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Comment 01 Sep 2012

The QB threw it away before Simon brought him down on that play

^ What he said ha

Comment 30 Aug 2012

Serious question- Why does it seem like everyone is celebrating his return. He locked a kid in a shed and got fired for it. I personally can't stand the guy so I'm just curious why people are glad he's back...

Comment 27 Jul 2012

I said Nah, but while disagreeing with the part about Sparty being too tough. I think that people are giving them too much credit and forget how irrelevant they were before these last 2-3 years. They won't stay near the top for long and will slowly drop back into their usual mediocrity.

Comment 15 Jul 2012

I wouldn't say MSU "truly handled" us. Both teams looked like chickens with their heads cut off in that game. Embarassing performance on both teams ends IMO.

I went with Nebraska soley based on the fact that last year we were up by like 21 points and gave it all away in practically one quarter. That one still has me shaking my head

Comment 09 Jul 2012

I went with the MSU game because I'll be there. Looking forward to getting payback as well. Last years addition was one of the worst football games I have ever witnessed

Comment 02 Mar 2012

I trust Urban but I can't pretend to be excited about the guy, soley based on the fact that I've never heard of him. So on the pole question, I can't really voted because I'm not really pleased or unpleased with the hire. I'll tell you in a year.