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Comment 28 Feb 2014

A perfectly serviceable 2-guard, one that's a senior, does NOT chuck up a 3-ball when you're down 1 with 10 seconds to go, especially when there's a wide open lane to drive in front of you. Sorry, but that's on Lenzelle--period.

Comment 18 Jan 2014

Good post, Arizona_Buckeye, and spot on. I'm thrilled Brax is coming back, as it not only gives us a legitimate shot at the NC, but it allows JT Barrett a year to learn under one of the all-time great Buckeye QB's

Comment 16 Jan 2014

I hear ya', but getting Trey Burke wouldn't help us this year. Scott needs to figure out what's gone wrong and fix it. We need him. Period.

Comment 07 Jul 2013

Haters gonna' hate no matter what Coach Meyer says, but it's good to see he did issue a statement on the situation....In Urban I Trust!!!

Comment 06 Jan 2013

We'll win some we shouldn't and lose more than we have in recent years, but we should still be able to Dance in March. However, I agree that no leader has emerged, and this discourages me more than anything.