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Comment 08 Jun 2011

Dodd is just a paid troll. Excerpt the quote and link to a charity donation page instead. Not hard!

Comment 21 Apr 2011

Nice work, Danny! Like your writing style. Makes me feel like I was there!

Comment 07 Nov 2010

"game of the year", no! A Big Ten game of the year would be an epic defensive battle not a turnover fillled game where both defenses decided to pillow fight.

Comment 01 Nov 2010

Last year in Week 10, Iowa lost at home to 5-4 NWU and lost Stanzi as well. They play a better (6-2) NWU in Week 11 and away from home.

Lots of football still to be played!

Comment 24 Oct 2010

Yes. Also, voters are going to ask who's the better team based on rankings. Right now, we look better and I wouldn't expect that to change if both teams win out.


Total Offense 20

Scoring Offense 6

Total Defense 3

Scoring Defense 9


Total Offense 35

Scoring Offense 19

Total Defense 25

Scoring Defense 34

Comment 24 Oct 2010

I wonder whether Michigan will be able to field a defense against us the week after Wisky's bruising (and dirty!) Offense beats on them for 4 quarters!

Comment 17 Oct 2010

Why no love for undefeated Missouri with the 2nd best scoring D in the country? A chance to look really smart if they upset BCS #1 this weekend!