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Comment 10 Oct 2013

I've always heard, "If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'; If you get caught, you ain't tryin' hard enough!"

Comment 18 Sep 2013

I currently reside in Norfolk and it isn't that bad. It's no Compton, that's for sure. It has good and bad areas just like any other city. Judging by all the out of state plates down here every Summer it is a vacation destination. Virginia Beach is only 20 minutes away and it's teeming with Pennsylvanians and Canadians all Summer!

Comment 16 Aug 2013

Gray is not one of Tennessee's colors, so they're calling it smoke... Yes, it's gray.

Comment 13 Aug 2013

I kept refreshing and refreshing, waiting for the Skull Session to show up!

Comment 02 Jul 2013

Thanks for posting that link to Walt's uni design. As I was reading this, I was thinking of searching for that but couldn't remember who did that "Better Dress a Buckeye" piece. I would also start with those and tweak a few things.

Comment 24 Apr 2013

"...most mock drafts leave the conference out entirely. The next Ohio State players are around"

I believe you left something out here after around.

Comment 03 Apr 2013

You've got one too many HTTP// 's in the Georgia uniform change link, the Tulsa link and the Prison Stadium link.