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Comment 09 Aug 2016


Looks like some good recruiting material to me! Some of the highlights:

Samyra Smith said Saban closed with "That's all I've got to say," then got up and left the room, leaving her and the member of the compliance department surprised and sitting in Saban's office by themselves.

Before he even sat down, Smith said Saban yelled at him, "You want to know why you're not playing?You're the reason you're not playing."

Smith told his parents that there were other harsh and demeaning critiques. What made it worse is that Smith, who was already frustrated with how the season was playing out, had no idea why he was being yelled at until later in the meeting.

"I think that meeting right there severed the umbilical cord because Maurice was like, 'I'm not able to trust this man,'" Maurice's father, Maurice I, said.

"It was unwarranted and unprovoked," Samyra Smith said.

"On Friday, June 17, I arrived at the athletic facility locker room to find my locker cleaned out and all of my personal belongings in the trash ... underneath trash," Smith wrote

Comment 19 Jul 2016

The Tressel Hive beats Meyer's Quick Cals for sure... That will get about 50 down votes I'm sure!

Seriously, the Hive was pretty good!

What would have been really great for last years Black Uniform game, would have been the HIVE with "Back In Black" playing instead of Hells Bells. ;-)

Maybe we could have an Iron Man inspired alternative (one time thing) jersey, and play Back In Black with some Iron Man footage on the big screens.

Comment 07 Apr 2016

I have to disagree with this comment "the loss was a representation of not having his unit ready to beat an excellent team."

I don't see last years MSU team as excellent by ANY means. They were lucky against scUM, beating us as time expired, and barely beating a sad Iowa team that was trounced in the Rose Bowl, not to mention the pounding they suffered against Bama. 

Comment 29 Mar 2016

That's not going to happen unless they put in Grow Lights to leave on. Perhaps you forget the mud bowl that happened late in the season the last time they tried that. The grass just doesn't get enough light is what they said at the time. (Since the permanent south stands and more seating all the way around.

I did like the mock up of the Red astroturf a year or so ago though. It would be cool to roll it out for special games.

Comment 29 Mar 2016

 "improve and upgrade B-deck to include better lighting, larger televisions, and improved sound system and better scoreboards"  Woo Hoo! Seriously, the TV's were TOO small, and you couldn't see the play clock.

I'm not so sure about more adding more luxury boxes and I hope they aren't taking B deck seating on the opposite side of the field to make them. I can just see them taking the seats from the 30 yard line to 30 yard line and making more boxes! Noooo! Most of those people in the premium seats on the west side in the "chairs" seem to show up late and leave early as it is.