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Comment 20 Nov 2014

I say no. Not yet. We need to make the championship game first. Then, if we handle Wisconsin well enough, no doubt that we have what it takes to take the whole enchilada this year!! Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. We did this to ourselves last year and set ourselves up for a big disappointment. I guess you could say my optimism is a lot more cautious this year.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

I don't know about anyone else, and maybe I'm full of shit here, but I have this growing feeling that despite the way things started out this season, the B1G is starting to change the tide - next year looks brighter in my opinion. This whole weak B1G argument isn't holding the water it used to hold even 2 months ago and I think the awareness is slowly coming out. Having any B1G team go to the playoffs and win the National Championship of course would be the biggest statement that could be made but I am liking what I'm seeing across the board here now!

Comment 14 Nov 2014

I think Wisconsin has a good shot here and I am not sure Nebraska can effectively move the ball against the Wisconsin D. If, however, Nebraska rolls over them then we'd better have a very good game plan going into that one!

And that begs the question. Which team would we rather meet, rankings aside, in the CG?

Comment 14 Nov 2014

Unfortunately using that same logic I would expect for VT fans to claim they are national champs (not if) WHEN OSU wins it!

Comment 14 Nov 2014

If Mizzou wins that game I will follow Herbie around with a sign showing Indiana as the SEC champions!!!!

Comment 14 Nov 2014

Hope I am wrong, of course, but I don't see us being able to put 2nd string in on them. I think their team is determined after what they accomplished last week and now being ranked adds some extra oomph to their resolve. Like I said, I hope I am wrong of course. I will be happy with a W any way we get it in this one. Ranked team on the road = always a good win!

Comment 14 Nov 2014

Time of Possession (TOP) from a Minnesota standpoint is going to be important to watch. I think they will try to run it as much as they can just to wear down our D and keep our offense off the field. We have to win the TOP against them first and foremost. The more our offense can get on the field the better off we are not just in winning the game but also in covering the spread, the "style points" if you will.

Normally I wouldn't say that TOP matters much nowadays, but I think it does against Minnesota in this one. I seem them preferring to run the ball a ton if they can. However if their run game sputters then their plan B is likely to do a lot of short passes, still trying to win the TOP battle. I know stating the obvious but we need a ton of 3 and outs from them!

Comment 14 Nov 2014

I didn't expect Maryland and Rutgers to be very good looking teams coming in and early in the season it looked as if they were better than advertised. Unfortunately that did not turn out to be the case and they certainly were no Nebraska coming into the B1G. But, that being said, I do think they have the potential to use the extra $$$ they get by being members of the B1G and could put that into their programs leading to brighter futures for both teams as well as the B1G and all the teams in the conference that play them. It will take time but to me it already looks like both teams have decent foundations and could do a lot with the additional money they get now.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Been waiting all week for this and it is pretty much what I thought. They appear to be a pretty stout team and we need to be on our A game for sure.