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Comment 14 hours ago

I think it was more of a momentum balance thing after spinning around after the catch and not a conscious dive.

Comment 14 hours ago

haha.  It's the only time I've seen OSU in Columbus.  I took my Dad who grew up in Cleveland but had never been to a game in the Shoe.

Something tells me that of the 105,000 that were there, of which we were a part,  that there a couple hundred thousand more that say they were.

Comment 15 hours ago

I can think of a ton. But I will list one.

Will Allen intercepting Navarre to clinch the Fiesta Bowl trip in 02.  I was there in those endzone stands.

Comment 15 hours ago


Comment 16 hours ago

So are the Astros, my hometown team, and they suck.  I know SI did a "your 2017 World Series Champions" cover for the Astros but yikes.  Their farm system is built up and there is definite improvement but I'll have to see it to believe it.  The kids still have to produce in the bigs.

I think the same about the Cubs.

Comment 17 hours ago

Dont' follow hockey that closely but RyJo?  Seriously?  He goes by that?

Nicknames have gone to the crapper.  Why can't we bring back baseball nicknames from the turn of the century?  Much better.

Edit:  Where has time gone that I now have to clarify that turn of the century meant the early 1900's instead of 2000.  More proof I'm getting old.

Comment 19 hours ago

Speaking of "Sad Michigan" (this should become a meme by the way) I saw a poster on MGoBlog post about their win last week that they should start calling them Ohio (Miami of) to make it seem sweeter.  

This is what they have sunk to.  Using their bastardized version of our name for another Ohio school to make it sound like they beat us.  How sad.

I, however, had all the lulz after reading it.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

I think a harder question would be who do you think would get the vote as the most beloved Buckeye since 2000 by the fan base as a whole?

I wonder who would come out on top in that vote.

Likely candidates:






I'd be curious if anyone I didn't name finishes above these guys.  Maybe Beanie, Hawk, Laurinitis.  I can think of dozens others that might get votes I just don't think they'd finish ahead of the ones I mentioned.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Samuel is clearly good.  But his number of carries near the end of the KSU game had me scratching my head.  Why was he still in there?  Why not give Elliott more carries?  He seemed to be forgotten like Samuel had passed him.  Why not let Dunn and Smith go in the 4th.  Hell, Warren Ball was in the game.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Not sure why the last sentence is in sarcasm font.  Pretty sure that is accurate.  Doesn't mean it is good.  But it's accurate.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

But his wardrobe isn't (HOF yellow sports coat).

Don't be so sure.  Remember how un-thrilled he was when Manning broke his TD record the first time.  Of course he wanted a Super Bowl but I don't think he'd trade his stats in a million years.  If you asked me what I'd rather have, a HOF career or a 5 year career but I won a championship I'd take the HOF career.

Now, solid career and multiple championships……I might (probably) would take that over a HOF career.

I'd take the Heisman trophy over the NC if I was a player.  Admittedly I'd think about it awhile but I would probably would.

I agree that the fans would trade it for a championship.  Pretty sure that is the case for all fans.  I'd trade Smith's Heisman for a win over Florida and I loved him.  He is my favorite Buckeye and I'm thrilled he won the Heisman.  

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Agreed.  Honestly Braxton is ahead of Krenzel now.  If we hadn't been on probation in '13 and Miller had the defense Krenzel did........

Well, to me that shows it's not all about the QB when it comes to wins so as a QB, Miller wins.  I might still give Krenzel the nod in a 3rd and long situation but not much else.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

I see what you are saying but he won an NC and therefore he may even be overrated by us.  I have an honest gut feeling that if he was on an average OSU team we wouldn't be saying remotely great things about him.  We might all be saying he was below average as a QB.

However, his grit and ability to not be rattled were never below average.  Regardless, I love Krenzel.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

I had a somewhat similar response a few comments below yours.  Of course Woody may not be Woody then too.  Also, what if Miami Ohio takes over the vacuum left by OSU?  Then Woody might have been Woody just at Miami.  This question is quite complex when you look at the what might have beens.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

My dad is from Ohio so that is how I got hooked on OSU.  But if they didn't exist some other school would have sprung up and been the big dog.  The question is which one?  Whoever that team is would likely be the one my dad grew up liking and therefore myself.  I wonder which school would have reaped the benefits of being the state school.  Because one definitely would have filled the vacuum and that would be the powerhouse we likely root for.

My other option would be Denison University the college of Woody Hayes and my grandmother who graduated a year before or after (can't remember) Woody.

Taking this outside of Ohio, and assuming the other schools are the same as they are now with or without OSU (wouldn't happen) I would probably be a huge Texas A&M fan.  I'm from Houston, I like them quite a bit anyways (hate they are part of the SEC now) and they have an awesome tradition (altough not as winning as you might think w/only 1NC) and gameday experience/atmosphere (could honestly make a case for them as #1.)

Comment 17 Sep 2014

The only correct answer is Smith.

However, as much as I was never a fan of his passing (his throwing motion drove me nuts and I didn't trust him on 3rd and long like I did Smith) I think Pryor is actually quite underrated by a lot of us.  2 posts above mine is exactly why.