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Comment 23 Aug 2015

I think Urban has created the damn near perfect combination of physicality, speed, toughness, closeness and leadership in a football team. The O-Line is overlooked in part because the other 8 units are so loaded. Nick V and Baugh could tear it up this year as I hope we do use the tight ends more often.

Comment 22 Aug 2015

Having a horrible defense doesn't mean a team doesn't have great individual players on that side of the ball. If you remember, Ohio State's 2013 smoke and mirrors defense featured Ryan Shazier, Brad Roby, Joey Bosa, Noah Spence, Michael Bennett, Doran Grant, Josh Perry, and Adolphus Washington . That's 4 active NFL players and will be 8 after this year very possibly. 

Comment 31 Jul 2015

Well, East Lansing is well within the state border  and Granny is very explicit about not giving a damn for the WHOLE state of Michigan. 

Comment 29 Jul 2015

DJ Byrnes approves of these 


Comment 29 Jul 2015

Hey Birm, maybe something like this?


Comment 28 Jul 2015

No.. It's not impossible to say. The Buccanneers needed a quarterback and Joey Bosa is not a quarterback regardless of how good he is at his position. Unlike you, I can take off my Buckeye homer lenses and see clearly and be realistic. 

Comment 28 Jul 2015

NFL Draft grades coming out just before the playoff game which causes our players to play not to get hurt, go out of bounds more and affect our team chemistry to the point we end up having a come-from-ahead loss to a 3rd string quarterback. NFL Draft grades can only work against your team. It doesn't provide any motivation for players not featured or feel as if they're too low. If we lose I blame it on what day NFL Draft grades are released. 

Comment 28 Jul 2015

You can nitpick any leader down to a microscopic level but if your first complaint is the jerseys we've worn a few times over the span of the last 8 years then I think he's doing well. I'd rather be with Nike than anyone else. Non traditional jerseys every once in awhile or not. 

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Sportscenter will refer to this as DraytGate

Comment 06 Feb 2015

We're all worried about our stud 4 star running back's feelings from TTUN's PIPELINE because we just lost another position coach to the NFL. #2015BuckeyeProblems

Our backfield also has 4 of the top 15 shots at winning the Heisman. #2015BuckeyeProblems

but in all seriousness, that Drayton timing was weird.