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Comment 25 Jan 2016

As previously stated, this is a 'must win' game. It's be nice to see Loving play with some passion and not sulk after a bad shot, and to see KBD go off for a double-double as well. Definitely not writing this team off, but if we don't get it done tonight, we'll be lucky to finish over .500...GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 22 Jan 2016

He played 'decent' enough, but I was talking more from a leadership standpoint. You can't pout and sulk and expect to have the respect of your teammates, especially when it's time to call them out for doing the same thing. He may not want to wear that hat, but being the lone upperclassman with the most game experience makes him 'that guy'.

Comment 18 Jan 2016

Am I the only one the least bit concerned that teams like Alabama and LSU have as many as 6-10 underclassman that are not only draft eligible, but are talented enough to be drafted, every year, but only a few actually enter the draft? I keep telling myself that it's a testament to the talent that we had 9 players declare (which it is), but I can't help but think that the atmosphere of the locker room this past season gave these guys a nudge. Hope this doesn't become a pattern.

Comment 16 Jan 2016

Being from Toledo, still scratching my head as to why Matta offered Loving way back in his freshman year in hs, but then stuck with it and even starts him now. He has no heart, no hustle, and constantly sulks when he misses a shot or turns the ball over...again and again and again. He did this at SJJ, and he continues to do it now....it's mind boggling.