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2010 Alumni, born and raised a Buckeye. Never visited nor needed to visit a college, I knew Ohio State was the place for me before I ever set foot on campus.


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Comment 05 Jun 2013

I have to agree, way too much going on.  Don't like it at all.  The minimalist in me cringes lol

Comment 04 Jun 2013

I'm in shock after seeing this, Gee was a fantastic president and I was lucky to have been a student while he was president.  I remember meeting him multiple times and he was always awesome to talk to.  Such an asset, he will be very difficult to replace.

Comment 14 May 2013

Loving these hype videos, I still think my all time favorite though was the 2011 teams video to Buckeye Nation.  I was a year removed from graduating and couldn't remember a time I was more down as a fan after the scandal.  I remember watching the video and thinking that no matter what happened that season it wouldn't be long before we were back on top and really appreciated the fact the team addressed all the fans.  Was psyched for the season.

Does anyone else feel like running through a wall after watching these?  I need to open a gym and just throw Ohio State hype videos on the TV's and playing through the audio.  I don't think id ever have trouble powering through a workout!

Football season can't come soon enough!

Comment 10 Feb 2013

Wow, couldn't have asked for better news to wake up to on a Sunday.  Trout has huge potential and he loves tOSU can't wait to see this kid grow.

Comment 05 Feb 2013

Two solid possessions by the buckeyes, good ball movement.  They need more of that, I love  what Scott brings off the bench as well.

Comment 05 Feb 2013

Agree on the uniforms.

I keep waiting for things to click with Amir, he needs to be more physical and aggressive under the rim.  I get so frustrated watching him play...

Comment 05 Feb 2013

Looking at the new logo I see this scenario playing through my head:

Ohio State decides to take open submissions for the new logo from the student body, with all the talent they have surely this is a good idea...  Drunk student decides it would be hilarious to take the old logo and just color in the letters... he submits it.  Whomever makes this decision says "Man this logo really looks great lets go with this".

And that folks is how the new Ohio State athletic logo was chosen.

Comment 02 Feb 2013

I don't understand this either, it's been the case all season.  I have seen this in other players, they get the ball in or near their hands and they just can't secure it for the life of them.

Comment 02 Feb 2013

That was a sweet 3 by Lenzelle but I hate when the Buckeyes just start chucking up 3's, they need to fight for higher percentage shots instead of settling for the 3.

Comment 22 Jan 2013

I disagree,

They won't eliminate the secondary market at all, what it does however mean is anyone who does purchase on the secondary market will see an increase in their ticket prices to go along with the general increase in ticket prices.  People who turn around and sell tickets to big games will just increase their prices to maintain a profit and as long as OSU football continues to succeed there will always be someone willing to pay the increased premium on the secondary market. 

The fact that there is a backlog of people willing to pay 300-400 (sometimes much higher) for big games on the secondary market supports the idea that Ohio Stadium will continue to sell out despite the ticket increase.

If anything there will be more people buying and re-selling, students/alumni who used to attend the games at the current prices may not be able to justify attending the game under the new prices; however I can see a good number of them deciding to buy the tickets and re-sell them to make a profit even though it's no longer cost efficient for them to buy the ticket and attend the game.


Comment 22 Jan 2013

It's hard to read this article being a recent alum, ticket prices are pretty hard to stomach and I usually go the student ticket route (on the secondary market) as I still have my buck-id and an extra from a sibling who only attended for a year. 

Not to mention Alumni get absolutely TERRIBLE seats for the games... I'm sorry but I'm not going to pay an increased premium for my 2 Alumni seats where I have to sit in the top few rows of the stadium when I can buy student tickets off the secondary market for cheaper than my Alumni ticket and sit in A or B deck.

They are already pricing recent alum out of the market without the price hikes.

Comment 17 Jan 2013

Agreed, needs more time to sort out all the lies he and his family told.  His duped story is about as real as his girlfriend was...

Comment 16 Jan 2013

Hard to believe that the Hiesman nominated star LB at ND had to resort to a strictly online/phone relationship with a girl that never existed.  The guy could have had his pick of girls at ND seems much more like a publicity stunt rather than him getting duped.


Comment 16 Jan 2013

On the MSU 247 thread about the Drake Harris offer an Oregon fan absolutely laid into Urban Meyer talking about how much of a scumbag he was...  Would absolutely LOVE to see his face today now that Chip Kelly has left after saying he was staying!