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Comment 16 Apr 2014

May i ask the question? Why is this tossing the ball around speed so enamored? Last I checked the Alamaba Crimson Tide did not run a spread and they definitely don't throw the ball all willie nillie. They have a power running game eliment and speed at overall positions. So sure it may be exciting to watch Oregon play but last I checked they have not won Jack and can't even seem to consistantly beat a slow foot Stanford team IJS

Comment 09 Apr 2014

Hopefully we can land Turner and lesson the blow of me having to watch Amir any more than I have to. Maybe even the kid from Va Tech as a transfer. Anything but Amir again you cannot win with that kid against real talent that you will face tournament time.


Comment 04 Apr 2014

I have to wonder and worry that I am not hearing more about the young guys in the trenches where games are won. We can have all the weapons we want if you don't win the battle up front these guys will be nothing more than wasted talent on both sides.

Comment 31 Mar 2014

We can assume nothing due to defiencies in this years team that no doubt will caryy over. You can never assume freshman wi ll do anything until they prove it and as we have seen MATTA has a recent history of not letting them play. Add to that the lack of simple physical strength on the unti as a whole. I am very diappointed at the strenght and conditioning of this team. Far too many frail young men on this team and we are talking guys that are about to be seniors and have been in the program for extended periods of time.


Comment 21 Mar 2014

Why are we blaming Amir when somebody on the OSU staff recruited this soory excuse for a center kid

Comment 11 Mar 2014

Its about time we started talking about The Basketball bucks and their strength and conditioning. Who is it? He should be fired. Not only Q but Sam Thompson too. these guys body type look the same going all the way back to Buford I have not been pleased with a lot of the bucks growth. these guys play hard but get physically dominated by teams who are visibly bigger and stronger than them? I know these guys could probably run for days but how about sitting them some and building some mass. 

Comment 22 May 2012

Great article indeed but to play devils advocate in the all bust list how much of this can but directly attributed to Matta's blatent lack of playing time for some guys. I also agree on how you define impact. I think Oden's signing springboard alot of the outside talent matt'a gets. Sulley was in the fold reguardless. Now this Buford thing i am indifferent on because in my opion he was the classic underachiever. Played for years w/out a significant impact. I'm sure no young men are going there because william Buford went there except for relatives lol ok I will give you Toledo.