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I've been a Buckeye fan since birth. I remember quite fondly my dad and I would climb onto the roof of the house every Saturday and early Sunday morning in order to adjust the antenna so that we could watch THE Ohio State Buckeyes' games. The ones that were not live, we always listened to religiously on the radio, and then stayed up late (it was the weekend) in order to receive our edition of the Dispatch so we could read the game recap as Hot-off-the-press as was possible at 3am. Watching the Buckeyes Replays on WOSU Sunday mornings at 9am were always the highlights of the fall in my opinion. And we NEVER missed them. Sometimes even being late for Church on occasion. Well..the Pastor at our church made the mistake of asking my Dad to try and be a little earlier next time on this one particular Sunday.This happened to be the Sunday before Thanksgiving and as it turns out was the same Sunday of WOSU's replay of the '87 TSUN game, Erle Bruce's last as Head Coach..My father quite emphatically explained to the entire congregation that his God..Our God is indeed a Buckeye!! And the very mere request of such a preacher could only be the work of those Devilish wolverine fans..Needless to say, we never stepped foot back inside his church. So for me, Buckeye Football is as close to religion as there is.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1990 Cincinnati Reds World Champs
    2002 Ohio State Buckeyes National Champs
    2012 Ohio State finishing the season undefeated!!
    Anytime that state up north loses a game.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Orlando Pace, Chris Spielman, Mike Vrable, Eddie George
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jimmy Jackson, Gary Trent
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets, Penguins
  • NBA TEAM: Lebron..not the team
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds, any team playing the Cardinals
  • SOCCER TEAM: soccer is not a sport..This is football country.

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Comment 05 Feb 2017

Until we get some dependable productivity from the position group on the field, I think everyone on the team that can catch a football needs to be working out with the wide receivers.  There's a famous story about Jim Tressel discovering how good of a corner Chris Gamble was, only after the team switched sides of the ball and went against each other in practice.  You might just find a gem.

Comment 04 Feb 2017
I have a small collection of them going myself. It started with th Mich State game back in 2014. Then manifested from there. Went to Ann Arbor in 2015 season and both PSU and Wisconsin this past season and kept the cups from all 3. Also have the one from the Fiesta Bowl. Seems kinda silly but they're also my new game day serving ware.. So they're at least functional and tell a story. Lol
Comment 12 Jan 2017

Going to miss Gibson in a Buckeyes uniform.  The kid looked really electric with the ball in his hands during the spring games I was privileged enough to watch.  Hope he does well for Coach Fick at UC.  

Comment 12 Jan 2017

The NFL isnt going to take a kid that hasnt played and no film on him in n 2 years though either.  While I agree, I think his best option for the NFL may be at receiver, getting on the field in any capacity is just as important.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

To be honest, I don't really care if they decide to play or to sit out especially if it's a bowl game where there isn't a national semifinal/championship on the line.  It's their future and they're supposedly educated enough throughout their time in these colleges to make the best decisions for their own futures.  So my opinion doesn't matter.  However I would like to see them give back all the "Bowl Swag" they get from the team's appearance in that bowl.  If you're not going to play then it only seems right.

Comment 13 Dec 2016

Any updates on how Darius Slade is progressing?  I believe he was said to have ruptured his achilles tendon back during the spring.  While I'm not real familiar with the normal recovery times of this type of injury, it does also seem to me that elite athletes often recover far faster than normal individuals.  Just curious whether or not he may be able to help solidify our interior defensive line during this playoff run.  I think he has pro-potential written all over him.

Comment 07 Dec 2016
This was my thought as well. Going into the season, I felt as if it was only a matter of time before Schiano ended up at Penn State. But after the year Franklin was able to piece together it doesn't look that way now. Hopefully he stays another year and waits for Notre Dame to fire Brian Kelly.
Comment 06 Dec 2016
I wonder if there is any way statistical way to measure the "Heart of Champion"? Say number of points won by vs the spread or as an underdog? Seems I remember the 2014 team beating Wisconsin after the tragic loss of Kosta during the week, and it was the largest margin of victory ever vs the point spread in NCAA history. I don't know exactly what other metric you would use to measure that but when you see it you just know...
Comment 06 Dec 2016

Just to echo what BD2999 says up front.. It isn't the defense that worries me. I think we'll keep the Clemson offense in check for the most part, with the occasional exception of a few great plays by their athletic wide receivers.  But it is going to be our offense that is going to win this game for us.  Particularly our O-line.  We need to control the ball and cash in on all of our scoring opportunities, and not turn the ball over.

Everyone loves to wonder out loud where our "tempo" offense has been all year, but the fact is our Buckeyes have one of the top offenses in the nation in terms of time of possession this season.  That stat alone helps our defense out tremendously just by limiting Clemson's possessions in the game.  We can run on this team.  Just need to keep the chains moving consistently and mix in a few play-action passes downfield to slow down their pass rush and we'll be fine.  Be nice to see a few bubble screens or a wheel route in behind their crashing DE's to catch them off guard.  But all in all I like this matchup.  

Comment 05 Dec 2016
As good an explanation as any quite honestly. I would even argue that cold weather state's lack of year round football conditioning and spring practices have also hindered the traditional football hotbed's growth. The seven-on-seven camps and exhibition games they play in the southern states also allows them to hone their skills at a much higher rate than kids in the midwest.
Comment 04 Dec 2016
I'm with ya buddy.. The Rose Bowl is a hell of a consolation prize. Now go out there and whip the shit out of that Colorado team and prove the commitee wrong.
Comment 04 Dec 2016
He won't be.. He's too of good a recruiter and absolute money in the state of Texas to be fired. He might decide to take a coaching gig that opens up soon. Maybe at Huston or Wester Michigan perhaps? But I don't believe he's getting canned. It's really more of an execution issue with the offense not the play calling.
Comment 01 Dec 2016
Haha.. Definitely some great comparisons there guys.. Im on my phone right now and can't seem to get it to give me a comparison to Ohio University v/s Western Meatchicken matchup.. I think the Bobcats have a chance but I realize it's probably very small.
Comment 30 Nov 2016

My high school back in the day ran a no huddle wishbone.. Each time our line would line up, we would gradually widen our splits because of the D tackles and ends always line up on our outside shoulders to help keep contain. Eventually we were so wide the opposing coach would catch on and "adjust" by either realigning them inside or crashing the ends down on the snap. Once we saw that it was nothing but speed option/jet sweeps to my side the rest of the night.. Go out, crush a Corner then repeat.  The gamefilm on Sunday nights were fun times for an offensive lineman, man.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

As much as I would love to retain Schiano, I think he'd be better suited to wait for the Notre Dame job to open up.  His experience recruiting kids on the East coast, New Jersey, in particular fits their traditional recruiting grounds.  He's a hard nosed and defensive minded coach with an NFL resume that will also sell well in South Bend.  Seems like a no-brainer to me.  Oregon has had a lot of recent success but not near the prestige of Notre Dame. Just seems like a better fit to me.