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BIG Buckeye fan. I am from Southern Ohio but travel for work (Generally working in Sec country). I love to argue with ignorant sec fans. I truly believe that OSU football is on the fast track to greatness.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: The 2002 National Championship game.
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Comment 30 Aug 2015
Funny. That's the same thing Oregon fans said about 0-8 before the Title game.
Comment 30 Aug 2015
I could post gifs of Braxton running between the tackles for DAAAAAYS. He isn't a strong runner but he definitely has the vision and quickness to run up the gut. Also one of Zeke's strengths is lead blocking.
Comment 30 Aug 2015
Losing all our impact players at multiple positions will definitely take us down a notch for this one game. Still gonna be elite but I think these injury and suspensions will hurt our passing game in a bad way. Also not having our #1 overall draft pick DE can't help. Still think we win a close one....oh I forgot they have to score points too. Nevermind.
Comment 26 Aug 2015
I think that was intentional for the screen. He acts like he messes up on the block so the defender isn't alarmed. I think they just didn't realize how fast Darron is. No way Gardner could back up that quick. Awesome play!
Comment 26 Aug 2015
They did blitz the corner from the short side of the field several times in the National Championship game. I remember Apple missed Mariota a couple times on the same blitz. I think it was a last second audible when we knew they were going to read option to his side.
Comment 26 Aug 2015
The front 7 can only be as aggressive as the back 4 will let them. With our big physical Corners and Safteys the sky is the limit. Love how everyone is big AND can run too. Can't wait!
Comment 18 Aug 2015
What exactly did he do at FNL? The only thing I heard was he wore a Alabama shirt at some point. Not sure were he wore it though.
Comment 27 Jul 2015
There certainly are going to be some electrifying plays this year. One thing that I think might be interesting is the fact that Braxton has some experience running between the tackles whereas Jalin M. and Dontre W. don't. I know you wouldn't want him doing it allot but he does provide that threat to defenses. They can't just sell out on the outside stuff. Not only that but they can't sell out on Braxton like they used to be able to. Now they have to account for a great passing game and Zeke/Qb runs giving Braxton some room to juke the shit out of some deer in the headlights looking linebackers. Can't wait!
Comment 25 Jul 2015
Someone's gonna have to block. One of the biggest reasons Zeke was so good last year was the excellent down field blocking from the Wr. That's the biggest thing I worry about with Braxton is his blocking. Hopefully he picks it up quickly. Samuel is pretty good blocker though.
Comment 21 Jul 2015
I actually think he looks like he could be pretty good this year. I think he just needs to work on consistent footwork and make better decisions. He definitely has the tools.
Comment 20 Jul 2015
I don't think Bama players are out of shape. They just seem like different style of players on a different style defense. 260 lbs Linebackers most of the time struggle to run sideline to sideline atleast the college one do. Bamas D-line doesn't seem to run to well either but I think its just the type they recruit not the fact their out of shape.
Comment 19 Jul 2015
I was wondering what a platoon system would look like the other day. Its really just a First and Second team except both have elite talent. I wouldn't want to see them rotate from drive to drive though(The QBs). This team is flat out stacked.