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Comment 06 Jul 2016

I was the same way with Shaq. Orlando fan, Laker Fan...stopped watching the NBA fan.....then came LBJ fan, Cavs fan.....then Shaq came to The Land and man did I have fun with that!

Comment 05 Jul 2016

It'll take a year or too for that talent and ego's to mesh well enough to play good together. They won't hit 65 wins next year nor a Championship! The Land goes Back to Back with the King leading the charge yet again!

Comment 23 Jun 2016

Teague and George in Indy would be scary.

Rose to Knicks, seems like they're prepping for 'Melo to The Land.

Comment 01 Jun 2016

start saving, get tickets to next year's OU @ the Shoe game for your First Ever GameDay experience!!

Comment 11 Apr 2016

Loved his Comments after the game, kept saying this teams flat out "doesn't Care" what the perception of them are to anyone, they just are going out and playing Ball! so far, so good. Suarez is straight BeastMode right now at the plate!

Comment 09 Mar 2016

This is true, but you also have to look at what the TEAM as a whole can provide. Gurley was good with a mediocre OLine and no pass game. You get a talent like Zeke or Gurley and can plug them in with a GREAT OLine and a passing game that has Dez and Witten and you go from good to GREAT and can compete for a Super Bowl right away. As a Dallas fan, I would not be pissed on bit with us taking a RB of Zeke's talent as the 4th overall pick. But also being a Dallas fan, I too know, you have NO CLUE what JJ's going to do with that pick!

Comment 08 Mar 2016

I want Zeke to go to Dallas. Yes, I'm a Dallas fan, but that isn't the main reason. I want Zeke to succeed!! it's a perfect position for both sides! Best OL in the NFL, they run Zone blocking scheme which would fit Zeke perfect. on the other side, Zeke's blocking ability and ability to catch out of the backfield can only help Tony Romo in staying healthy and not getting hit so much. If this happens, I'll be one of the 1st people ordering my Zeke Jersey!