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Comment 11 Sep 2014

You don't want to talk about losing, then quit f'n losing.  That would be the corollary to you don't want us to run up the score, then stop us from scoring.  

Comment 01 Aug 2014

I have been thinking that for a long time.  Vrabel played LB in the pros but how well did he actually coach the LB position.  After all  it his first season as a coach.  How much did that year hurt Curtis Grant's development? How much did it set back the LB position as a whole? That in addition to the LB attrition/recruiting misses adds up to what we had the past few seasons.  Hopefully the new scheme as well as the new blood will result in a significantly improved unit.

Comment 25 Jun 2014

10 years ago (has it really been that long??) my wife and I (not yet married) split the cost of one parking permit.  She kept the permit in her car and I occasionally paid the $3 fine for not displaying a parking permit.  Usually I parked on Neil/off Neil between 5th and 10th where street parking without a permit was legal.  Only got towed once (street sweeping).  The worst part of the towing was not being able to understand the guy who was telling me where the cars were towed. 

Comment 10 Jun 2014

I know this isn't how the game is officiated but if when running the ball into the endzone it is a touchdown as soon as the ball breaks the plain of the goal line, then the play is over when Braxton crosses the goal line.  If the play is over then any further contact is a late hit/personal fowl/penalty of some kind.  How is tackling a player that was in bounds with the ball in their possession after they crossed the goal line any different than tackling the same player after the have crossed the boundary line on the edge of the field? I understand that things are different if it is a receiver catching the ball in the endzone (establishing/maintaining possession through the hit...) but if a player is running into the endzone things should be different. Our QB should not get lit up like that across the goal line.  That particular play was close, but if there is a personal foul penalty for it maybe the DB comes out of the endzone to make a play that Braxton could hopefully avoid/mitigate. (rant over)

Comment 29 Jan 2014

My brother in law ditched his car in a grocery store parking lot and walked the last 1.3 miles home yesterday.  His friends ditched cars in mall parking lots and walked. 

I'm in Vermont. so the idea that cold and snow would stop everything is completely foreign to me.  I laughed a little bit my first year at tOSU when local schools were canceled due to cold.

Comment 12 Jan 2014

Bogard was switched to LB and had a knee injury this season. 


Najee left the program .  He is at Kent State.  I don't think that he will be pushing for playing time at tOSU anytime soon.

Comment 12 Dec 2013

How soon until we can have this implemented.  Not to get political, but maybe the President and Congress could actually do SOMETHING and make this happen starting yesterday.  I know that it would take a few years to implement, but this would be great.

Comment 07 Nov 2013

If the guy you hit (shoulder to helmet/neck or forearm to helmet/neck) and gets concussed and has to sit out the rest of the game then you should be out for the rest of the game.


Comment 30 Oct 2013

What is the team going to do for a holder next year.  Kenny G runs out of eligibility.  Does anybody think that Dontre could be the holder.  He gets up to speed so quickly that he could be incredible on fake kicks. 

Comment 28 Oct 2013

What if the two winning schools (of Bama vs. FSU and tOSU vs Oregon) arranged to play a game a few weeks later at a neutral site (NFL stadium???)?  The NCAA would not approve, but would they be able to stop it?  I think that there would be popular demand for that game and the NCAA is not winning any popularity contests as it is.  Could they actually stop it and would the schools go for it?  The fans would love it.

Comment 16 Sep 2013

Don't be confused by all of our talk about the use of the TEi the passing game.  Here at The Ohio State University a TE is a right right tackle or a left left tackle who is eligble to catch passes on occasion.  When a TE goes out in the pattern to catch a pass what we are really trying to do is get them to block downfield for the WR and H-back.  If they actually catch a pass something went dreadfully wrong (but don't tell them that). 


Comment 23 Aug 2013

^This.  What a great idea if possible.  If the live stream wouldn't work maybe even a second live commenting window that would be strictly breaking down the coverage/play (the nitty gritty not the wow that was cool).  It could be run by Ross or anybody who has experience with coaching/breaking down film. 

Comment 19 Aug 2013

The phenobarb would just help you sleep (if you use a small dose). A big dose...and it is all over. 

Speaking of college kids arriving on campus.  I work in a pharmacy that is located on a college campus.  I just keep thinking that the kids keep getting younger and younger.  The incoming freshman were born in 1995...4 more years until they were born in the same year I graduated high school.  I don't feel that old.

Comment 03 Aug 2013

Maybe the offensive player should get tossed. The defensive player was aimed at a good safe place and the offensive player turned it into a helmet to helmet hit. 

Comment 03 Aug 2013

I voted no, but upon further review it wouldn't surprise me if he did lead.  Not because he is doing the majority of the rushing, but because there of the large stable of running backs/hybrid players.

If we play in 14 games and we average 215 yrds rushing/game = 3020 yrds.

Miller 770 = 55/game

Hyde 750 = 68/game where he is eligible (last year he averaged over 100 yrds per game that he actually played in)

Smith 700 = 50/game

Dunn 300 = 21/game

Ball 200 = 14/game

EZE 100 = 7/game

Wilson 100 = 7/game

Hall 100 =  7/game

Plus any wide receiver end-arounds/reverses and anybody else I am leaving out.  There are just so many options and IF the young players get some touches (usually in garbage time when the game is ugly) they tend to be against either a tired defense or the second/third stringers.

Miller could be the leading rusher with hyde and smith close behind.  Meyer wants a power rushing team and with Hyde/Smith/Dunn he will have the big power back along with Miller's legs and arm to keep the defense honest. 

One way or another somebody is going to lead the team in rushing and we all get to enjoy the show... Is it football season yet

Go Bucks.

Comment 01 Aug 2013

It seemed like last year was a tale of two defenses (pre-Boren at LB and post-Boren at LB).  What do the numbers show about the defensive improvement with that change (I wouldn't count the Indiana game because it was Boren's first game at LB and it takes time to get used to playing the new position)?