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Comment 28 Nov 2016

Good article by ex-11W Kyle Rowland (even though he's the ttun beat writer for our Blade-lol)...


Comment 20 Nov 2016
Linebacker Chris Worley: “We didn’t play our best ball at all. We had a lot of mistakes, we missed a lot of tackles and we usually don’t miss a lot of tackles. We do have some things that we need to work on, but that’s what we have a whole week for.”

Unfortunately I've seen comments like this one too many times this season, and I'd hope by now these 'kinks' would've worked themselves out. That being said, I feel very confident about next Saturday because I feel we'll be super focused on the task at hand. It may be hard for some of us to comprehend, but these young men may have been peeking ahead knowing they were playing a 3-7 team--after all, they're 18-22 year olds. OSU-31, ttun-17....GO BUCKS!

Comment 15 Nov 2016

I'm from Toledo and have watched Loving since his freshman year at St. Johns Jesuit. Even though I wasn't thrilled when he committed to OSU (I seriously doubted he could play at this level), I thought he proved me wrong his freshman year. However, I can honestly say I don't remember seeing a player regress as much as he has since that first year with the Buckeyes--it's surprising, really, since you'd think just the opposite would happen when you're in the same system for four years. It's sad.