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Comment 23 Feb 2015

I was going to say the same thing 407... "So what did we learn from all this?" 

Comment 15 Feb 2015

Bingo, well put. When I look back at the Tress era, I always felt as though we had a top notch program with a coach that was among the best and that, if things fell into place all around us, we always had a chance to bring it home. But today, with what Urban has built up in such short order, I feel not just among the best, but that OSU is on the cusp of true untouchable greatness. It's a whole new level now. 

Comment 04 Feb 2015

Funny that the best most of them can come up with is something to the tune of, "Bad decision, OSU is so talent rich you may not play. Should have come to Michigan where bench warmers can start!" 

Comment 31 Jan 2015

McGahee wasn't the starter going into that season; I believe he was RB2 or RB3 on the depth chart until after Frank Gore was injured.

...not that this sorta thing is all I think about all day, every day, or anything...

Comment 30 Jan 2015

Thank you thank you!!

Seriously, and I say this with full awareness of my fanaticism, these drive-thrus are such a gift when it comes to watching (and rewatching, and rewatching) these games! It used to be a full evening's commitment to sit down and study film, but now I can roll tape on my lunch break!

Comment 10 Jan 2015

Respectfully have to disagree with the consensus here.  Sure the OSU D needs to play well for us to expect to win the game, but the Oregon offence is going to do what they do: put up points, and do so fast.  I don't see us holding them to under 30, even with a few turnovers and stops, I think it'll be up to 12 gauge and the boys to hang around and eventually wear down Oregon.  They proved last game that they can keep their heads up and stick to the game plan even when trailing-this I believe will be the key to victory!

Go Bucks