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BIG Buckeye fan. I am from Southern Ohio but travel for work (Generally working in Sec country). I love to argue with ignorant sec fans. I truly believe that OSU football is on the fast track to greatness.


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Comment 29 Jun 2015
Try to find a better article somewhere else. You can't. These Film Study articles are the best I've seen on any football website Buckeye or not. Just because there were a couple minor mistakes doesn't effect the overall product. 11warriors as a whole is the best website in sports hands down. They never jump to conclusions trying to be first on the scene. I'll be damned if I'm going to complain about a couple small mistakes on a FREE website that is better than anything you could go pay for.
Comment 29 Jun 2015
I wonder if you can still buy a copy of the Columbus Dispatch from the Sugar Bowl and Natty? Would love to get them all and make a big collauge.
Comment 21 Jun 2015
It a most felt like they were sand bagging all year just so they could beat us. Sounds like some Hoke wizardry losing 5 games on purpose just to get Urban to let his gaurd down. Seriously though it was really weird how they played up every time they played us. Especially Gardner.
Comment 03 Jun 2015
I thought the staff backed off on him after we took Michael Jordan? I haven't really heard much about him until this past weekend when he came to the Nike camp. He's a good player but I'm not real sure he even fits our scheme does he? Seems like we like the 310 lbs 1 techs that are very active and can run. Good luck to the guy though. Except during football season.
Comment 02 Jun 2015
So its sounds like Tony Butler is a more well rounded and ready to go Corner then Hamlin. Is that your opinion or am I reading that right? I've always liked his size but wasn't sure about his speed and hips. Do you think he might get an offer or no? Thanks Birm.
Comment 31 May 2015
The Ncaa need to go get a freaking job and stop bothering these College kids. I've never heard of them coming up with any sensable rules in the laSt 20 years. I love college fb but my god just play the game and get out of the kids way.
Comment 26 May 2015
Kid needs to get some good knee braces. I watched his film a little and he looks big but it really didn't show a whole lot. The one I watched didn't have any pass protect film at all. Maybe this coming year he should get someone to record every play and get allot on film. Maybe send the film to everyone(Ohio,Cincy,Akron,Osu,ext) so they might notice him. Try to go to every camp possible too. I think after he has the size for the position (he does) most coaches want to see flexibility and quick feet/good lateral movement. These are just a few things he should work on. If all else fails and he still doesn't get offered I'm sure someone would take him as a walk-on. Just don't let him give up and surely he will get his shot.
Comment 23 May 2015
I just don't understand the people on here talking about how this topic shouldn't be on 11w. If you don't like the topic don't click on it.
Comment 22 May 2015
I'm from Ohio and call it B Dubs. I'm 27 have eaten there my whole life and have no clue what weck is. Anyone care to enlighten me (Cause now I can't Google it).