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BIG Buckeye fan. I am from Southern Ohio but travel for work (Generally working in Sec country). I love to argue with ignorant sec fans. I truly believe that OSU football is on the fast track to greatness.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: The 2002 National Championship game.
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Comment 22 Jan 2017
Yea im excited to see what KW can do with JT this season but I'd say Haskins and Burrow have the most to gain from the Offensive change. I'd say Burrow is definitely underrated as a runner though
Comment 20 Jan 2017
By the way this is a pretty cool article I found about what we should expect from the new Kevin Wilson offense. http://talking10.com/mens-sports/football/will-kevin-wilsons-hire-affect-look-ohio-states-offense-2017/
Comment 20 Jan 2017
I've read several different articles on the look of Wilson's offense and they said Wilson has never used a H-back in any of his offenses. The slot Wr is a great route runner that is quick and good at finding the hole in zone. Rarely ever asked to run the ball. I guess we'll see how much Urban pushes to keep that position what it has been in the past. Wilson has always leaned heavily on his tight ends also. I'm so excited to see what happens. I was wondering if he will implement any under center multiple TE sets like he did at Oklahoma. Can't wait to find out the answers.
Comment 09 Jan 2017
With all these early departures to the NFL I hope Urban has learned his lesson on redshirting these highly talented kids. I'm getting sick of them redshirt guys that they even admit they should have used their freshman year and then the kid starts one year and leaves for the NFL. Its starting to feel a lot like basketball recruiting around here. I guess that's a good thing though. Can't wait to see him locking down his man this fall.
Comment 01 Jan 2017
I agree with you but after last night I am thinking very negatively about the last 5 years. Really 4. Take away 2014 and he has under achieved with the amount of talent we have had. I love Urban but I want to see him have that vicious cut throat mentality that I believe is lacking.
Comment 31 Dec 2016
Do you really believe that is remotely possible? Chip Kelly from NFL head coach to Buckeye OC. I'd have to imagine there are about 30 college programs that would hire him as their head coach. Now I could see a Kevin Wilson move happening. Would be epic either way
Comment 31 Dec 2016
I forgot to mention that it is legitimatly free. When you click on a link it will try to send you to an ad page but you can just go back to the main page and click link again. It will also ask you to register before playing but if you just click cancel instead of registering it will play anyway.
Comment 23 Oct 2016
We will show our spirit when we show up for the game next week. For now we're allowed to bitch and wine and say stuff we don't mean. We're human aren't we? We care way too much about this game but...to me this isn't a game. This is a civil war between our states with only pride to pay. So for the next 24 hours im gonna be pissed and then get up and cheer for my team like i always have. #FireBeck