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BIG Buckeye fan. I am from Southern Ohio but travel for work (Generally working in Sec country). I love to argue with ignorant sec fans. I truly believe that OSU football is on the fast track to greatness.


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Comment 03 Feb 2016
Thats because they ALWAYS do. No news there.
Comment 03 Feb 2016
Other than Gary they have about 7-8 kids that are respectable. Again to me that is all hype. Imo i would rather have Bosa than Gary anyway. If Nick B. would have went to ANY camps he would have been #1 in the nation anyway. Espn, 247 ect. will never rank a kid #1 if he doesn't intend on camping all over the place because its hard for them to hype/sell him to the fans.
Comment 31 Jan 2016
Imo if the kid is ranked above a 3 star I would never consider them a lock especially if they're from out of state. Just me though.
Comment 27 Jan 2016
Love it. I think hes gonna be dominant in the NFL. Here in about 3-4 years when he really gets good at route running and using his hands. He has all the tools.
Comment 21 Jan 2016

I looked at a 3rd party LSU roster the other day and I counted 7 true DTs on their roster this past year. 3 are graduating and so far they have 2 in this recruiting class. Ohio state has 7 DT this coming year but I heard Dre' mont Jones and Jashon Cornell are sliding inside to DT which obviosly makes 9. If that 3rd party roster was correct they have less than us but with their switch to a 34 defense I've heard several of their DT are switching to DE this year.

Comment 20 Jan 2016
At one time or another i have subscribed to all 4 of the major recruiting sites. Espn is very wierd. If they have a kid ranked too high/low they don't want to change it later in the process. Im guessing it's because they don't want to admit they were wrong. Even Joey Bosa was a 4 star. Of all of them Scout was the worst then Espn then Rivals. 247 has consistently been the best but I quit paying for it shortly after I realized Birm is better and free.
Comment 19 Jan 2016
Im not totally confident in the LSU roster i looked at because it was 3rd party but it said that they had 7 Total DT this year with 3 graduating. That leaves 4 DTs and they have 2 incoming in this recruiting class. I could have sworn they were loaded at DT. Also looked at OSU roster and if Jashon Cornell and Dremont Jones both slide in that we will have 9 this coming year not counting Malik Borrow. With that said they seem to have a lot more 1-Techs and we have maybe 1 or 2 that fit that specific position.
Comment 19 Jan 2016
I always felt that Mich State had a great system without enough talent to run it this past year. I dont think their safeties were as good as they were in years past. I know they beat us but i will always compare this season with Auburns runner up year where they were good but they repeatedly got lucky. Also imo their CB and LB weren't on par with past MSU years or ours.
Comment 19 Jan 2016
Omg I hope this happens! That kid is a flat out beast. Imo he fits our offense way better than Bama.
Comment 18 Jan 2016
Quick everyone start celebrating and posting GIFs. Not! Hope this happens though.