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Comment 24 Sep 2014
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) and Total Recall both had this. A pair on the back would be nice for slow dancing too! :-)
Comment 18 Sep 2014
I would guess Braxton Miller is regretting or resentful that he or Urban didn't pull him out of the Orange Bowl earlier. I saw he was hurt, with injuries you never know if it's just some pain you can work through, or if you are making it worse.
Comment 15 Sep 2014

I don't mean to say that I wanted to get rid of Urban, just I prefer Jim Tressel.

Yes we broke records last year, and also broke our QB in the process, possibly ruining his chances in the NFL. Should have pulled him out early in the Orange bowl when it was obvious he was hurt, before he was further injured. I would place 70% of the blame on Urban and 30% on Braxton Miller.

I am saying if he doesn't beat Michigan State and win the Big10 Championship this year, there will be a lot of disappointment with 3 years in and basically nothing to show for it. 24-0 doesn't mean anything, how many times did we have great seasons under Cooper only to lose the last two games, just like last year. The Buffalo Bills made it to 4 Super Bowls in a row, and lost by a greater margin each time.

Again, not calling for Urban to leave, just stating the facts.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

2011 starting out with TP leaving and 4 other players out for 5 games. The new QB selection was terrible, (I don't mean Braxton Miller) I thought Kenny G should have started. Seems like a running back was injured or suspended for extra gams as well, was it Hyde or Hall?   However, the Wisconsin win was Glorious and show what they could have done. We should have made it to the Big10 Championship that year. Of course it was also stupid we didn't just take our bowl ban then before the NCAA announced it. (Right after we were set to go to the Gator bowl)

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Tressel Bowl victories that come to mind immediately. Arkansas, Oregon, Notre Dame

Comment 11 Sep 2014

No way we would have won the NC during Urban's first year. I'm not sure we would have won the Big10 Championship. We had some luck on our side that year. We were over rated, not deserving for sure. This does bring up the point though, JT won a National Championship early in his career, at this point in year 3 of the Urban, the Big10 title isn't likely. Three years with no Big10 championship? Hopefully we win whatever bowl we wind up in.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Some of the former Tressel staff (Michigan State) beat Urban last November. His Speed and Open Space aren’t such a gimmick anymore. When Urban was at Florida, I thought he ran Tebow too much and was expecting an injury. Now due to his strategy Braxton Miller was hurt early in the game, but he left him in. Now Braxton has had major surgery on his throwing shoulder. No matter what they say, it’s a long shot that he will be a QB again, at least not in the NFL.

Urban is over rated, no I’m not just on this because he lost 3 of 4. I’ve thought this since the beginning, I don’t know who would be better, but I’m thinking someone from a smaller school, aka Jim Tressel type roots that is working his way up.

The game vs Florida was more than a coaching issue.

Heisman Hype was a distraction
OSU was over confident
Long layoff between the scUM game and Bowl game
Ted Ginn gets hurt on the first play, but you SAW what he could do. No, he doesn’t win the game, but if he gets us a few first downs to keep drives alive and gives us an extra 10 yards on kick/punt returns, it changes the game dramatically
OSU had an off night and wasn’t mentally prepared, but if they played 2 out of 3, Florida wouldn’t have won them all and the scores wouldn’t have been as lopsided.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

I wondered how Cardale Jones would have done. Not that JT Barrett was bad and deserved to be pulled. However, Cardale is physically a lot bigger, he may have been to muscle out of some of those sacks. He is also a powerful runner. JT made some great runs too, I'm just wondering if a BIG guy would have helped, especially since JT's completion % wasn't too great, just say Cardale made the same passes, would his size give us an edge? Instead of some sacks and loss of yards, maybe we pickup 3 on a scramble, making it 3rd and short instead of long.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

What happened to the carries Urban Liar promised Rod Smith? We could have used some traditional power running last night! This is getting to be as bad as the Cooper years. Lots of big recruits, lots of big disappointments. We've lost 3 of the last 4 games, and barely won the 5th (scUM) The Playoff is out of the picture, no way to turn the ship around that fast. Slight possibility of a Big10 championship, just because the rest of the Big10 is pretty lame as well. Hopefully we can study what Oregon did and use it against M State. Here is hoping we can beat scUM (We don't want to lose to them in our house!)