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Comment 29 Jun 2015
I work in Huntsville, this is on my cube wall. https://goo.gl/photos/zUdnZCsU37LAwK126
Comment 29 Jun 2015
The loss to LSU, we shouldn't have been there, to many other teams just choked late that year. Per Bama fans, after the game a co-worker said "Bama would beat them 6 out of 10 times" Then on 4/20/15 he said "Ohio State will find a way to self implode" and "Alabama will have the best defense in the country this year" All the while foaming at the mouth any time the Braxton to Bama talk came up. Of course a week ago when it finally sunk in that Braxton want leaving, he took a shot at him. Something about not being able to stay healthy. So why did you want him so badly? ;-)
Comment 16 May 2015

Yes, Keep the Shoe!

I would like more seating, but I don't see how. The Top of C deck isn't worth going to a game for me, of course I have to drive 8 hours and pay for a hotel as well. So, I don't see going any higher. We don't want to close the south end in completely, then it wouldn't be a horseshoe.

What I would like is to see the columns that block the view on B deck replaced with Transparent Aluminum! :-)

Comment 14 May 2015


How did we offer him a scholarship? I thought we were full?

Comment 21 Apr 2015
I work in Huntsville, just yesterday I heard a co-worker say this when an Auburn fan said Ohio State was going to be good this year. "Ohio State will find a way to self-implode" After the Sugar Bowl he also said Bama would win 6 out of 10 times.... Yesterday he also said Bama would have the best defense in the country this year.... Yes, I made notes, it will come back to haunt him.
Comment 28 Mar 2015


Notre Dame is a nice school, ever been there? I have, I went to the Notre Dame vs Stanford game in 2012. It rained a lot and went to double over time, or was it triple? Anyway, my feet were soaked, it was a great game and a beautiful campus. No reason to hate on them. On the other hand, UK is the Bama of basketball, I don't hate them either, just saying in this case the underdog winning would be a nice surprise.

Yes, I wore my Ohio State shirt to the ND game! OH

Go Bucks @ Notre Dame
Comment 20 Mar 2015

Exactly, I had to post that to FB, it's just "Wrong" ;-)

Comment 11 Mar 2015

Honestly, we weren't that great those two years, even Urban has said as much. We wouldn't have beaten Bama, we might have beaten Notre Dame.

Even last year he thought early on we were too young and had wondered how good we were because of who we had played.

Need to be honest with ourselves, don't drink the Kool-Aid

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Beat scUM, win 10 games, win the Bowl game.

A lot could happen next year, we have two new coaches to break in. We have to replace some big time wide receivers and Michael Bennett on the other side along with some secondary positions.

Yes, we have talent, but last year we couldn't really go two deep on the defensive line, these guys need to step up. The competition will be harder this year, we barely escaped Penn St last year, scUM was tight as well and even Minnesota. This year you can expect a lot more fight out of scUM and Penn State will be getting back on track with all of their scholarships available now.

Another big concern is complacency or a feeling of entitlement, thinking that we are The Ohio State Buckeyes and we will win. As great as the Steelers were in the 70's, they repeated twice, injuries, attitudes, etc can all hurt a team. Or another example, the Buffalo Bills somehow managed to make it to the SuperBowl four years in a row, but lost by a bigger margin each time. Again, the Steelers had some great teams during that time, the Bills were able to get home field advantage and make it to the big dance though.

Honestly, it wouldn't be any FUN if you "KNEW" you would win everytime, what is the point in that? Really, playing Kent State, UAH, Purdue, boring. Of course that brings up another example, TP pretty much single handily lost the Purdue game for us with 2 Fumbles and 2 INT's, Every team and player can have a bad game.