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BIG Buckeye fan. I am from Southern Ohio but travel for work (Generally working in Sec country). I love to argue with ignorant sec fans. I truly believe that OSU football is on the fast track to greatness.


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Comment 15 Apr 2014
Armani is the nickel corner only in nickel. When we are in the regular 4-3 he is competing with Gareon Conley and Eli Apple for the starting field corner. Most likely he will start at that spot and slide in when in nickle. Gareon will be the field corner only when in nickle.
Comment 14 Apr 2014
Not really. I watched the game again and I think Cardale had way more bad reads than JT. Cardale missed a couple really easy ones that he should have gotten. Based on this game i would compare Jt to Kenny as far as the mental side of things. CJ seemed to have allot of potential but seemed a bit slow minded. Just my take on it
Comment 14 Apr 2014
I noticed that Jones made several really bad reads in the run game. I didnt see any that Jt got wrong.
Comment 13 Apr 2014
If I were the head coach I would have JT and Cardale as a one two punch like Urban did at Florida. Use JT as the starter and bring in CJ as the short distance/Goal Line Qb. Right now definitely Barrett.
Comment 11 Apr 2014
Thats kinda what I was thinking. Looks like they didnt want the whole D-line together to give the offense some time to throw the ball. I think if it was the entire D-line we would be watching sacks all damn day.
Comment 10 Apr 2014
Its damn near the entire starting defense with the exception of a couple D-Linemen against the "starting" Offense...oh yea Curtis Grant is replaced by Raekwon other than 3 or so guys all starters.
Comment 10 Apr 2014
Yea well Tennessee Vols already copied us and has there first Student appreciation day like last week. I swear I think Butch Jones has a man crush on Urban Meyer. Seems like everything he does is in Urbs reflection.
Comment 09 Apr 2014
So do we hold the record for the most fans at a spring game? Also not to be "THAT GUY" but if you guys get on YouTube there is another Buckeye news outlet that has a MUCH clearer and better quality video of the interview. Hopefully 11warriors starts trying to improve the quality of there videos.
Comment 09 Apr 2014
Honestly this is the defense I have always wished for. Obviously Urban knew all along that this was going type o happen. Look at the type of players he has been recruiting. I think that the current personal wasn't good at playing aggressive, or Urban simply didnt want to blow it up because they went undefeated the year before. Anyways we are playing press man to man allot now so F*ck the past.
Comment 08 Apr 2014
Yea I was thinking about parking way out and just walking . I know its not calling for it but I would hate to have to walk that far in the rain.
Comment 05 Apr 2014
I have a feeling that our Tight Ends will be helping the O-Line pass block allot more than this previous season. Most likely wont catch as many as last year unless we start using more 2 TE sets so one can help pass block and the other can run downfield and make catches. Hope I'm wrong.
Comment 02 Apr 2014
I know seems like all week i look forward to watching the interviews on Youtube. I dont know what im going to do after the spring game. I have a feeling this summer is gonna suck.
Comment 31 Mar 2014
What is your channel name? I'll subscribe. Thanks
Comment 30 Mar 2014

Chill guys. Looking at the scholly numbers we only need two maybe three( If Decker Leaves Early) offensive linemen this year. Im not worried at all. Were still in on Jenkins and Richmond plus a couple more. We may not win the rankings war but we will be ok in the end. Besides Urban might flip him on NSD. Now that would be better than getting him now.

Comment 28 Mar 2014
Thanks guys. I posted the other day after I think practice 4. I've seen the new updates. Really exited about this team.
Comment 28 Mar 2014
I don't understand why 11w doesn't have full videos like the other Buckeye news outlets. You guys should have better sound. I noticed that at press conferences 11warriors videos have sound quality issues but other videos on YouTube have perfect sound. If I was you guys I would have a HD camera and film everything (practice and interviews) in HD. Maybe everyone on this site can chip in and help with the cost. Don't get me wrong I love this site, I just want to see practice clips in HD and be able to hear the FULL interview.
Comment 26 Mar 2014
I would only consider him a sophomore if he enrolled early. Basically football wise he is still a freshmen because I don't think he enrolled early.