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Got my first Buckeye helmet at age 3, went to my first game at 8 (Dad got season tickets in 1977). 4 of 5 family members are Alumni. Tended bar for years at the VC. Had to relocate for work so I am a little anxious about not living in Columbus for this season.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Almost impossible to answer. But, 1)Bartending on the patio at the VC for the 1995 Notre Dame game; 2)Being at The Game in 2006.
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Comment 6 hours ago

No, my friend, WE ourselves are going to cause us to miss the playoffs if Oregon and ND don't slip up.  As noted below, that loss was on everyone from Urban and Coach Mensa down through the water boy. A properly prepared, well-coached team able to make in-game adjustments would have never lost that game.

EDIT: For the record, I am NOT saying that we are not NOW properly prepared and well-coached. The VT game was, as has been said elsewhere, a kick in the collective groin of this team from Urban on down that served as a mighty wake-up call.  In fact, I think that this team is now the better for it.

Comment 7 hours ago

"If you think the offense is good now, just wait til 'Justin Zwick' (said in the hushed, reverential tone befitting the anticipation)  is ready..."

Comment 23 Oct 2014

I don't consider myself a cat person at all but I currently have three of the crazy felines, 

I could hum a few bars of that hymn, brother.  

Comment 15 Oct 2014

I seriously had no idea that we were known for being inhospitable.

Quick anecdote:  I was in the VC one night for an installment of The Game and amidst the sea of scarlet and gray, a husband and wife awash in maize and blue walked in and stationed themselves right in the middle of the main bar.  I'm not sure they paid for a drink all night.  It was like they were celebrities or something, everyone around them was as friendly and welcoming as could be and people were coming from other parts of the bar to make a point of saying hello and welcoming them.  If there had been smartphones and the Twitters at the time, they would have been the subject of a lot of selfies.

So, yeah, cheering for their destruction on the field is one thing, but I've never seen our fans as inhospitable, and I've seen a lot of drunks from both sides in close proximity to one another.

Comment 06 Oct 2014

UFM said last week, either on his call-in show or his weekly press conference, that he was calling (most, many, a significant number of) the plays himself. He just said it in passing and no one really followed up.

Comment 26 Sep 2014

That hit now gets a flag every time in college and NFL.