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Comment 6 hours ago
Urban said he was here to compete for championships, which we won't this year, so yes, it's disappointing we won't be in Indy on Saturday. Smacking scUM and VT around was enjoyable though. It was also disappointing that Braxton didn't put up big numbers, or even throw one pass. Since we have up on the pass vs MSU, why didn't they just put Braxton in? If he could have run and handed off to Zeke, plus thrown a few 20 yard passes, we wouldn't be having this conversation! ;-(
Comment 18 hours ago

I wish Urban would have read your post or called you before that game! ;-(

Spartan fans are getting out of control now, saying they are going to be called "The Michigan State" university. I also saw a Christmas Tree ornament with the score of the game! Good Grief.. I really didn't care about them one way or another, but after the Big10 Championship, when we played basketball that year, the crowd chanted "Just like football" Now this... Enemy #2 is from the same state! Screw Blue and Green!

Comment 30 Nov 2015

Bama is a better team this year, if a team stops Henry, they could be in trouble if they have to rely on Choker.

However, Ohio State put their selves in this position, we controlled our own destiny. They played half hearted most of the year. The only two fun games to watch this year were the first against Virginia Tech and the last vs scUM, the others were all forgettable.

We aren't even in the Big10 Championship game, so we really don't deserve to be in the final four. Unless some crazy stuff happens this weekend.

After the last two games, I don't think Florida can beat an egg, so a Clemson and Stanford loss would be needed. Yes, if Stanford wins their conference, I wouldn't be surprised to see them jump us. We lost at home and late in the season, the rest of the season we didn't play anyone.

Comment 25 Nov 2015
I forgot about the turnovers in that game. However, in the second half I felt secure we would win. Tressel just wouldn't run up the score or take a chance of us beating ourselves. Tressel's first two wins were the best though.
Comment 25 Nov 2015

I have to admit, two of the best games I've been to in the Shoe, we lost the games. Both in the 90's, once to scUM, we were driving and in the red zone, just before time expired, we threw a pick in the end zone. The other game vs USC, I was sitting in A deck on the east side near the end zone. It was pouring, the stands almost emptied, but those of us that remained made up for it, we were plenty loud. We made a score, but missed the on sides kick. The game ended early due to lightening.

Comment 03 Sep 2015
If you recall, in the fourth quarter, Urban called a long pass that went incomplete. He was questioned after the game why, instead of running out the clock. He said Bama was loading the box, you can't run against that. So if VA Tech sells out against the run, don't expect a lot. Other than a couple long broken plays, 85 yards through the heart of Virginia. But also a lot of no gains, or 3 yard plays.