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Born and raised in Massillon, Ohio. Graduated from Canton Central Catholic High School. Moved to Columbus in 1991 and it has been my home ever since!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2014/15 Undisputed National Title VS Oregon 42-20!
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Comment 25 Mar 2015

I am still looking forward to the Hawaii game. We've never played them and will likely never play them again. I have watched them for many years and they are a fun team to watch. It will be a blowout of course but I am happy for them just to get some much needed money pumped into their program. They're *this* close to shutting down their football program so they need the money.

Comment 17 Mar 2015

I am color blind between red and green -so I just wear Scarlet!

Also, I am not a fan of Skyline either, but I have a co-worker who is in our Virginia office and he can't wait for any time that he gets to come here to Columbus so he can get Skyline. He isn't even from Ohio but absolutely loves that stuff. I think maybe if he lived here he'd eventually have enough of it to realize the truth but at least he's blissfully ignorant now. Blech!

Comment 21 Feb 2015

Glad to hear the good news. Also very happy to know that everyone here was ready and willing to help. What a great community we have here.

Comment 17 Feb 2015

Mine arrived today. Order was placed 1/27. I love it. I was concerned with all the comments about the Nike Swoosh and, while I don't know what the real diamond swoosh is supposed to look like, I can't tell any difference honestly. The thing did smell like a factory and I gave it a good delicate cycle wash and it's ready to go with me to work tomorrow! I got the #12 jersey. About the only "mistake" I guess I made was I got the black CFP numbers instead of white like the real natty ones but I had the choice and chose from memory instead of checking first so that was my own fault- plus I kind of like it regardless so I'm quite happy. Was it worth getting my credit card hacked? Well, for all I know that was because of Home Depot anyway!

Comment 16 Feb 2015

Still waiting for mine to arrive. It made it to Chicago last week so I expect it any day now. Unfortunately, however, my credit card has since been hacked! Several charge attempts were made in France, Oklahoma and Missouri all at the same time and luckily the credit card company blocked them and called me. Came to find out there was 1 charge for $56 that I didn't make that I have to dispute now. Not sure if it's due to buying here or not but beware and make sure you watch your credit charges closely!

Comment 14 Feb 2015

It has been a great year for passing and that is a testament not only to the Qbacks but a much improved O line as well as huge improvements with the receivers. If Braxton does play QB again, he will have more support than ever around him and that should make for an interesting dynamic. Hell, it's going to be an interesting dynamic regardless. We are crazy blessed.

Comment 11 Feb 2015

I used to work in IT for the state legislature. We used to hear about "celebrities" coming to visit and try to find reasons to be there if we could (we worked in the Riffe center across the street, but supported all the networking infrastructure in the Statehouse). This would have definitely been one of those days to be there "working" on something.

Comment 07 Feb 2015

OK but the whole reason Mike Weber decided to come to tOSU in the first place was because he felt Harbaugh lied to him so Jim is kind of calling the kettle black here is he not?

Comment 07 Feb 2015

I agree with the list. Every last bit of it. I also agree there were plenty more but this list represents the big runs that really made the differences in each of their respective games.

Comment 07 Feb 2015

This was the "de facto" National Championship game to me. I didn't really care what was going to happen against Oregon, I was just glad we beat 'Bama... And then, of course, we beat Oregon and I believe I reached a new level of fandom with this team.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

I voted yes because he does have a right, however let this be lesson #1 in his football career that you're only courted like this once and once you sign you're only as good as your performance every week. It's time to stop whining and start working and that would be the case no matter where you would have signed. Get used to being lied to while you're at it. This isn't high school anymore. This is life now.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

OK so I am not all that Twitter versed, but can someone tell me is that really Jim Harbaugh tweeting back at him talking trash? If so that is highly inappropriate in my mind and is reason enough for them to lose for eternity. I cannot see Urban doing that no matter what.

Comment 04 Feb 2015

I am still waiting for mine but can you elaborate on why the diamond quest logo looks kinda crappy? I am just curious and trying to fill the time until mine arrives but also don't want to be too disappointed when it does.

Comment 31 Jan 2015

I can attest to this. My wife makes her Buckeyes with Ghirardelli 72% dark chocolate chips and they are the best I have ever had in my life... I know I am biased but I am also a lifetime Buckeye eater so I know what I'm talking about.

Comment 31 Jan 2015

I recall saying, after the VT game, something like this:

"oh well, it's definitely a rebuilding year but at least we'll have Braxton back next year".

I was surprised at some of the vitriol but I actually felt a little relieved after the loss because I felt like it took the pressure off. I now fully believe that if they hadn't lost that game they never would have become champions. They should thank VT after they slaughter them next season!

Comment 31 Jan 2015

I had been watching the Nike store online for the past month and it's still out of stock. I even went to Chicago last week and went to the Nike store there where they did have some Jerseys but none of the diamond quest ones (I did get an undisputed shirt though). So I ordered from aliexpress the other day and got a #12. I had no idea what to expect but I figured for $25 what the heck. Thankfully I found your post here and the fact that it does appear to have the Nike diamond on it makes me very happy. I was stupidly thinking that diamond logo was worth $160 and while it probably is worth having the authentic jersey, I have grown tired of waiting for Nike to carry it and have decided to use the money for other things anyway. Anyway, thanks for telling me about this option and thanks for all the pics that give me hope on how it will look! Can't wait til mine arrives now!

Comment 31 Jan 2015

Agreed. It seemed like until the MSU game I still wasn't sure if this was a good team or not given the competition. After MSU I felt a bit more confident and started to believe a bit more but then the TTUN game happened. After Wisconsin though, I had some weird confidence about the Alabama game. It's strange but even as ugly as that game looked at first, I just knew they were going to win that game against Alabama... But then it was right back to having no idea what to expect against Oregon. What an unbelievable season all around.

Comment 31 Jan 2015

Being a former lineman (slob) myself I can see how that could really get guys fired up, even if you lose the one on one in the drill because you're ready to prove to your team that you're better than the other slobs on the field. Getting that agression going is crucial to having the mentality needed to be fired up at game time. Kind of wish my high school coach had done some of that kind of stuff. My freshman team didn't even score a single touchdown the entire season - ugh we were bad.

Comment 31 Jan 2015

As much as I love the 4th down stop against Oregon, it's very hard to watch it even today because of the choking, pushing and all that BS going on by the Oregon players and yet the Buckeye's got the friggin' penalty. Only blessing in that is that the penalty wasn't a personal foul resulting in 1st down for Oregon but was tacked on to the punt return. Still boils my blood watching that. 

Comment 29 Jan 2015

Well, I should say it at least shed some light. I saw him making the motion of a salmon swimming in water with his hands and thought it was a reflection of himself swimming through defenders. But what I understand now is that the players like to make that motion with their hands and the idea is to move your hands into a tight space on another person and tickle them. 

But since you asked, and I wondered more myself, here is the urban (no, not that urban) dictionary definition:

When you take your hand and wave it back and forth like a fish tale between a girls boobs.
This girl had an amazing rack and great cleavage so I walked up to her and started salmoning her with my hand. She said I salmoned her like a gentleman.