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Comment 28 Jun 2016

Which I didn't violate any of that. I said that the mod who is editing every thread needs to  take a chill pill and then my comment was edited. It was a direct abuse of power by whoever thinks that just because they have the power to edit comments and posts that they are going to go overboard and ruin the experience of 11Ws for everyone.

Comment 31 May 2016

Think it's comical to see how grown men try to justify why they don't like a 18 year old kid who they don't know. "Him living in Vegas scares me" Okay?.... "Oh he's too short" Okay?.... "He has Miami written over him because he likes to party" Okay?... You literally don't know this kid at all personally... So before being a judgemental tool, realize you aren't being paid millions to make decisions, the staff is. Done.

Comment 22 May 2016

They have a really good farm system, maybe the best in baseball so they must be doing something right with scouting. 

But for real I was a Cub Scout, it was okay. It takes a special type of person to really really enjoy it. 

Comment 28 Mar 2016

Two of my buddies who never have watched a game of basketball in their lives, won the challenge the past two years. I came in second both years. I don't understand how people who have absolutely no experience can be so good at picking the future. 

Comment 19 Mar 2016

To elaborate, we lose to Oklahoma in Norman. Run the table in the B1G. Get seeded 3rd with Oklahoma as the 2 seed and we get them back in semifinal and take down mighty Bama in the title game.

Comment 08 Nov 2015

What I believe the rankings will look like on Tuesday

1. Alabama - Committee will talk about ball control and how Bama 'dominated' a tough team

2. Clemson - Committee will talk about quality wins and balance of team

3. Notre Dame - Committee will talk about quality loss and wins

4. LSU - Committee will talk about quality loss

5. Ohio State - Committee will mention the concern of schedule

6. Baylor - Committee will try and not talk about Big 12 

Comment 05 Nov 2015

1. A Buckeye wins the Heisman this year or next? - Yes, Zeke after Fournette gets stuffed this weekend.

2. The Bengals reach the AFC championship game this year? Andy Dalton....

3. Johnny Manziel's still in the NFL in 2017? Browns....

4. Urban's still coaching the Buckeyes in 2019? Yes, but not the long afterwards

5. Harbaugh's still coaching TTUN in 2020? Surprisingly yes, I'll think he will retire there