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Comment 08 Sep 2010

Even if that team loses 15+ starters and several key players on the depth chart to the draft or maxed out eligibility? 

Comment 07 Sep 2010

You beat me to it, but here are some additional items of note I came across:

1.  This from eSECpn: No. 10 Virginia Tech enters its game against No. 3 Boise State with an all-time record of 1-25 vs teams ranked in the top 5 of the AP poll (beat No. 2 Miami in 2003). Even worse, the Hokies are 0-21 in such games away from Blacksburg, VA. This is the first meeting between the two schools.

Miami was ranked #2 at the time, and finished #5.  VT is nowhere to be seen in the final 2003 poll after finishing with an 8-5 record after the usual strong start to season, although three teams from the great state of Ohio made the final top 25.

2. VT is 1-18 all-time verse top 5 teams under Beamer.

3. The ACC has now lost 29 consecutive games vs. Top 5 teams, and let's sure as hell hope that number hits 30 this Saturday

Comment 07 Sep 2010

It should read something a little more like this (this coming from an unbiased non-eSECpn writer)...

The history: With the lousy non-calls in the 4th quarter (8) (Gamble catching the ball in bounds, and Gamble's out route to the sideline where a Miami DB found a fistful of Scarlet jersey in his hand), the Hurricanes were given all the breaks (no pun intended, Willie) to put the game into OT where they still fell short to a resilient Buckeye team.

Comment 07 Sep 2010

VT is 1-26 ALL TIME vs. Top 5 teams.  They played absolutely horrible in the 1st quarter and gave Boise a large enough of a lead (17-0) that they made it damn near impossible to come back from and they almost did anyway.  Boise's first 17 points weren't really earned.  VT had a turnover on a bad snap deep in their territory, #2 who blocked the punt came off the edge completely unaccounted for and went untouched.  Hell, even Florida could've put up 17 points in the first quarter against VT on Monday even with their inept offense.

What happens if/when Boise struggles against a weak WAC opponent?  Do they fall in the polls out of #3 when all the big boys are playing 4-5 ranked teams throughout the season?  A spot in the MNC should be earned throughout the season, not by winning ONE game in early September when teams haven't had a few weeks to gel and establish an identity.

To say Boise is #3 at this point in the season is crazy if you ask me.

Comment 06 Sep 2010

Interesting betting lines:

OSU -9.5 vs Miami

LSU -10 vs. Vanderbilt


Of course, LSU isn't national championship caliber, but the fact one of the SEC's big dawgs has the same line against a bottom feeder that OSU has against a Top 10 team (my opinion, and possibly the voters opinion when new polls come out Tuesday) in Miami.  Yet, when LSU is down, the national media isn't jumping on their backs like they would to tOSU after 1 loss.

Comment 06 Sep 2010

Not bad....Hopefully the TDs equate to passing grades in the classroom and Duron makes a successful return the tOSU next year.

Receiving        No.  Yds   TD Long
Duron Carter       6  117    5   52

Comment 31 Aug 2010

Miami has a difficult time filling their own stadium, so not shocking they couldn't find 2,000 fans to make a trip to the Shoe. 

Yes this is from Urban Meyer, but it couldn't ring more true:

"We want this (Florida) to be one place that everybody wants to be. We don't want to be like some of the schools in the state where half the stadium is empty..."

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2010/08/gators-coach-urban-meyer-takes-apparent-shot-at-canes-apathy-and-keeps-uf-students-laughing-at-event.html#ixzz0yAO5LTiG


This was a common sight even during their prime of the 21st century in 2001-2003....


Comment 30 Aug 2010

I was thinking the same thing regarding the blitzing.  All it would have taken was a RB to pick up the blitz off the edge and which would have given Miller a few more moments to let the play develop in front of him.  Credit Moeller for making the halftime adjustment, but how many times does the offense let the D come off the edge before putting a body on him?

Comment 30 Aug 2010

For those who couldn't catch the game:

Braxton was a beast in the first half of yesterdays game.  206 yards rushing, 3 TDs on 13 carries as Wayne built a 28-14 halftime lead.  However, he was almost nonexistant in the second half as Moeller put up 21 in the final two quarters to get the W.

I was hoping to see what he could do through the air (since he is suppose to be a pass-first QB), but he only put the ball up a limited amount of times (mostly due to the play calling).  He showed nice touch of a few throws, but also threw into double coverage too many times.  I was impressed with his footwork in the pocket and his ability to keep his eyes down field.

Running the ball, he was part Pat White, part Troy Smith.  Very smooth and hard to bring down in the open field.

Assuming Pryor stays for his senior year and Braxton can redshirt, he should be ready to go as the starter in 2012 with 4 years of eligibility.  Barring injuries, OSU should be solid at QB through 2014.

For those that did catch the game, what was your take on Braxton's play?