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BIG Buckeye fan. I am from Southern Ohio but travel for work (Generally working in Sec country). I love to argue with ignorant sec fans. I truly believe that OSU football is on the fast track to greatness.


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Comment 6 hours ago
Haven't really given that much thought but it us a very good theory . I think Dontre will improve his deep routes before Devin learns to get open on the underneath routes. Just my thought.
Comment 6 hours ago
1)I would make an age limit for the seats closest to the field. 30 and under and if you are really drunk I would make an exception as long as you are still able to scream and jump up and down. 2)I also would like to put in some type of barrier at the top of the stadium just to keep the sound in. 3) lower the field again and add some additional seats closer to the field. So basically I would like to maximize the intimidating factor. Louder and more intense crowd=more wins
Comment 12 hours ago
Yea well the fact that it needs to be explained to recruits does not help at all. The way I remember it is that he said "We don't redshirt." After 3/4 the class redshirted he said We aren't gonna waist a year on the guy playing in mop up duty. I get it and agree. I just think that it might have confused some kids that he assured will not RS.
Comment 12 hours ago
Yea I am aware of the new renovations at the WHAC. I think it looks great. I just think that the in stadium locker room is the one that needs an update. All and all though we have some great facilities. I just think that with our money we should have the best hands down.
Comment 18 hours ago
Apple and Conley will both be RS Freshman this coming season.I have reservations about Smith stepping into starting NB spot too. I felt that Apple was the best DB on the field during the spring game. I was there and watched him allot and he seems to have a nose for the ball when it's in the air. Also I was looking at the new rostor Osu released and noticed that Christopher Worley was listed as a safety while Darren Lee was listed at LB. All spring they said both were Walkout Linebackers. Wonder why CW is listed @ SAF?
Comment 16 Jul 2014
Yea I know right. Has anyone seen what A&M is doing to Kyle Field? My God. It is absolutely insane. I believe you can watch the video at www.Kylefield.com. In my opinion I think that Osu should upgrade everything. Our facilities are getting a little out dated. Even the Shoe needs to be upgraded cosmetically. I saw a video of the locker room at the Shoe and unless the video was like 5 years old it was kind of embarrassing. Looks like the same lockers that Woody leaned on while talking to the team in the early 60's. We desperately need to get with the times as far as the in stadium locker room. I would remodel everything in the WHAC too (Yes Again). Make it much more modern cutting edge looking.
Comment 16 Jul 2014
Not the ones they really want. Watch the opening. It seemed like every one of there players were dominating. They were the only players that ESPN talked about regularly. Even the under rated players they get are bad ass. Seems like they just don't miss on guys. Every 5 star they get seems to live up to the hype they get in high school. Seems like they are great at evaluating and then development of all the players that are able to make the "Yearly Cut". I just don't see how Alabama consistently recruits this well. Hopefully we can win a Championship. If we do I bet recruiting will pick up as far as the big named players. Look at Auburn. They lost a close NCG and they are recruiting like they won. I do believe OSU will get there but it might take some SEC style "Roster Management". Doubt Urban would do what they do to gain an advantage. Gotta cut the guys that are under performing to run with Bama in the long run. I bet Franklin will.
Comment 03 Jul 2014
This article says they will be playing a 4-3under like Fickel did last year but all off season everyone has been saying they will play a 4-3over. Just wondering why that is. Ross even said they will play a 4-3 over cover 4/quarters coverage. I believe he even had a write up on it. Also I have read allot about Hilliard and everyone says he is extremely good in coverage. Basically its one of his strengths. Cant wait for him and Raekwon to play side by side.
Comment 27 Jun 2014
Not sure but I think its around the beginning of August. I cant wait either. Hopefully we get some good videos out of camp.
Comment 07 Jun 2014
Also Torrance Gibson said he hasn't talked to Tom Herman for like a month.