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Comment 18 Aug 2014

Well, he's a RS Frosh now, 2014. He'll be a Soph in 2015, and I'm all sorts of confused by this post. :-|

Comment 08 Dec 2013

I'm tired of learning life lessons from Buckeye losses. Yea it's just a game. Sun will rise tomorrow. Address our weaknesses, get 'em next time, rabblerabblerabble. I would love to be a mindless zombie that gets to eat, sleep, and breathe Big Ten and National Championships.

Sigh. Someday soon.

Gotta get a D that isn't fit for the MAC.

Comment 20 Mar 2013

I like the Florida pick...I think MSU survives Louisville's region.

Comment 16 Mar 2013

Eh...I understand it, but I'm not sure it's a coaching thing. I doubt the next guy takes them to the dance on a regular basis.