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Comment 01 Jul 2015

Karma Justice at its absolute finest.....a classless talentless douche bag like colin cowshit interviewing the head douche bag at TSUN...How cowpie keeps his job at E SEC PN  has got to be one or both of the following...has a relative very high up...and/or he is on his knees to those same higher ups several times a day.  The man sux complete ASS.  Rashan Gary's mother is on board with harbaugh and company after three day in ann arbor...doesn't say much for her unless she is into having her finger nails pulled out with vice grips.  still laughing and will do so for quite some time...the question is..Who is the bigger douche bag...# 1 or #2

Comment 23 Sep 2014

Weapons everywhere...i would LOVE to see a 2 back set & diamond formation not only to watch defenses shit themselves, but to see what these formations would produce in terms of moderate to big plays... we have athletes for days...hopefully urban and co.  are saving the arsenal for big 10 play....GO BUCKS......btw...Jabba the Hoke keep doing what you are doing...just stay head coach...LMAO

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Jabba the Hoke...every time time he TRIES to speak...I don't know whether to laugh or cry....what an embarrassment it must be for SCUM to have him leading the way up north...wait..what am I saying...SCUM is an embarrassment...If it walks like a duck and and quacks like a duck...must be a duck..SCUM and JABBA the Hoke deserve each other....another 20 years for Jabba Dave Brandon..make it happen...LMAO

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Seems simple to me....an arsenal of weapons..spread the ball around so much that the defense doesn't know who to key on....WE HAVE THE WEAPONS AND A QB THAT IS A DISTRIBUTOR!!!!!!!!  Let JT distribute and we will be more than fine.  More 1-2 seconds reads and pick up 4-7 yds...the big plays will follow.  BTW....Raekwon MCMillan......DAMN...look out BIG 10...the man is coming..


Another Monday Morning QB 

Comment 28 Jul 2014

Brady the Hut....fatter and funnier the ever...his inability to speak only adds to his overall perception...What a joke...Hey Dave Brandon...Brady deserves a 10 year extension...sign him now!!!!

Comment 29 May 2014

Listening to the Pillsbury Dough Boy on Steroids interviews are nothing short of painstaking and mind numbing.   It is truly like watching train crash into car...You hate to watch, but you can't help yourself.  Brady Hoke...speaker of the year....NOT


ichigan sux ASS

Comment 15 Jan 2014

The Mediocre Wolverines are just that, Mediocre.  The have built a Dagwood style shit sandwich and now get to eat it.  We Buckeyes are being given a 24/7 treat right now.  Enjoy it, revel in it. All good things come to an end at some time.   They will sometime stop, pull their heads out of their ass and make changes....until then....LONG LIVE THE MICHELIN MAN BWADY HOKE.



Comment 29 Dec 2013


Another great article.  The response above is completely on the mark.  Bwaaaady Joke is a pathetic coach and I hope he stays as long as possible..rehire rich rod as a co-head coach.  He screams ineptness, stupidity, and listening to him talk is nothing short of exhausting.  I swear sometimes its Forrest Gump talking.  As for the completely misplaced "superiority factor", that ship has sailed a long time ago....thier fans are just too damn ignorant to know it, let alone accept it.  Coach Meyer, Merry Christmas from Buckeye Nation and keep the year long Christmas Gifts coming. 

Comment 28 Dec 2013

I hear what you are saying... (David Pollack-Mark May Douche wanna be and Jesse Palmer Mark May Douche in waiting) but cheering for _ichigan is like going on a date and spending 3.5 hours with a disease ridden _hore from Ann Arbor and HOPING you don't catch an STD just sitting next her/it and actually leaving the rain gear at home...its a Giant task to ask...

Comment 22 Dec 2013

Bwady Hooooooke....

1) Takes an hour to form a 10 word sentence

2) Takes another 90 minutes to say it.

3)  Wakes up in the morning, looks at his hair and says..."Looks good to me".

4)  Sunglasses he wears does not make him looks any less stupid.

5)  Arms crossed on the size 64 waist...down right amusing

6)  _ichigan still sux





Comment 21 Dec 2013

Dear Coach Ed W....as a vet of the US Army, it would be more than a welcomed change to see Army beat Navy...that being said, let another coach do it...stay in Columbus and create another masterpiece.  It would be an awesome Xmas present present for Buckeye Nation.