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Comment 10 Jan 2015

Respectfully have to disagree with the consensus here.  Sure the OSU D needs to play well for us to expect to win the game, but the Oregon offence is going to do what they do: put up points, and do so fast.  I don't see us holding them to under 30, even with a few turnovers and stops, I think it'll be up to 12 gauge and the boys to hang around and eventually wear down Oregon.  They proved last game that they can keep their heads up and stick to the game plan even when trailing-this I believe will be the key to victory!

Go Bucks

Comment 05 Jan 2015

I don't understand why people think ESPN does better when the SEC dominates? Does anyone remember how terrible the ratings were for the LSU vs Bama title game?? Third worst in the whole BCS era. People outside of the south (which doesn't have any of the major markets) don't care about the SEC. ESPN gets much better ratings, and in turn $$$, when there is parity in college football. ESPN is much happier when the OSU, Texas, and USCs of the world are all good.. 

Proof is in the puddin, just listen to how quickly they all flipped on the SEC, proclaiming the rein is over by that next morning.

Comment 04 Jan 2015

Anyone realize we could very possibly have the first and second team preseason QBs?!? Not to mention another honorable mention if all 3 are still in Columbus.

Comment 04 Jan 2015

MSU #2? Aren't they losing everyone next year? Is Cook a senior this year?

edit: just read past #2. You got me good pal, should've paid more attention to the italic font.

Comment 04 Jan 2015

No, but I will be very interested to see if the way the CFP ranked the teams rubs off on the media voters. Also, if there was a final CFP ranking I think FSU would drop wayyyyyyyyy down; the committee was never high on them! They had FSU ranked 4th at the end of the regular season, despite being the lone undefeated and reining champs, everyone with eyes knew they weren't one of the top 3 teams, but they couldn't knock them out until someone knocks them down. Now they will (or would).

Comment 03 Jan 2015

I don't have any inside sources or anything, but from the bevy of stories and articles I've read about Braxton over the last 5 years my take away is that, yes he is naturally more of an introvert than a RAH RAH guy, but he had worked to become more vocal especially as he became an upper classman. When he went down preseason there were multiple stories from multiple players and staff praising Brax for his involvement and encouragement of JT as he was thrown into the fire. My guess is that, to avoid stirring up distracting chatter in a season he wouldn't be participating it, he decided to take a back seat from the spot light and let JT gain his confidence as a leader.

I mean, is anyone arguing that Braxton's apparent lack of sideline presence hindered the offense or JT's production this year?

Comment 01 Jan 2015

Didn't get out of work until 3am last night, even after an exhausting night of drunken idiots I still couldn't put down the iPad until 6 this morning when I finally fell asleep re watching (for the n'th time) the B1G championship drive-thru. While my body will be watching football all day, my mind is stuck in New Orleans. Go Bucks!

Comment 01 Jan 2015

Agreed, though it wasn't talked about, I think the key is to first shut down the Bama rushing attack and make Sims beat you with his arm. 

Comment 30 Dec 2014

It'd be one thing if the players and coaches kept bringing it up at media days, but as fans I think we're allowed to think and talk about multiple topics at the same time-even leading up to the biggest game in at least half a decade. With Harbaugh, along with Urban, the B1G now claims the last two home run, outta the park coaching hires in college football (straight from ESPN no less). With the way things have gone as of late, I welcome any and all good press-let's hope the shifting perception carries onto the field! Go Bucks!

Comment 25 Dec 2014

I am on board with wanting michigan to rejoin the seat at the B1G boy's table (though these past 6 years have admittedly been a joy), but more so because the large segment of my friends are michigan fans who have become almost completely disconnected emotionally from the team-it was simply more fun beating those scUM bags when it was #1 vs #2-I want to see the tears!

And though I agree that having the big 2 back running things is what's best for the conference, I think this season is a prime example that if we take care of business we will be invited to the dance. Our non conference schedule (save for next season) is only going to be vamped up in the coming seasons-win and we're in.

Comment 24 Dec 2014

I'm with you guys, like I said the Bucks certainly churn out NFL talent (and like you said onewise, talent that is more than just serviceable) on a consistent annual basis more so than any other program in the country of the past 15 or so years. The point I was addressing was simply that to say there is no empirical evidence that the SEC has decidedly bigger, stronger, faster players than the other conferences is flawed. Plus, and more to your argument, what the players do after they're drafted is a moot point-talent has nothing to do with whether or not the SEC recruits "bigger, stronger, faster" athletes which is what he said; because I 100% agree with you on that complete separate subject.

And whether I am right or wrong, there is most certainly emperical evidence out there to support or refute the claims. How about averaging out combine stats by conference for starters. Either way, everything in sport tends to be cyclical, this too shall pass... Let's get the new cycle started Jan. 1.

Comment 21 Dec 2014

there is no empirical evidence to suggest the SEC has decidedly bigger, faster, stronger athletes than its Power Five counterparts

I'm as sick as the next guy about hearing SEC this and that, and I thoroughly believe OSU has the talent to match up toe to toe with Bama and the likes, but this statement is simply not true. Look no further than the numbers from the NFL draft over the past decade. Here's some 2014 draft numbers that could be filed under empirical evidence:

» The SEC had 49 players selected, most among the conferences. It was the eighth year in a row the SEC had the most draftees.

» Every SEC school had at least one player selected, led by LSU with nine. That was the most of any school. 

» There were 11 first-rounders, most among the conferences.

Comment 21 Dec 2014

I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned that Cam was originally supposed to come to the States to play for Bama this year as a freshman, but when we lost that HS punter to Florida at the last minute in the 2013 class Urban made a call to the Aussie punting academy, and the rest as they say...