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Comment 17 Apr 2015

I notice an appalling lack of Negro League players and I'm aware that their stat keeping was at times dubious, but you are telling me they couldn't find a place for the likes of Cool Papa Bell, Josh Gibson, and others?

No offense to Brian McCann, but he doesn't sniff that GA team at catcher over Gibson.

Jackie and Satchel Paige don't count as they are only on this list because the played for the MLB.

*Yes I'm aware the list is about MLB players but we all know why the Negro League existed and a great many of them would have been on those  MLB teams if it weren't for Kennesaw Landis, Ty Cobb and others like them.  

Comment 15 Apr 2015

Wow.  Meyer must know that Guarantano is gone for sure and accepted this one now.  Honestly, I'm happy with it.  Seems to be a JT type QB.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

mulch(?)... gravel(?)... both(?)... pit.

I think you mean the skeletons of children lured away like the Pied Piper.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

I'm so very sorry.  I lost my mother to cancer when I was 18.

Comment 08 Apr 2015
I'm sure we will. But even that doesnt make sense. If you are going to be ruthless about it you cut the low performing juniors and seniors not the kid who enrolled early and before his first season was to start
Comment 07 Apr 2015

Here's a few I haven't seen posted.

Syracuse v Kansas in 'Melo's freshman year.  Kansas had a 3 to either tie or win that was blocked.

I think it was the 97 CWS.... LSU vs Miami.  LSU had a walk off homer in the 9th to win it and that included them scoring 2 runs each the last 3 innings or something along those lines to comeback.

Any of the UConn womens basketball championships.

Comment 04 Apr 2015
Plano is north of Dallas so you would have the same type of commute as he does. I live in Houston and used to have a 3 1/2 hr/day commute. Now i work 4 miles from home. It is awesome
Comment 03 Apr 2015

Then you haven't been there in a while.

Yes, Austin has an awesome feel.  Great night life and other atmosphere.  The problem is that it has grown way too fast and is a logistical nightmare.  Traffic is worse there than any other big Texas city.  It still maintains the things I think you are referring to but it has most definitely changed.

Comment 03 Apr 2015

I like to soak the corn in ice cold water for about 45 minutes.

Peel the husks down but NOT off.  Mix yourself some cajun butter by softening butter and your seasonings of choice.  Spread all over ear of corn.  Pull husks back up over ear and tie.  Then grill.  The cajun butter practically injects itself into the corn.

Comment 03 Apr 2015

I would never salt early.

A steak maybe different, but on a burger it is bad to do.  Do it right before you throw on grill as salt can break down some of the fats and leads to a not great overall burger experience.