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Comment 08 Oct 2015
Houston looks sharp on offense. That drive was just killed by penalties. Tom Herman please comeback when Urban retires!
Comment 06 Oct 2015

Do these people watch the game on TV? I don't know what the internet is during a game unless I'm looking at my Ipad for stats on the ESPN app.

Comment 22 Sep 2015

Fair enough, I'm tired of the outrage around here the last two weeks.

Comment 22 Sep 2015

Is Western Michigan going to wear alternates this weekend? The last two opponents have.

Comment 16 Sep 2015

My vote for number three is unlikely to be well received on this board, but the team with the most talent and best coaching of the rest of the pack, imo, is Michigan.

Take it back to MGoBlog then.

Northwestern beat a rugged Stanford team and looked good against E. Illinois. Offense looks better and Defense looks solid.

Wisky got beat up by Bama and beat Miami U at home. Looks like Wisky run game could be better though.

Minnesota played tough against TCU and could have won and squeaked one out against CSU on the road at altitude. Good D, need to get going on O.

TL;DR Northwestern is playing the best right now. Minnesota has the chance to become the number 3. It will likely come down to these two for the B1G west championship.

Comment 16 Sep 2015

The game will most likely be a 3:30 game since TTUN is the next week. Last year Ohio State play At Michigan State November 8th at 8pm. The B1G's policy is that both teams have to mutually agree to a night game in November if it is a primetime game for TV.

Comment 14 Sep 2015

The problem is that fans think they are the coaches. NOT fans. Did Ohio State win? Yes. Then who cares if it was by 38 or 1, a win is a win.

Comment 11 Sep 2015

You also want to mix your protein forms. 175g of protein from power isn't going to do as well as 100g from powder and 75g from animal or plant sources.

Comment 11 Sep 2015

I'll have to try that. Muscle Pharm's Combat Powder is one of my favorites because it has both whey and casein. It feeds the muscles right after a work out and continues to feed them as well.

Comment 04 Sep 2015

Not a huge fan of them, the stripe on the elastic band on the sleeve and pants didn't do it for me. Overall though it was a good try from Adidas. One of the best they have produced.