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Comment 03 Jan 2013

I don't get to comment much on here but I love this site. You guys do a fantastic job and I really  look forward to reading the 11W recruiting articles. Keep up the great work and lets hope we can get Mitchell, Johnson and Bell for defense, Quick for Offense.  With all of the recruiting for defense last year and if we can get these 3.....look out Big Ten! Meyer is building the 800# gorilla that nobody will want to see! 

Comment 26 Nov 2012

Hello to all great OSU fans, as I am new to the posting. Be gentle with me! What a great TEAM win and I'm so proud to be a Buckeye fan with the win over Scum! It was also great to see the appreciation to Coach Tressel even though we're in the situation we are in. I 've loved OSU since my early years and because of Coach Tressel my love for this university has grown even stronger seeing that I've seen him coach at YSU only 15 minutes from here. Having said that, there was nobody more qualified to be our coach now than Coach Meyer. The only advantage I see to what happened is that Coach Tressel was too loyal to some coaches and thus no changes would've been made. Enter Coach Meyer and you now see what we have and are going to have. The adjustments in the second half were fantastic and are a sign of things to come I believe. With an unbelievable offense in the works and Coach Meyer noting that the teams in contention for the national title all have really good defenses, he is going after that and when he does.....look out college football! Go Bucks!