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Comment 4 hours ago

Exactly, our D was the problem for me yesterday. The fumble, it happens sometimes. The two INT's, one was high, it happens, the other was tipped, it happens to the best of them.

The D though, especially giving up that last touchdown was painful. The team seems to get ahead and think the game is over and the other team will just roll over. Sure, we still "Won" but it wasn't by the margin it should have been. We need the D to watch some game film from the Steel Curtain of the Mid 70's to Early 80's. When they got a lead, it was like blood in the water and the Steelers D were Piranha, now that is the mentality this team needs to have!

Comment 20 Nov 2014

I don't see anyway we lose the last 2, we only need 1, so it's pretty safe.

Found a Holiday Inn Express near the outer belt for Saturday and Sunday night. We plan on looking around town Sunday and maybe up until lunch time Monday, then driving home.

Any tips on interesting things to see in Indy in December? We like historical things a lot.



Comment 18 Nov 2014

It seemed that way many times in the 90's, except it was OSU being undefeated and scUM appeared to have no chance. Auburn's one goal now is to put the hurt on Bama, anything can happen.

Comment 26 Oct 2014

Per the 2nd INT, even if it wasn't intercepted, it looked to me he threw it way behind the receiver. Perhaps JT expected the receiver to stop in the middle of the field.

Not knocking the team or JT, but at least this should end the Heisman hype and NC hype. We have a way to go yet. As mentioned, part of it is still play calling and not being able to adapt to what the defense gives us.

JT really came through at the end after having a bad second half.

Comment 25 Oct 2014

I had a ferret, tamed domestic one of course. They are great pets. As far as putting them in your pants, going for hours shouldn't be that bad, they sleep most of the day. Once they get tired or bored and go to sleep no big deal, it's just waiting on them to go go sleep.

Per the article "single-minded belief in finishing whatever it starts" Yes, they have a great memory too, they will keep going back to a place. Example, we had an upstairs closet door that was just on a catch, push it closed, pull it open. It was a little too easy to open, the ferret grabbed the bottom of the door and opened it. She spent the night in the attic, couldn't find her. The next morning I hear scratching from the other side of the wall in the shower. Luckily I had an access to that from the garage, there she was playing in insulation all night. (They love to dig and tunnel through things.)

Here she is chasing the cat:


Here she chases a Weiner dog: