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Comment 02 May 2016
This is otherwise known as an initiation ritual in the SEC. These guys have proved that they belong and are the real deal
Comment 29 Apr 2016
I feel for Tunsil as well. Damn. He was sweating bullets at that presser. Pretty shitty he was sabotaged like that. I was impressed he was honest about all the stuff and didn't lie. You know that had to be tough. It's easy to just say "no comment, talk to my agent." Which I'm sure Ole Miss REALLLLYYY wishes he would have said regarding the money he received. That whole thing was painful to watch for sure. But I know if this had been Ohio State and not Ole Miss, they would be grilled and roasted way worse for God knows how long.
Comment 16 Mar 2016
Not even saying Ohio State would win but if someone told me that Appalachian State would beat Michigan back in 07, I would say they are higher than a person saying Ohio State would beat the Browns. Hell yeah it would be an upset, but why act like a crazy upset has never happened haha Compare the App St and Michigan rosters.. much bigger drop off in talent
Comment 13 Jan 2016
Chris Ash, poached from Bert Troll Lord Bielema. People forget about our 2013 smoke and mirrors defense. 12 months later, shutting down the 3 Heisman finalists. Chris Ash was such a clutch move by Urban.
Comment 03 Nov 2015
I thought the same thing.. usually a really low key even toned guy in interviews. Great point Don.
Comment 03 Nov 2015
Haha, sounds like you need a drink buddy. I'm not trying to minimize or justify anything. I don't need you to get on here and tell me that I made a mistake or I am a bad person. But talking to me like that isn't neccessary. I have paid the price. People like you that are judgmental aren't helping anything. I haven't drank in the 18 months since that happened and probably won't ever again. Piling shit on is the last thing you need to do. Judging me when I decide to open up and admit mistakes just makes you an asshole