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Comment 11 Oct 2016

The lack of intermediate passing game is likely due to the fact that JT has a couple mind numbingly bad throws each game, where if they were to happen in the middle of the field they would be picked.

Our WR's route tree is also pretty bland. I feel like all of the routes we run try to take advantage of pure speed instead of precise cuts (hence we only throw deep or screens).

im probably going to rewatch some games from when urban was at Florida to see if the passing game was as bland as it is currently.  

Comment 06 Oct 2016

You can't lose in the second round of the NIT, have a bunch of guys transfer out, sign the 8th best recruiting class in the B1G, and expect to be ranked in the preseason. 

They will have a chance to compete at a high level with the core guys staying and bringing in Jent, but there really shouldnt be any preseason accolades for this team. 

Comment 01 Sep 2016

If I am the coaches I apologize to the players. They were not put in an opportunity to win.