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I was born and raised in Middletown, Ohio and graduated from Middletown High School in 1986. After high school, I attended and graduated from Ohio State and was a member of The Ohio State Marching Band from 1988-1991. I now reside in Bellingham, WA with my Buckeye wife and 9 year old daughter.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: LSU in 1988 which also happened to be my first year in the Ohio State Marching Band. I was standing right next to the goal line when Bobby Olive laid out in the endzone and caught the winning score to cap an improbable comeback against #6 LSU.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Carlos Hyde, "El Guapo".
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft, as I love the way he plays the game on and off the court.
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals followed closely by the Seattle
  • NHL TEAM: I can't stand hockey.
  • NBA TEAM: None, really.
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: I can't stand soccer.

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Comment 19 Dec 2013

After reading that Verne story all I can say is..."Wow"! "Holy Cow"! "Oh, My!"

Comment 09 Dec 2013

Ohio State fans in attendance should start a loud "We want the best damn band" chant as halftime begins and do not stop the chant until halftime is over. 

Comment 09 Dec 2013

As a former member of X-row from 88-91 I can say that I thought the same thing yesterday when it was announced. This is really disappointing. The only bright side I see is that at least TBDBITL will get some time in the sunshine and on the beaches of south Florida. I spent one of my bowl trips in 38F and freezing rain playing along side Lee Greenwood at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis. 

I know that I won't watch their Dierks Bentley, cause I don't even know who he is. What I do know is that if they chose to show TBDBITL that their viewership would be higher at halftime than the Dierks Bentley show. 

A sad halftime indeed...

Comment 03 Dec 2013

Outstanding update, Birm! It looks like the next few weeks will not only be fun on the field but off the field as well with all of the upcoming recruiting decisions by players. 

Comment 27 Nov 2013

Here is my 8 step program you need to use to feign your illness:

1. Decide what illness you are going to fake. Ideally you want something that incapacitates you from major responsibilities without being so serious that others will take you to the doctor or hospital. A cold, fever, or 24-hour bug are all good options.

2. Start mentioning symptoms the day before you want to fake sick, in your case December 6th. 

3. You've been sick before, and people have noticed. Think about what it felt like, and what other people noticed the most when you were sick. Try to replicate those symptoms and channel that feeling.

4. Make your face pale. If you have green concealer, rub it on your cheeks and forehead to make you appear pale. Be careful here. Get to know your makeup. 

5. Act uncomfortable. People who are sick don't feel good, so don't joke around and laugh and smile too much. Give people the impression that you're disoriented and "in your own world."

6. Act like you're upset about being sick. Being legitimately ill is not fun, and often leaves you with lots to catch up on. Tell people you wish you could make it to the activity you are skipping, and apologize for the inconvenience you might cause.

7. Don't suddenly get better. If you successfully convince people you are sick, they will start to become suspicious again if you are back to 100% immediately after your sick evening. 

8. Enjoy watching Ohio State kick some Sparty ass but don't talk it up too much on Monday.

Comment 26 Nov 2013

Wow! That brings back some memories from the late 80's when I was in TBDBITL. However, they look too sober for that crazy weather. Need to go back and teach the young band members about the warmth provided by the brown liquor in a bota bag.

Comment 26 Nov 2013

Great point, 1MECHENG on the edict. I forgot to mention that but that so true. Any band member caught participating in phantom band would not get to perform after that.  

I remember only two incidents when campus police showed up in the band room. The first was regarding the phantom band and the second time was when the stadium astroturf was being ripped up and replaced. Band members were finding any tool we could find to rip up pieces of the turf. They noticed pieces were missing. 

They were letting band members know that they were not allowed to cut up any of the astroturf from the field as it was all accounted for and was going to be auctioned off. 

As the police officer was telling us this my feet were resting on the entire '4' from the 40 yard rolled up like a piece of 6 foot carpet as sweat began dripping down my face. 

Got it out to the car after it got dark outside. 

Comment 25 Nov 2013

Thanks, Buckeyesouth. I don't know how I missed that when I reviewed. I guess I should have just kept watching Shazier cause he was hitting/tacking anything and everything that got it his way on Saturday, including his own guys!

Comment 25 Nov 2013

Don't know what was ailing Doran Grant but Urban said today that he is fine and is practicing. It was odd. I looked back on the DVR to see if he took a hit and I didn't see anything. Maybe he was dehydrated? That is total speculation on my part. 

There was also a picture that surfaced that showed him directing TBDBITL at the team's meet and greet with the band. 

Cam really stepped in and played well, however. His future is bright. 

Comment 29 Sep 2013

I just wet my pants! Oh, I can't get enough of that. Gonna save this video for a bad day when I need a pick me up. 

Comment 21 May 2013

As a TBDBITL alum, this is extremely exciting. I remember having to pay to dry clean my uniform during weeks when I had basically $0 in the bank. 

I can't wait to travel down the coast to see TBDBITL at the Cal game this year. 

Man, this would have been a great year to go try out and use my remaining 5th year of band eligibility. But, at 45 with shitty knees, probably would not have been my best decision...


Comment 22 Feb 2013

I just finished bottling my two National Homebrewing Competition beers, a Belgian blonde and Belgian dubbel and this post got me thinking about brewing my Scarlet Ale, an Irish Red for this upcoming football season. Great Beer and Buckeye football, there really isn't much better combination.