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Comment 03 Sep 2015
If you recall, in the fourth quarter, Urban called a long pass that went incomplete. He was questioned after the game why, instead of running out the clock. He said Bama was loading the box, you can't run against that. So if VA Tech sells out against the run, don't expect a lot. Other than a couple long broken plays, 85 yards through the heart of Virginia. But also a lot of no gains, or 3 yard plays.
Comment 19 Aug 2015
Rotelle, Velveeta, Rotelle, Velveeta... Does anyone know who I'm talking about. OSU fan with a wrestling mask. This was at the 2010 Homecoming vs Purdue. I was in the visitor section C deck.
Comment 06 Aug 2015

I was hoping the CAVS would pick him up on the cheap. Just give him a chance for some fill in time. He might be good to play when they need to rest Lebron for awhile. No, he can't score like Lebron, but perhaps his D skills would keep the other team from going on a run.

Just Sayin' :-)

Comment 03 Aug 2015

11 days after Bosa commits to OSU, Interesting. I still hate to see him leave. I hope he lands anywhere but at scUM or  Bammer.

Comment 03 Aug 2015

Mark May, the other guys, I really could care less about. I thought Finebaum was a jerk, but after the Sugar Bowl, I saw a replay of his "Sugar Bowl" show. He was fair and honest, no complaints from me from what I've seen. It's the SEC fan boys that are the problem. Guys I work with that are Bama fans, Hate Auburn and Tennessee, but if either won the NC, then there would be chants of "SEC SEC SEC"