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Comment 25 Nov 2015

Because Devin Gardner wore it? Eh, I disagree, I would be proud. Gardner may not be the most accomplished and decorated QB, but he led Michigan teams though some dark days, coaching regime changes. He was always soft spoken and dealt with racist bullshit comments from a vocal minority in his own fanbase, I never had a gripe with the man. Thought he was a class act and has nothing to hang his head about in my opinion. 

Comment 20 Nov 2015

Ha awesome. Always remember ppl calling him Mike Hart, Michael threw me off. Or Mouth Hart would have triggered my memory as well.

Comment 17 Nov 2015

That is not really much of a slide honestly. Especially considering whatever projection you are referencing was likely before an NFL combine. This time a few years ago Teddy Bridgewater was "projected" as the top pick as well.

You think Leinart's undefeated senior season hurt his draft stock? He went 283-431, 65.7 percent completion, higher than his Junior season. He passed for 3,815 yards, about 600 more than his senior season. 28 TD and 8 picks. If he was not gonna go number one after his senior season, there is nothing to make me think he was after his junior season either.

Sorry, not buyin it.  

Comment 10 Nov 2015

Def was not complaining about early departures, just agreeing that time flies

Comment 05 Nov 2015

Just call it how I see it bud. I do not like Alabama or pull for them. I am an Ohio State fan, not some undercover Alabama troll. We will see what people think Sunday morning, maybe I am wrong. All fans are entitled to their insights and predictions.