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Comment 09 Jan 2017
OldColumbusTown 8 hours ago8 hours ago

This team and this program have become unwatchable. 

Thad Matta is a man of tremendous character. He's done unthinkable things with this basketball program. Unfortunately, I think we've reached a point of no return. The program has plateaued. 

I don't know how it has gotten to this point, but this team (actually the past 2-3 years) has become the antithesis of what we've known of Thad Matta-coaches teams. They foul too much, choke under pressure, turn the ball over far too much, and have terrible shot selection. The tenets of OSU basketball that we've been accustomed to seeing over Thad's first 9-10 seasons have vanished. Disappeared. Gone. 

I don't know the answer right now, but with an 0-5 start to B1G play looming, the NCAA tournament is already almost certainly out of the picture. It's sad, frustrating and disappointing to watch, but the time has come where something drastic needs to happen. There is no change in sight if the program remains as is...

And this all comes from someone who has vehemently opposed those calling for Matta's job the past 2 years. He earned the right to turn this around, but unfortunately nothing has changed this season and instead we've almost seen regression. 

I don't need to post my opinion, as this one echoes my sentiment...well done!

Comment 04 Jan 2017

Astonishingly enough (or not), I loved it too...since Peppers will leave for the NFL, he's my new "hate guy"...I'm just hoping that next season the Buckeyes stick that 'bat' where the sun don't shine.