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Comment 12 hours ago

Just wonderful.  How much time did it take you to dig that up.  Granted, you had your pick of comments all the way up to week 2 of this season.

Also, enjoy the immediate response to this post too…...

Maybe the biggest difference is that Hoke will still be here in 5 years, Meyer probably won't.

Comment 13 hours ago

from the MGBoard (a couple-dozen smart and well-informed guys and thousands of idiots).

Aso some one who visits quite frequently to keep up with the bad guys and for the past couple of years the glorious schadenfreude, I wholeheartedly agree with this assessment. 

Comment 13 hours ago

Hate to defend Hoke but I'm going with an indictment against our defense.  Gardner's was a leg/foot injury and it brings to mind Byron Leftwich being carried down the field by his lineman.  So can't go against Hoke on THIS one.

Comment 16 hours ago

Well I'm sure she is a better singer than him.  They were probably right.

Comment 16 hours ago

You beat me to it.  I was just about to post this.  This is a Ramzy-level takedown by Brian.  He just eviscerates the entire program.  Just Brilliant, and even TTUN people should be applauding it.

Comment 16 hours ago

If you want LULZ spend your time on mgoblog this week.  The schadenfreude is delicious.  Not to mention they actually have some good writers and if they stay off the serious (but still needing to be discussed) issue of Hoke's player safety management, their stuff is pretty funny, especially when the wheels are coming off like above.

The guy who does their Opponent Watch which comes out on Friday I think, is hilarious.  Last week's was great.  Buckeye fans would love it and the game recaps they do. Although, admittedly this week may be more of an angry and somber tone with the realization that Hoke needs to go for real.

Edit:  Brian, the main guy (I think) behind their site is absolutely eviscerating Hoke, saying he should have been fired walking off the field.

Comment 17 hours ago

You should change your title to Need tickets for game vs Illinois.  Sounds like you are trying to buy Illinois tickets in general.  That is a sign of mental illness and we'd hate for someone in our community to be struck down. Haha.

Comment 17 hours ago

Did everyone catch the playoff commercial where basically the other big ten fans say they hate OSU.  I LOVED IT.  It means we have dominated this conference for so long they are sick of us winning.  You notice, they weren't having teams say we hate michigan.

And I realize Buck I Guy may be douche number 1 on this site and it is probably annoying that he got paid for that, but I thought his use in that commercial was perfect.  Well done to whoever came up with it.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

My favorite throw of his was actually an incompletion. The throw he had to Dontre Wilson who was crossing the field, in like the 3rd qtr, was a thing of beauty.  Wilson had a guy right on his tail and Barrett threw that ball right where only Wilson could get it while also hitting him in stride. Of course Wilson dropped it but that was pretty.

I'm a little concerned Barrett had to go through his progressions so often.  You would think that with the talent we have at WR they would get a little more open.  But it just seemed Barrett had to go to his 3rd and 4th option every time.  However, I am so happy to have a QB who can do it.  Not since Smith have we had one.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

Yeah and I laughed the whole time while watching their game and when their 3rd stringer couldn't find his helmet.

However, I lived through the Cooper years and I watched last year as the Michigan offense looked worse than a HS JV team and then ripped us apart.  I hope like hell we beat their asses and they look like they have so far.  But I'll believe it when I see it.

Comment 26 Sep 2014

Yeah, I suppose.  But I mean you could also make a baseball case for not walking Jeter even if that seems like the normal thing to do.  You take your chances with a 40 y/o Jeter for out number 2.  Then you pitch around a red-hot McCann and pitch to an ice cold Teixeria for out number 3.

Comment 26 Sep 2014

Look, Showalter no doubt chose to pitch to him rather than do the normal intentional walk thing because he was going to give they guy a chance in his last home game.  Props to him there.  But there is no way they groove one to him even if they chose the odd route and pitched to him.  The Orioles had a chance at home field all the way through and lost it last night because of that.

It was clear they all respected him but not to lose a game that means something.

Comment 26 Sep 2014

What does Bart Bielema do? I need to know more about Bart Bielema, because I picture him as a guy who chain-smokes Camel 99s and runs an unlicensed mechanic's shop out of his garage that accepts Bud Ice as currency.


Comment 25 Sep 2014

From someone who loves baseball and not necessarily the Yankees I will have to respectfully disagree with you.  Even if he's a UM fan.