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Comment 18 Jun 2015

Went to Vegas for my 21st b-day...yeah, use your imagination on how that went...for a whole year I kept replaying it in my head until I went back for my 22nd b-day, didn't even come close to my 1st experience! came back and it was like I never went!

Comment 12 Jun 2015

Forgive me for marrying a Michigan Woman......but she's smoking hot!! and I get too be "right" at least once a year now!

Comment 11 Jun 2015

My Final Score = Cavs 102 GS 99

LBJ = 43pts, 12 boards, 11 assist

Curry = 41pts, 6 boards, 9 assist

NBA has their way, GS wins this game needing a Game 7 for ratings $$$

Comment 04 Jun 2015

Why would everyone leave to play for the Lakers, with a now mediocre Kobe who's got all the $ tide up in him, rather than playing with the best player in basketball today? LBJ ain't going no where, JR and/or Iman will stay in C'land, Haywood=gone, TT gets paid, Love probably gone, Mosgav stays with his coach, Kyrie gets paid....and watch out....they bring in D-Wade!!

Comment 04 Jun 2015

Game 1= GS

Game 2-4 = Cavs

Game 5 = GS

Game 6 = Cavs

MVP...Ready for this....The City of Cleveland for throwing what is sure to be the GREATEST yet most expensive (damage wise) party of ALL TIME!!............No, I got LBJ as your MVP!


Comment 19 May 2015

If healthy, I think out of respect and Miller being a Senior, Urban gives Braxton the nod to start the season. Then about the time we hit B1G play we start seeing the playbook open up utilizing the 3 headed monster that is our QB depth in some fashion.

Comment 18 May 2015

Sorry ya'll I'm a HUGE Dallas Cowboy's fan but an EVEN BIGGER Buckeye Guy!! I'm praying to the football Gods everyday that the Cowboys somehow end up with Zeke!!! Two reasons:

1) obviously, it's Zeke and he's a Buckeye

2) With our current Young and Talented OL in Dallas, eZe could have a LONG and AMAZING NFL career behind them!

Comment 15 May 2015

The Buckeye Fan of me = Mike Hart

The Dallas Fan in me = Deshaun Jackson

The Reds Fan in me = I hate Yadear Molina because of my hatred for the Card's, but I too respect the hell out of him as a baseball player.

Comment 14 May 2015

Jalin, Wilson on quick screens/slants...Brown middle of the field breaking tackles with his size...Green a redzone threat...Mike Thomas over the top sprinkled in there.......yeah I'd be nervous too.....if I'm opposing DB's!

Comment 04 May 2015

Very Very legit work sir! Only missing his play against Oregon when he makes quick work of his opponent by blasting through him like a knife through butter and lays the wood! But again, Very solid!