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Comment 08 May 2017

It was a play on my username and partially a joke but if you don't post exactly what people want you to post over here you can't survive. You have to have a likemind opinion and put in the correct way with the correct wording or you'll get ridiculed. You guys crack me up. I'm out. 

Comment 08 May 2017

Have you seen the basketball program? 

Comment 08 May 2017

Pointless and unnecessary response. Some of us have different opinions and would like to express them without someone else getting all crappy with them because they don't agree. Not sure why you would respond to my post with an attitude like that.

Comment 02 Apr 2017

Andrew's post is too cryptic for me to take anything from that. Same thing was posted for Iverson Clement and that didn't turn out well (staff may have cooled anyhow so I'll give Andrew that) The fact there isn't high confidence in Taron picking OSU from the big recruiting guys and they just say "as of now I have Taron to OSU" which leaves room of doubt makes me believe OSU is about to miss out on another big time defensive tackle.

Comment 05 Mar 2017

More like, hopefully Jalen Hall doesn't continue to recruit Woodbey to USC. Hall is a USC lock.

Comment 26 Feb 2017

Tavion Thomas had some very glowing comments about Bama and said he can see him and Joseph Scates playing in Tuscaloosa. He said Scates Dream offer was Alabama. Said he's still open, but they've got him thinking real hard.