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Comment 24 hours ago

I was there last night but departed about 20 minutes before the incident occurred.

the whole wristband thing started a couple years ago and wasn't even attempted to be enforced until this year. A couple friends and I were turned away at an entrance because we didn't get wristbands,  But just went to another entrance and walked right in no trouble with a big crowd. We are all students but didn't feel like submitting to the regulation.

I walked the mile from east Norwich to the lake with just underwear on, jumped in, got out and walked back with no trouble. Honestly it wasn't that cold, has been far colder in years past.

just gotta pray that his family can find peace at this point. Not having your son come home for thanksgiving unexpectedly would be devastating. 

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Praying for the male that got pulled from mirror lake in cardiac arrest last night. Scary situation


Comment 13 Nov 2015

MSU losing doesn't really matter to us at this point. If we lose to MSU, then beat UM...its a 3 way tie which is decided by the playoff rankings, which we will presumably be ahead of both of them still.

Comment 04 Nov 2015

Kevin Love needs to play like a superstar when he is in the lineup if we call him a superstar when he is out of the lineup :) Dub nation is abusing the league so far this year. 

I just have some major problems with the cavs...lack of free throw shooting (like one of the worst nba teams in history), the fact that JR smith gets major minutes, and they only have one player that is reliable from inside, midrange, and outside (irving). 

Warriors are elite FT shooters, don't have JR smith, and basically all of their players are reliable from inside, midrange, and outside

Comment 03 Nov 2015

So in summary...LSU is #2 because they beat an overrated #9 florida, who's ranked so high because they beat an overrated Ole miss (ranked #3 at the time), who was ranked so high because they beat bama, who is ranked so high because bama

Comment 23 Oct 2015

Unfortunately for the offense, our passing game hasn't involved the quick hitters (non push pass division) since urban got here. Seems like 90% of our throws are 10+ yards down the field. Probably contributing to the reason jones struggled (long developing routes+poor pass blocking = flustered quarterback)