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Comment 26 Jul 2016

At least everyone was playing by the same "negative" recruiting rules in the SEC ....

Comment 26 Jul 2016

Does Coach Franklin consider this negative recruiting? Or was it the 2016 Buckeye draft class?

Comment 24 Jul 2016

(1) There will be a football team. 

(2) They will play 15 games. 

(3) Coach Meyer will still refuse to get a tattoo at year's end. 

(4) No margin of victory will satiate all of the fans. 

(5) Ohio will still be against the world. 

(6) The strength of the team will be the defense.

Comment 23 Jul 2016

Hopefully, this is embedded. 

Comment 23 Jul 2016

Would it be more efficient for posting new recruiting news if each "target" had their own permanent page where updates could be posted?

Comment 19 Jul 2016

Your responses are great. Evidently, after reading all of the comments, I missed that DJ first used that word. Your post was not an affront to me.

I did mean emasculate (learn something new everyday).

The reason that I asked about removing field goals and extra points was to explore the idea of making football more violent. If we want to avoid making football less "violent," an alternative to keeping kickoffs might be to remove "non-violent" (or at least seemingly less violent) plays.

I am all about maintaining the integrity of the game, but doing so in a manner that reflects current understanding of player safety. The main reason for increasing player safety is that I want to see the top players on the field as much as possible. I want to watch Braxton Miller and  Ezekiel Elliot (and all former Buckeyes) score TDs for years to come.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

These guys choose to participate knowing full well the risks and the rewards

(1) As a 10 - 18 year old, were you shown the effects of repeated head trauma? Did you know what CTE was? Do you show the kids that you coach these potential effects?

(2) Does a kickoff add "violence" to a sport that already has a ton of "violence?" Are kickoffs the most "violent" play? Or are crossing routes with a head hunting safety more violent?

(3) If you want to make the sport more "violent," should field goals and extra points be eliminated? Should "clothes-line" tackles be allowed?

(4) Over time, has football become more or less "violent" in your opinion?

I am genuinely interested in your answers, but I would prefer a discussion and not a demasculating description of "wussification." Full disclosure, I never played football, but I hope that we all can agree that there are plenty of ways to show strength, courage, and grit.