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Comment 26 Mar 2014 would be damn right scary to see Beanie in Herman's offense......let alone a senior season......

Knarcisi...i decided to keep to 3 because almost everyone would put Griffin, Cassady, and George 123....without seeing them figured a little age restriction and a limit could make it a bit more interesting...

Comment 22 Feb 2014

eddie's ok.....i'd take nicky satan any day over bert......there is no is like taking a flag football's best water boy and comparing to bear bryant......i hated to say that too...but bielema has nothing but at least saban has championships(even though we don't like the way he got them)

Comment 22 Feb 2014

so let me get this right.....if you are on have to let ten seconds drop off the clock before you snap the ball? Did they think about when you are in close game.  For Example, lets say you are the Arkansas Razorhacks and Bert's team is down by 4 against Prairie View A & M and they need a touchdown.   It is the last 21 seconds of the game.......they snap the ball get close to the end zone (maybe it's second and 5)but there is 10 seconds left and no time outs.....does the game end at 10 seconds?  I haven't read anything that says that they are allowing a 2 minute offense, but if they don't.....old bert might lose it because of his own stupidity.

Comment 08 Feb 2014

Stop waiting....get this gentleman a scholly!  

You cannot replace game experience, this guy is not our starter but he has experience playing in a major D-1 Conference.  Our QB "gets hit too much", or least that is what he thinks.  So why not have a guy who has played against some good teams on our bench to back him up......who do we have that has one.....If Tim Tebow can flourish in Urban's system....anyone can....everyone roll their eyes now.....

Comment 02 Feb 2014

bend don't break is usually synomous with zone or prevent keep offense in front of you so you don't get beat.....however, the spread exposes that type of scheme.....i think it would be more effect to employ man to man coverage or a bump and run to disrupt the timing of the short pass and allow the athletes on the d line to penetrate

Comment 05 Jun 2013

Calm Down People....he has does a big leg.  The problem that I notice is that he is taking too long to get the punt off.   Hopefully, we can get him up to speed for the college game because he will only get 1.5 seconds to get the punt off if he is lucky.  Speeding up his steps could compromise his power and accuracy, so let's hope he can still get these bombs off with a rush on.

Comment 27 May 2013

You cannot compare last year to this year.....we have 4 returning starters and a questionable linebacking corps....except Ryan Damn Shazier.  If Curtis Grant or the incoming freshman perform, then yes SEC caliber, but there are going to be mistakes.  I would say 2014 would be a safer guess as to when we will be SEC caliber.  

Comment 27 May 2013

Frank "the tank" Epitropoulus will be punting for the I would not even put him on the list.