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Comment 18 Apr 2014

I have to disagree with you [and many others] about Herbstreit. To start out, I worked at Blockbuster in UA during my days at tOSU from about 06-09ish and Kirk was a semi frequent customer who would often shoot the shit with me at the counter while his fam browsed for movies; he was an awesome guy who could, despite my effort to play it cool, probably tell that I felt like a teenage girl meeting Beiber and instead of acting too cool to give some kid at a movie store the time of day (as many other local OSU celebrities often did when they came in. See: TP) he made the effort to make my day at work that much better.. I realize that whether or not Herbie is an actual decent human being probably isn't what the hate is about, but I wanted to at least throw that out there.

The thing is I feel that most of this "Herbstreit is anti Buckeyes" talk is unwarranted. I won't bother to take on the entire debate about his professional unbiased tv persona here, but let's look at the example sited above. First of all, and please someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I read the article from the tweet that said Urban takes shot at Herbstreit and didn't find one mention of Kirk's name at all. So I followed up by trying to search for the source or any quotes from about Kirk saying the use of "The" in The Ohio State University was arrogant, and came up with nothing. Searched for "UFM takes shot at KH" and other than a link to the 11W page from above, again came up with nothing. I'm not making any accusations of false or bad reporting, just stating that I couldn't find a single source corroborating any part of it. So again, please feel free to provide something tangible that I may have missed, but my opinion is that a lot of what's said about him out there may be exaggerated. 

Comment 06 Apr 2014

I know taking too much from a scrimmage in April can be a misleading indicator of reality for when August/September rolls around, but from is it fair to assume EZ might be the featured back come game one? I know we have a full stable that will most likely see a great deal more rotation than last year, but could anyone with better first hand knowledge shed some light on their early prediction of the RB pecking order?

Comment 06 Apr 2014

Thanks for the video, Eli was one of those recruits that just got me excited about his future; you know the guys that you just have a good feeling about based on nothing more than a HS highlight film (and yeah, maybe when he changed his name to Apple) but it's really nice to see him lose his black stripe in front of the students-that had to be a thrill! Best of luck to you young man!

Comment 03 Apr 2014

As a biased Bulls fan, I've gotta think Tom Thibodeau would absolutely loooove to have a player with the work/practice mentality of Craft (not to mention the obvious defensive skill set). I'm not as hip to the NBA pre-draft scene so I'll refrain from speculation but whatever happens, Aaron would for sure have a seat at the table in Chicago.. Plus, could you imagine a line-up filled with any more universally hated college players than Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, Kirk Hinrich, and Aaron Craft?? 

Regardless, congratulations and best wishes young man, you will be missed.

Comment 27 Mar 2014
ToledoMan is correct. Scholarships as we currently know today, are not taxable. However if athletes are allowed to unionize, by definition, they are and will be treated as employees for the university-this changes everything. Like I said earlier, I don't see this thing going all the way through, but if it did then everything will suddenly be open to collective bargaining-including their "wages"
Comment 27 Mar 2014
Keep in mind, the ruling that came down yesterday (even if carried all the way through the highest courts-which I personally find unlikely) only applies to private Universities such as Notre Dame, Miami, USC, etc. Any state school who would like to follow suit would have to go through a similar process in each of their own individual states. So let's pretend for a second that this thing has any sort of actually going through, this would potentially open the floodgates for those private schools to offer their recruits straight cash homies... Wouldn't be good...
Comment 21 Mar 2014

Forgive me if I'm regurgitating already known information here, but did y'all know the beloved Mark Titus is now a writer for Grantland.com? And not surprisingly he has not lost his touch whatsoever! Glad to see he was able to parlay his off court [and lack of on court] talent and into a legitimate medium. Way to go Club Trill! Here's a link for those interested...


Comment 21 Mar 2014

Thanks, I'm with ya that there's way to much junk out there to sift through it to find CFB sites with actual objective substance (along with some balanced [acknowledged] subjective reporting) but collegefootballnews.com has been my trusted go-to for close to seven years now (Jesus, when you say it like that...). 

But more importantly I'd like to thank you for finally getting me to the 100 HS level!! I've been a long time 11W reader, and a medium time 11W commenter, it's a wonderful honor and I'd like to thank all those who helped make such an honor possible for a small town kid from Michigan who saw the light and was able to escape to The Ohio State University and the greatest state on earth! Go Bucks baby.

Comment 21 Mar 2014

I don't think Craft was the problem, or at least certainly not "all the attention Craft was getting" as far as his teammates were concerned. Though I do agree that there just seemed to be something missing this year that has been present in teams past... I just can't put my finger on it; fortunately I'm not the coach, and I trust that Thad will take some time to reflect and make the needed tweeks for next season. 

*Also, for anyone reading this comment in real time (around 10:15 am) I just tuned in to The Herd on ESPN radio to hear whoever the guest host today say that they're going to discuss Aaron Craft's pro prospects coming up... Should be an interesting listen.

Comment 19 Mar 2014

CollegeFootballNews.com just released their [way too early] Preseason Rankings with OSU in at #8:

8. Ohio State

Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: The Buckeyes are better. It's Ohio State, so there are always going to be NFL talent losses, but Urban Meyer has recruited at the highest of levels and the shelves are restocked. There's depth, speed, skill, and ... Urban. The team really was that good last season - it was a good half away from playing for the national title. 
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: Sure, Ohio State always rebuilds without missing a beat, but the offense still has to replace four starters off a great line that paved the way for a great year from Carlos Hyde, who's also gone. The secondary was just okay, and now it has to come up with three new starters. Tackling machine Ryan Shazier is gone from the linebacking corps. 
The 2014 Team Is Trending … 2015. Meyer hasn't cared too much so far about timetables - 2012 proved that - but the team might be one more year away from not only playing for the national title, but winning it. The 2013 team would've lost to Florida State, but this year's team needs way too many big things to happen to be good enough to win it all. 


Comment 19 Mar 2014

I agree, I definitely felt like he was an asset last year-everyone was hoping for the next De'Anthony Thomas in year 1, but as it turned out we weren't exactly in desperate need for more production out of the backfield (see: Hyde, Miller, ect). I think the fact that the coaches were constantly looking for ways to get the ball in the hands of this true freshman with such a loaded backfield of league MVPs speaks wonders about his potential. I expect a breakout year for Wilson. (But of course, this is coming from the eternal Buckeye optimist)

Comment 17 Mar 2014

Damn, I knew there was going to be a hook like that... Any idea if you have to confirm the phone number you give them, or can we all just use my stepdad's cell?

Comment 17 Mar 2014

I think you'd be surprised; living in tsun, I can tell you that most all michigan fans are delusional when it comes to their "michigan man" ... Which is fine with me!

Comment 14 Mar 2014

Just as a quiz-If Florida was the second team, does anyone know who the first defending champion to not make a BCS bowl was? 

Without any research or even looking at any lists, my first guess is either '03 Miami or maybe '01 Oklahoma (I remember them playing WSU in a Cotton bowl or something around then).  

Feel free to guess, or cheat and look it up, as I'm about to do...