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Comment 11 Jan 2017

Those old phones are tough as nails. If they aren't using VOIP, then that phone is fine.

Years ago, a stupid co-worker at the time. (Alcoholic) Told a story, he came home from work, his wife (2nd cousin) was on the phone. He kept asking her what was for dinner, then finally yelled at her to get off the phone. She whacked him in the head with the hand piece, he came to work with a black eye. :-)

Comment 01 Jan 2017

Things will change, like we maybe losing some of our recruits now. ;-( I don't think it's the end, but it seems very obvious now, the calls two years ago about the beginning of a Dynasty were wrong. Now instead of just Bama, we have to deal with Clemson and Penn St, which we helped to create by choking. Penn State is still worse than we are, if that makes you feel any better! ;-)