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Comment 03 Aug 2015

11 days after Bosa commits to OSU, Interesting. I still hate to see him leave. I hope he lands anywhere but at scUM or  Bammer.

Comment 03 Aug 2015

Mark May, the other guys, I really could care less about. I thought Finebaum was a jerk, but after the Sugar Bowl, I saw a replay of his "Sugar Bowl" show. He was fair and honest, no complaints from me from what I've seen. It's the SEC fan boys that are the problem. Guys I work with that are Bama fans, Hate Auburn and Tennessee, but if either won the NC, then there would be chants of "SEC SEC SEC"

Comment 29 Jun 2015
I work in Huntsville, this is on my cube wall. https://goo.gl/photos/zUdnZCsU37LAwK126
Comment 29 Jun 2015
The loss to LSU, we shouldn't have been there, to many other teams just choked late that year. Per Bama fans, after the game a co-worker said "Bama would beat them 6 out of 10 times" Then on 4/20/15 he said "Ohio State will find a way to self implode" and "Alabama will have the best defense in the country this year" All the while foaming at the mouth any time the Braxton to Bama talk came up. Of course a week ago when it finally sunk in that Braxton want leaving, he took a shot at him. Something about not being able to stay healthy. So why did you want him so badly? ;-)
Comment 16 May 2015

Yes, Keep the Shoe!

I would like more seating, but I don't see how. The Top of C deck isn't worth going to a game for me, of course I have to drive 8 hours and pay for a hotel as well. So, I don't see going any higher. We don't want to close the south end in completely, then it wouldn't be a horseshoe.

What I would like is to see the columns that block the view on B deck replaced with Transparent Aluminum! :-)

Comment 14 May 2015


How did we offer him a scholarship? I thought we were full?