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Comment 06 Jun 2017

Yea I was basically using a top 20 as a format but yea I tier 3 definitely has some potential additions. The main ones I was looking at were Maryland and Florida. Definitely not an exhaustive list but regardless I think were in that 3rd tier with the potential to be a top 2nd tier team. OSU is a football school so it will be tough to ever compete with the top schools like Duke, Kentucky, UNC, Kansas etc mainly cause they suck at football and have nothing else to cheer for. 

Comment 06 Jun 2017

Yea I looked up coaches salaries and Huggy Bear is #6 at 3.575 Million with a potential bonus of another $690,000 so they're clearly dedicating some serious cash to the program. They are probably on the back end of that tier but still probably in that ball park. This is also purely my opinion with about 15 min of research while I'm at work. So incredibly thorough...

Comment 06 Jun 2017

Trying to base this on program history, facilities, prominence of BBall on campus, ability to draw recruits, enthusiasm of fan base etc.     
Tier 1: UNC, Duke, Kentucky

Tier 2: Kansas, UCLA, MSU, Arizona, Syracuse, Louisville Villanova

Tier 3: Indiana, Notre Dame, Texas, OSU, WVU, UCONN, Pitt, Georgetown, Marquette, Illinois

Villanova might be a stretch in that second Tier but I still think they are a top 10 job. Basketball crazed city, talent hotbed for recruiting, no other main sports, and some legitimate championship history. 

That third tier is where OSU is as of now. I can definitely see us getting up into that second tier but now we have some work to do. I think were firmly in the middle of that third tier as far as programs. I see us similar to Texas right now. Major public state school, football dominant athletic department, resources like crazy, decent history and nearby recruiting areas with the potential to be a championship contender but just not there yet. I am interested to see how Shaka Smart does at Texas being a Richmond VA resident and watching his time here at VCU. Incredible recruiter and a really charismatic guy but Im not sold on his on the court coaching yet. Similar to James Franklin. Franklin had a great season this past year and if he keeps that up he'll definitely change my perception. Shaka has a upbeat "Havoc" style of play that causes issues for people but in the A10 he basically had better athletes than everybody else and so that style worked. Im interested to see if he can make that work at the major conference level. I am really interested to see who Gene brings in here because I think this is a pretty crucial cycle right now. If this hire doesnt perform it could be another 3 years before OSU bball is relevant again, making it essentially a 5 year stretch of extreme mediocrity. Cant have that if you wanna be a top 10 program.  

Comment 19 May 2017

Could it also be that DT, similarly to OL, is a position where it helps tremendously to be in a college program for at least a year before you can contribute. DE's can come in and rely on athleticism in some cases but a DT like an OL needs time to build muscle and mass in order to bang inside. I know there are some examples of DT's doing really well in their first year but I don't think its as common as some people may think 

Comment 05 Dec 2016

I just bought tickets in section 423 which is the corner but I'm row 5 so close to the overhang and according to the snapshot from the seat on stubhub its a pretty decent spot. And they cost me $75. Not the greatest seat location but $75 isnt that much either. Never been to a bowl game because I always thought the tickets were way too expensive but when my friend saw them today we just decided to pull the trigger. Pretty psyched about it actually 

Comment 14 Sep 2016

I think this is one of the most underrated features on this site. Over the years I have printed out and framed 4 of these posters. What other website offers creative, incredibly well done posters every game week. Keep up the awesome work Walt, and the next time I make it up to Columbus from Virginia I am definitely stopping by Land-Grant for a beer!

Comment 16 Sep 2015

Those are gonna be some of the best games in college football this year. Great venues to check out too. I know we all want guys to commit early and end their recruitments but if I had the chance to parent, coach, mentor any of these top athletes I would absolutely tell them to take advantage of being able to go see 5 of the best venues/games in college football, get the red carpet treatment, and not have to spend a dime. Once in a lifetime opportunity

Comment 03 Jun 2015

My coach played MLB against Eddie George when Eddie was at FUMA and was assigned to just shadow him the whole game. On one play my coach met him in the hole and Eddie hit him so hard it bent his metal face mask. My coach still has the helmet in his classroom.                                           

Best guy I ever played against was Russell Wilson. Dude was precise and methodical at running a team as he is in the pros. He just never made a mistake in high school ball...ever. Also played him in basketball and while he is short he is absolutely jacked. Massive biceps. Other than that I played against a bunch of other guys who played Acc. Best player I played with was Ed Reynolds the safety for Stanford and now the Eagles. He was a freshman my senior year and the kid was an absolute stud then. His dad used to come around and he was an NFL linebacker for years so Ed got it honest. Real great family though

Comment 11 Feb 2015

The main difference is that our bad season was a huge anomaly. It was literally one bad season. The year before we were 12-1. TSUN has been relatively mediocre for about 6 or 7 seasons. Their roster needs more work in my opinion. Yes they have recruited well but the development of those players just doesn't seem to have been there. Maybe he shocks the world and pulls off a 10 or 11 win season but I definitely think it'll be more along the lines of 8-4. 

Comment 04 Feb 2015

That's what happens when you decide to go play for the defending National Champion. Buckeyes are big everywhere right now

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Yes he had the pick to end the game against Bama but if he didn't bite on that double move by White? on the previous drive for a 70yrd completion or however long that big pass play was, they wouldn't have been in that situation to begin with. He has to know in that situation that the last thing you want to do is give up the big play so sit back, let them complete the pass then come up and make a tackle. I know easier said than done but its one of those plays a safety at OSU should be able to make. I'm not willing to condemn him the way that Oregon guy did but I wouldn't be opposed to a guy like Erick Smith getting a little more run at S next year if he doesn't improve on those kinds of mistakes in the offseason. 

Comment 21 Jan 2015

I live in Richmond VA and out of my general friend group I have two Tennessee grads, a Bama fan from Philly, go figure, and a few guys from NC/SC that went to Wake UNC Duke or other smaller schools around those states but were all about the SEC/Oregon and didnt think OSU had a chance. I am now the proud owner of 4 cases of Budweiser and a Growler of a craft brew of my choosing. Everybody was so confident they were betting me left and right that OSU would get dominated. The Tennessee guys were surprisingly the ones the most pissed about how things turned out. They gave me the whole "Urban ran away from the SEC" line and much more. I think they've been riding the coattails of everybody else for so long they have to defend themselves now somehow. The Bama fan was the most reasonable and just told me that EZE is a beast. He was kinda pissed at Kiffin's play calling but for the most part was more congratulatory than anything else. I honestly don't think any of them have watched an OSU game this whole season and were just basing their opinion on what they saw on TV and obviously that hasnt been the most favorable to our Buckeyes. Still for a state out of the SEC footprint there are a shocking amount of SEC fans here. Needless to say I have been wearing a piece of Buckeye gear every day since last Monday and it has been glorious. Still waiting on my National Champions T-shirt and koozie. Im gonna use that koozie every day till next season. 

Comment 15 Jan 2015

who exactly have they put in the NFL besides Aldon Smith? I know shane ray is gonna be a top pick but who knows how that is actually gonna turn out? I think OSU and Coach Johnson himself have a much better track record/history of successful NFL guys

Comment 07 Jan 2015

This. They now have a potential starting lineup where 3/5 players are strong on defense. theyll score plenty of points but the D needed work. Now just gotta get everybody back healthy to see if Blatt can figure out how all the pieces fit/ rotations work together. solid moves all around though