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  • SPORTS MOMENT: First night game at the Shoe; Oct. 5, 2008. OSU vs. PSU. Even though it was a loss the 105,713 fellow buckeyes in attendance, my first College Gameday, and a game with my late older brother.

    It does not get better than that. Even with the loss. Absolute perfection.
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Comment 17 Jan 2015

I was in Kirkuk, Iraq for 41-14. With the time zone change, I had to stay up into the early hours in order to watch it. The dining facility actually stayed open and served finger food for the game. 

I had a patrol scheduled for 7 AM the next morning, but I was so excited that I got all of my gear ready and brought it with me to the game. After half I had to ask myself if going out on a mission while tired and heartbroken was worth the risk. In the 3rd quarter I got up and went to bed. I've never had the stomach to go back and rematch it.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

I created this just for you.


Comment 09 Dec 2014

What strikes me as particularly funny is the main gist of the article, that it's unthinkable to force a team to trek out to California for a game... Um, the B1G has been doing that for the Rose Bowl for generations. I know Floridians may be spoiled with the locations of most bowls, but welcome to the real world that everyone else inhabits. Fans must travel for elite bowls, get over yourself. 

Comment 08 Dec 2014

I have been surfing through quite a few B1G blogs today to gauge the reaction to the news from across the conference and have seen an overwhelming attitude of "screw tOSU". 

To me, this is just a tacit acknowledgement that their teams will never be in the National Championship picture at any time in the near future. The perception of the B1G has no bearing on your team if they aren't in a position to need to be compared. It's the worst sort of defeatism: "If I can't have it, burn it all!!"

I think that's the reason you see more folks at tOSU and MSU blogs rooting for the conference to clean up this bowl season and folks over at mgoblog and BSD saying they hope the Buckeyes get waxed. It's sour grapes, but sadly misplaced. 

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Columbia actually has lower average lows in November through January than Columbus.

COLUMBIA, MO (All Temps in °F)

  j f m a m j j a s o n d
AVERAGE HIGH 38.5 43.9 55.2 66.1 74.5 83.0 87.6 87.0 78.8 67.1 53.9 41.1
AVERAGE LOW 20.9 24.9 34.0 44.0 53.5 62.8 67.0 65.4 56.4 45.0 34.9 23.7


  j f m a m j j a s o n d
AVERAGE HIGH 36.5 40.6 51.1 63.5 72.9 81.6 84.9 83.7 77.0 65.1 52.6 40.1
AVERAGE LOW 22.6 25.0 32.7 42.6 52.2 61.5 65.5 64.1 56.5 45.0 36.1 26.8
Comment 17 Nov 2014

Oh, he didn't fall off the face of the Earth. He's now the athletic director at UNO (University of Nebraska - Omaha), an athletic department that doesn't field a football team. Very prestigious. 

Comment 16 Nov 2014

I actually caught myself thinking during that telecast that I'd rather have Beth Meeeyowins call our games than these two. The game itself was fairly interesting, but the announcing was just horrid.