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Comment 12 hours ago

Yeah, absolutely no clue what his military experience has to do with anything, other than just provide him with an opportunity to tell strangers on a message board about it. Cool man, no one asked you to enlist, it is fine and all, but don't go around with a soapbox on hand for the rest of your life about it. Other people will make other decisions in life and it certainly does not make them bad people.

Comment 29 Jul 2015

If you came to this thread asking people for sources, you should probably grab a Snickers, gonna be a while.

Comment 29 Jul 2015

So you started a thread based on unfounded rumors and rampant speculation and then regretted it when it got out of hand because you had no sources to reveal? Interesting, no clue where you went wrong here.

Comment 29 Jul 2015

I am looking forward to this season as much as anyone, but it will be really tough to match the magic that 2014 brought. From Braxton going down a week before the season, watching JT grow, then watching him go down as see our team totally gel in the B1G champ game and Cardale step in.

I guarantee that everyone on this board knows exactly where they were at noon sharp when the playoff slots were announced. Remember how crazy you went when we snuck in? As the underdog, knocking off the 1 seed when people claimed we didn't even belong? The Ezekiel run?

When expectations get higher, it almost becomes a relief to not lose as opposed to taking down Goliath. The 2014 season will forever be my favorite. Nothing can match that roller coaster in my opinion. Now, lets get on to defending the throne! GO BUCKS!

Comment 29 Jul 2015

You may be right about the team growing closer, but quarterback controversies are common are rarely work out as well as it did for the Buckeyes last year. I remember the first year we had Terrelle Pryor, he replaced Todd Boeckman following the USC game, who took an outmatched squad to the national championship the year before.

Turmoil is a part of every program at the quarterback position, Meyer has had a combination of luck with these three talented, level-headed kids, his coaching staff, notably Herman, and hitting on his and Jim Tressel's recruiting.

Comment 29 Jul 2015

Is this one worth going out to see or should I wait for Netflix? I was really excited about it until I read all the lukewarm reviews on it. It sounds like Gyllenhall gives his standard good performance, but most people said its full of boxing film clichés. What would you grade it on 1-10?

Comment 26 Jul 2015

At times I felt our defense was having problems with Alabama's running game. Thank god Kiffin basically abandoned  it. 

Comment 23 Jul 2015

That's what I am kind of feeling. Braxton has also been a great teammate. No matter his role, he was a part of this national championship 

team. This was his team and he stood by his teammates the entire year, attracting zero attention to himself. Never so much as sniffed any trouble off the field, from what I can gather his only two priorities were being a good father and becoming a better QB. He was always working.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

Without a doubt it helps him. Not only does it provide him with way more snaps presumably, but it gives him another weapon.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

I never watch this shit but I caught this when it was on the television of my gym a few hours ago.

This is awesome, because we have all been thinking this for years, but after 2015 we can finally say it out loud.