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Comment 15 Apr 2014

The fair market value being ignored is more Kessler's suit than O'Bannon's, but...well, it was said a year ago that the tensions between the big and small Division I schools were going to tear the NCAA apart in about five years.  That timeline looks kinda long right now.

Comment 28 Jan 2014

An original, decent argument, but in the end not a valid one.  It can be assumed that such a representation situation would be part of contract negotiations.  (It can also be assumed that, if the players are certified as a union and such is upheld in courts, there will be a lockout and/or strike of players under a union for that reason, and from there it gets ugly until it gets better.)

Comment 13 Jan 2013




Good work by Craft to fell the last of the unbeatens and give us a quality win (finally).

Comment 13 Jan 2013

Hey, check your brakes earlier, there - two defenders back meant stop earlier before you reach point of no return.  Still, nice block and we're just shy of a 3-1 beatdown at the moment.  I'm happy!

Comment 13 Jan 2013

Good start so far - a bit of nerves (and refs unafraid to call travelling) for both teams.  I will gladly take 9-3 against a Beilein squad to start the game.

Comment 22 Dec 2012
Was concerned I might need to download a CoverItLive app my phone has no space for (home with family == no wifi). Pleasantly surprised otherwise.
Comment 04 Dec 2012

I treated this largely like I treat my SEIs.  Not like most of *you* treated your SEIs, mind; I fill mine out.  I then take my sweet time on the free-form, though most of this didn't actually call for that; saying "East and West" is only three words unless you start adding expletives right around that time.  I think I avoided expletives.  (Note: with SEIs this year, I did not; ECE's answer to transitioning from a four-course sequence to a two-course sequence was that two courses did *not* equal one semester, but required redoing labs in two one-credit add-ons and tacking on a three-week sequence where 40% of the grade was two quizzes and the lectures online.)

The last free-form question, though?  I may have come off as a well-written hippie to them.  I do not care.  Their priorites are money and not the students, the athletes, the teaching, or anyone not them.  It had gone over the line long, long ago, and I hope a lot of people in suits are reading carefully.

Comment 19 Nov 2012
That was Joe Tessitore at the end with the Shazier mispronounciation. Matt Millen is a tool for every other reason. (Bitter? After two wide recievers and 0-16? Naaaaah.) Reason to watch at home: Seeing that crew on the call, I can turn on a radio and listen to Paul Keels.
Comment 07 Oct 2012
The good: We have a fullback, and his name is Carlos Hyde. We found that out last week with MSU, but we now have two games against solid competition and can say it with confidence. That means two runners out of the backfield, and two styles of running; in turn, that means they can't key on Braxton all day. Our offense isn't the best at passing outside of busted coverage, but it doesn't need to be. It's sound and running 3/4 of the time. The bad: The secondary does not tackle. It had some luck last night with the INT, and with the right pressure that might work against M*ch*g*n. All this year, however, I've seen missed tackles, attempted stripping that results in ten or more exta yards if not touchdowns, and piles of secondary dutifully dragged down the field by running backs. Once they get past our line it's cursing time. Ryan shazier getting a helmet to the kneecap is not going to help matters, and I hope he's alright. The ugly: The first quarter. Full 60, plzkthx. Outlook: ...actually good. Wisconsin cam't score, Purdue appears still winnable, Indiana is Indiana only slightly improved, and maybe we can get INTs off of McGloin. That leaves a certain rival, who we need to stop at the line so we don't rely on a secondary to tackle. There is hope here.
Comment 01 Sep 2012

Warming up this morning with a quick bite at the College of Engineering tailgate at Knowlton, followed by the Notre Dame/Navy stream from Dreese Lab (CSE major perk #1: 24-hour access to a clean bathroom on gameday).

Will have 3DS and cell pics after the game - though I have no idea where I'm storing the 3DS in these shorts.  Also, will be regretting the failure to pack an umbrella with every squall.