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Comment 05 Dec 2016

My first OSU game was Cooper's first game, I actually met him in the stands that day, it was the first game of the year.

No, the Cooper years weren't fun at all, now only did he almost always lose to scUM, he lost most bowl games as well. (Or at least it felt that way)

That's part of the reason I said it's not always fun to win if the other team is just out of their league. Sometimes, you want them to think they have a chance!

Comment 05 Dec 2016

Huffington Post

"The Ohio State Buckeyes Are Flagrantly Overrated"


Before I get flamed and down voted, I'm not a Pessimist or an Optimist, but a Realist.

Our offense has been shaky for two years, since Tom Herman left. We have good weeks and bad weeks. 

If you were Clemson, and watched our game field, you would load the box, and put your best pass rusher on Prince. Clemson's D has a lot of sacks already this season.

I will be surprised (but Pleased) if we beat Clemson. We have a lot of work to do, we haven't been able to fix it all season, so I don't see how we can fix it all in about 26 days.

I'm not sure what is better, playing Clemson or Bama first. If we had Bama first, that would give us a lot of time to prepare, but would also give THEM a lot of time to prepare.

Now is the time when Urban needs to EARN the $250,000 bonus he will receive for making the Playoffs.

This is why they play the game. Also, I truly believe, it wouldn't be worth playing if we only played MAC level teams, were there was a 90% chance we would win. Even against scUM, winning all the time isn't always (as) fun when they are down.

Two years ago, I went to the Big10 Championship game. I was unsure what would happen, I knew Cardale was good, but would Wisky exploit his in-experience? I regretted passing up the chance to go to "The Game" and going to Indy instead, but it turned out to be a Great game for us.

I'm not saying we can't win, but this team isn't the team from two years ago. Two years ago, they got better and better, I just don't see that this year. I am glad they have learned and the early season Penalties have dropped down nicely, otherwise, I don't see much difference, at least on the Offense.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

I don't think this will be like after last years loss. Last year that was a talented and experienced team, they had just been "half stepping" up until that point. This is a young team that is making a lot of mistakes. At least the last two weeks, the penalties don't seem to have been as bad as vs Indiana.

Also, if you look at the last set of losses, they mostly came close together. We lost to MSU, then to Clemson, then early the next season to VTech. The offense has looked bad for 3 weeks, now special teams looks bad as well.

I wonder if PSU saw something in our kick teams that tried to exploit, or if we just were slacking. The one block was on Urban, didn't make a decision, then rushed them out, it was obvious a time out should have been called.

The Defense in general looked pretty good, but they seem to quit at times. IF they had stopped PSU at the end of the 2nd quarter, it would have been a different outcome. There was also one other drive PSU managed that was just crazy, it shouldn't have happened.

I've been saying since the Indiana game, I would rank scUM above Ohio State, three weeks of bush league performances now has made it official.

Comment 09 Aug 2016


Looks like some good recruiting material to me! Some of the highlights:

Samyra Smith said Saban closed with "That's all I've got to say," then got up and left the room, leaving her and the member of the compliance department surprised and sitting in Saban's office by themselves.

Before he even sat down, Smith said Saban yelled at him, "You want to know why you're not playing?You're the reason you're not playing."

Smith told his parents that there were other harsh and demeaning critiques. What made it worse is that Smith, who was already frustrated with how the season was playing out, had no idea why he was being yelled at until later in the meeting.

"I think that meeting right there severed the umbilical cord because Maurice was like, 'I'm not able to trust this man,'" Maurice's father, Maurice I, said.

"It was unwarranted and unprovoked," Samyra Smith said.

"On Friday, June 17, I arrived at the athletic facility locker room to find my locker cleaned out and all of my personal belongings in the trash ... underneath trash," Smith wrote

Comment 19 Jul 2016

The Tressel Hive beats Meyer's Quick Cals for sure... That will get about 50 down votes I'm sure!

Seriously, the Hive was pretty good!

What would have been really great for last years Black Uniform game, would have been the HIVE with "Back In Black" playing instead of Hells Bells. ;-)

Maybe we could have an Iron Man inspired alternative (one time thing) jersey, and play Back In Black with some Iron Man footage on the big screens.