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Comment 06 Mar 2014
  • Hodor
  • Walter White
  • Randy/Cartman (South Park)
  • Rustin Cohle
  • Sherlock (Cumberbatch)
  • Don Draper
  • Francis Underwood

We've entered a golden age of television.

Comment 19 Feb 2014

Black was originally a school color (along with orange). Throwbackssssssss

Comment 16 Feb 2014

Hey dude, you're incredibly misinformed and your opinions are misguided.

Tanner wanted this 11W post removed. He asked Landgrant to do the same thing after they quoted-tweeted him. He feels terrible and deleted his tweet within minutes of posting. Tanner is one of the nicest guys I know and meant nothing malicious by his tweet AND he deleted it. To personally attack him is a low ass blow.

He feels absolutely TERRIBLE that it blew up. The only reason this was posted by DJ is because it was too good not to share, which I agree with. Tanner meant nothing malicious by it. Tanner is one of the better human beings I've met at Ohio State. There are a lot of things he could say if he wanted stir up controversy or PR for the Nuthouse-this isn't one of them.

Comment 30 Jan 2014

I want a serious person who is going to stand up to the various pressure groups and fight for the disintegrating rights of ALL the students on campus

Such as what rights?

Someone who can cut the massive waste and expense of Ohio State, which in my opinion has become a bloated half way house for useless administrators to the detriment of the students paying their way with ridiculous tuition rates.

You mean the tuition that's the best in the state value wise? I'm not sure what waste you're talking about either. Care to elaborate?

Comment 17 Nov 2013

Confused about this comment @JustAnother. The content on http://www.bcsfootball.org/ is distributed by ESPN's CDN. 

<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://a.espncdn.com/combiner/c/201003241632?css=base.201006281647.css,modules.201007131700.css,modules/insider_enhanced.200910131831.css,modules/mem_espn360.200910131831.css,warvertical12b.css,twin.css" type="text/css" media="screen" charset="utf-8" />
<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://a.espncdn.com/css/ncf/bcs_v2.css" type="text/css" media="screen" charset="utf-8" />

^the stylesheet is pulled from espn, thus the feel being espn-y.
Comment 26 Oct 2013

As the author of the blog (they've told me to emphasize that it's my opinion, not the org's) article, I can say that the last game that I saw a truly intimidating Ohio Stadium was against USC (Matt Barkley attested to this in his /r/cfb AMA). Texas a few years before that was similar. 

Nebraska last year was by far the closest thing to getting back, but there was not a persistent roar besides the south stands and student seating on the north end of the stadium.

The response to my opinions/observations have been an overwhelming agreeance (with some annoyance among alumni, etc). I love our alumni and fans but it'd be nice if we could get back to USC/Texas type noise. I probably won't check back due to tailgating, but feel free to comment on the article or tweet at me if you want to discuss!


Comment 16 Oct 2013

Pretty sure the Horseshoe could top whatever they're cranking out.

Unfortunately with the amount of uninvolved (old people) that sit on their hands during games (even night games), I don't think we could. Part of it is OSU athletics moving all students to the south stands (rather than some scattered throughout the stadium, which forces others to cheer), part of it is the growth of older season ticket holders. People are getting asked to sit during games, it's pretty sad.
Comment 22 Aug 2013

I think he could've made the list, but Urban says he won't play him unless he's below 340, and he's still a little above that.

Comment 22 Aug 2013
  1. Hyde
  2. Hall | Split Wilson, who will likely vulture some of his carries as a true RB.
  3. Smith
  4. Dunn/Elliott (who Meyer has said will get playing time)
  5. Ball

So that's 4-6 guys ahead of him, depending on how you slice it.

Comment 29 Jul 2013

It's an NCAA violation to advertise the event to the public. When I spoke to Pantoni last year about getting Block "O" involved, he was very careful about what he could and couldn't tell us to do. 

Comment 10 Jul 2013

Taking any 360 challengers (xDx3xAxTxHx - yes, I was in middle school once too). I went out and got it yesterday and a 3 month XBL card. So far the pass rush sucks, it's impossible to get pressure unless you bring 7 or more guys. Linemen spys don't work at the moment, it sucks them into the blocker. Curl routes are very overpowered. Add those together and it really helps pro style offenses. If you try to scramble upfield with a QB, chances are you'll run into a lineman and fall down. The option plays are more gimmicky (at least online), and don't really have any effect. I've been running OSU with the TAMU Air Raid+Multiple D.

Things you already knew: Philly Brown is fast as hell ingame. OSU's team speed overall is ridiculous (they have Rod Smith as the fullback). Carlos Hyde doesn't seem to have the burst that  Smith has though.

Comment 31 May 2013