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Comment 02 Feb 2016

What? No. As long as I plan to be sitting in front of a computer all day tmr I may as well be getting paid for it.

Comment 02 Feb 2016

Chris Pratt was originally supposed to play the role of Chris Kyle. Bradley Cooper initially bought the rights to the film, and was only meant to have a producer credit, but later changed his mind and chose to star in the movie.

Bradley and Chris were both the same height, age and shoe size, and so Bradley believed he could bring a believability to the role. His family and friends later stated they often had to do a double take, as Bradley looked so much like Chris Kyle.

Pratt already had a monster year with Guardians of the Galaxy and then Jurrasic World lined up, this role may have launched his career into orbit if he did a good job with it. I always find casting choices interesting.

Comment 02 Feb 2016

I have!  And enjoyed them both significantly more than American Sniper actually [although Cooper was great in it] and I have been a long time fan of his. He has been in a couple stinkers the last year, but he is very talented.

Comment 01 Feb 2016

Cooper was originally slated to either direct or EP American Sniper (don't remember which) with Christ Pratt playing Chris Kyle in the movie.

Comment 27 Jan 2016

Also Doss and Miller both went through coaching regime changes and were instrumental in the new coach's success. 

Comment 26 Jan 2016

He probably said it because they paid him. And he doesn't give a f. And because he thought it was funny. And because he knows nothing will happen. 

Comment 11 Jan 2016

Must be nice to play on a team and be confident those calls won't ever go against you. Burficts hit was "dirty" but Shazier's was "unfortunate." What a joke.

Comment 11 Jan 2016

After watching the Steelers play that way for decades, and the NFL and fans mostly praising them for it, I am not about to apologize for anything Burfict does to those thugs. He is a Steeler linebacker, just so happens that he plays for the Bengals. for once.

Comment 10 Jan 2016

So the one one time that cincy has a player that plays the way steelers players have been for decades, you cry bloody murder? sorry bud you get no apologies for Burfict from this Bengals fan.

Comment 07 Jan 2016

I was always told not to argue with a fool because from a distance, people cannot tell you apart from the fool. What was he trying to achieve by going on this show exactly?

Head scratcher, but he is not a Buckeye so I personally don't even really care.

Comment 06 Jan 2016

Yup. By the look of a lot of these comments, I don't think people took the time to listen to the segment. Especially whoever made the thread title here.

Comment 06 Jan 2016

Agreed 100 percent, just listened to the full interview. What exactly is Herman's gripe, he wants editorial discretion of articles written about him or the football team? The reporter did absolutely nothing wrong from what I can gather.

If I knew nothing else going in and listened to that interview, and was told one of the three parties was a Mensa member, I would never have believed it was Herman. He sounded like an idiot. His house fire story analogy was absolutely laughable. I get why he is mad, but doesn't mean this reported did anything wrong, regardless of whether or not he committed any violations.

Comment 04 Jan 2016

Yeah man, have a blast. I always thought a bicycle or maybe a motorcycle would be the way to check out southeast Asia. Good luck, be safe.