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Comment 06 Jun 2011

Pretty simple really.....all we need to do is come out and have the offense look exactly like it did in the Fiesta Bowl against ND!  Who can argue with 600+ yards!  

Comment 04 Jun 2011

Have to agree with everyone who is saying that fans should not boo a college player, but I dont think your point is going to get through.  The same people who would boo a college athlete would probably portest a little league game based off a precieved bad call from an umpire.  

Comment 04 Jun 2011

Looked around and didnt see it anywhere else so I'll ask the question here.  With the strong class of recruits coming out of Ohio next year, how much does the interm HC tag hurt TOSU?  Will the top players allow themselves to be tempted by other schools until we lock down a HC?