he should have remained in the game.  As to my earlier point, if tackling with just your head down, which is what he did (and that is debatable considering his body angle) is a penalty, then just stop playing. 

Comment 09 Feb 2016

No I have good credit been working on it now for 5 years

If this is true, then you shouldn't have a problem getting a card that offers a 0% on transfers for a year or so.  Hell, if you have other cards call and see if any of them are offering anything.

Whatever you do, don't just pay it down faster, get the funds out of there now and pay your money to someone who isn't gouging you. 

Comment 08 Feb 2016

No one, including the media seems to count them the same.

But frankly, the NFL existed prior to the Super Bowl and their were champions of the league.  Those should count just as much.

I've only seen a most Super Bowl wins graphic, but I'd love to see one that included NFL and AFL (since they survived to join NFL) championships plus Super Bowls to see who is the winningest teams.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

As a Native Texan, I feel qualified to answer this question.

I'd go no further north than Austin and it's surrounding areas.  There is a big difference in weather (at least in the winter) between say Dallas or the panhandle then say, Houston or San Antonio.

If you want close proximity to the beach that will delete Hill Country from the equation.  You also want to make sure you go to a place where the school districts are a little large as they pay better.  So some small coastal areas may not work.  Many districts do pay stipends.

I'd say you want to concentrate your search around the Houston area (city center is about 40 miles form the coast but you can live on the southside and be pretty close if you wanted.  Plenty of large school districts to choose from.

The other large coastal area (but a fraction the size of Houston) would probably be Corpus and they are right on the coast.  They even have a AAA Astros affiliate for sports.

If you are willing to go further from the coast you can go into Hill country.  Everyone says Austin, but it is almost it's own universe.  Yes it is great but the cost of living has skyrocketed.  ANd the traffic is godawful (Houston will be this way too for any long commute needing freeways).  I would highly suggest San Antonio. You could go  to say the Schertz, TX area just north.  You'd be 20 miles from the Riverwalk and downtown and then about 20 miles south, if that, of New Braunfels.  And New Braunfels is awesome. Still small, but it has the Comal and Guadalupe for floating, the Grist Mill restaurant, and Gruene Hall.

NOte, it will get very hot in the summers.  But, the winters are great.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Disclaimer:  I don't live in either place.

For real all year golf and Harley riding.  The only answer is Florida. No income tax either and cost of living is good.

Hell, even right now they high in Charlotte and Myrtle Beach is 51 and 48 right now.

God bless you in  your vocational choice.  My wifes a teacher and a damn good one and she says the SPED teachers have quite the job.  However, unless your wife fiance makes a really nice living, I'd stay the hell out California.  Too damn expensive.  I'd seriously consider living in San Diego if it wasn't for the fact that the home i bought in Houston for $95K and just sold for $128K would literally be a half a million dollar home there.  That is insane.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

I have seen numerous times that a writer on a site will let it out of the bad what school a kids is going to and everyone gets mad and says let the kid have here moment.

When kids hold press conferences to celebrate, because that is what they are doing when they announce their choice, going on medical hardship, or leaving school then these two will be equal.

Why make it and harder than it should be.  

I really don't see how this is making anything harder.

Comment 04 Feb 2016
For the writers on this site, they shouldn't. There is a certain professionalism that comes with keeping the site as top notch as it is. This does not apply to the posters. Yet there is a right way and wrong way to do it though. I put those out there in a reply to, I think it was Squirrel Master. As long as we do it right I see no probpem whatsoever. And we do a pretty good job of policing ourselves.
Comment 04 Feb 2016

Nowhere does this article speculate on who will be leaving the team.

While technically correct that is the entire damn point or at least logical result from this article.  It can't be anything else.  AND IT IS NOT BAD.

I'm going to throw out 2 names here.  The first is taken ONLY because I needed a player hasn't started yet for this example and for no other reason.  The next is a name I am using because it is possible and wouldn't shock anyone if they heard it, though we'd all be disappointed.


Man, I sure hope/think James Clark (again, see disclaimer above) is one of them. 3 years in the program and we haven't heard a peep from him. He clearly can't hack it. Think Urban will cut him?


I wonder if James Dixon will be one of them with his medical history.  He sure has had a tough time of it and I hope he can contribute but I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up having to take a medical.

Let's face it,  the staff has a pretty damn good idea about whatever is going to happen and I'm pretty sure players who are affected have an idea as well.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Yes, if you make that charge, you better damn well be ready to back it up.

Otherwise it comes of as sour grapes even though they landed him. 

"woe is us , we do it the right way, but these big bad other program are cheating.  How can we complete in the long term. Wait, no please don't look behind that door where our FInal 4 banners are stored from the Webber years."

Comment 03 Feb 2016


If somehow a Bills Super Bowl shirt survived over in Africa and it pops up on Ebay I will pay all the moneys for it.