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Small town hillbilly from Chillicothe. Love the Buckeyes almost more than my ol' lady... dont tell her that. Grew up in the shoe my grandfather was a season ticket holder til the day he died. Ive attended over 100+ games thanks to him. Scarlet and Gray runs through my veins.


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Comment 16 Dec 2013

I hope he stays around I don't think he has a chance in the NFL right now. He is so close to greatness and I think one more year could do it. Whatever he decides to do though i'll respect it and wish him the best. I just think coming back is the best decision he could make at this point.

Comment 20 Nov 2013

Your not old enough to know thats Robert Redford. SMH

Comment 20 Nov 2013

If the Police did just shove this under the rug they should be Winston's cell mate. Violence against women is about as wrong as you can get. Men should protect women whether it's your ol lady or some stranger in the street. I see someone hurting a woman it's a wrap it will take a couple people to pull me off them. I grew up watching my mother get backhanded I don't play that shit. And i'm an overall peaceful soul but you can't stand for stuff like this. But on the other hand Jameis is innocent until proven other wise. Hopefully these are just ugly rumors I hate to see stuff like this go down.

Comment 19 Nov 2013

You may not be a redneck but I am and that's redneck engineering at it's finest. Bravo sir well done.