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Comment 4 hours ago

Don't want to see Pryts go to ND.  Hate them almost as much as TTUN.  Look at the receivers in '17 that have us in the top People-Jones, Grimes, Greene, Green, Johnson, & commit Judson. Couple of others including some Ohio kids I'm forgetting.  Going to quite a receivers room for the the season.  On our way to being Football U.        Go Bucks!

Comment 9 hours ago

Hairball has recruited a excellent OL. and will probably get a couple more kids that will be good because of his unique recruiting strategy.  Hire the kids High school coach, his Mom.  Wonder if that will sit well w/NCAA if it happens again next yr. or do we now have to do the same like the sat. camps. As Gary's Mom stated she didn't have to ask questions since his old coach had everything all laid out just for her & how she likes it. Not that dealing w/her for 3-4 yrs was any help.  At least she admitted that they're coming back to tOSU to meet w/Urban to get a better understanding of non-football things.  Don't like the idea of hiring any coach of a top 5 kid or his mother.  Just seems plain wrong to me.  I wonder how many coaches & Mom's tOSU could hire of the 2017 class & the 2018 class w/kids in the top 10.  Interesting but wrong.          Go Bucks!

Comment 29 Jun 2015

What school Gary chooses will have to be his not the parents or in this case Mom.  We guide our children so that when they are 18 and leave home that they become good solid citizens that have compassion for the less fortunate and can make adult decisions on their own.  While we may or may not like what she has reportedly said we really don't know what she thinks.  I think Real Life Wed. would appeal to her, as would the type of people our graduates are especially in football, the amount of players that we put in the NFL, and early playing time something that would/could happen at TTUN.  I really think she will guide her son not dictate to him on his college choice.  But all I want is someone who wants to be a Buckeye. The only reason Gary is CBd to TTUN is because his coach is there and she feels that he will look out for her son.  Let's see how long he's there after NSD.  Urb will get tOSU a great DT.            Go Bucks!

Comment 26 Jun 2015

Thanks Birm for the Fri Hurry Up!!!

We need to get Farrell.  Not many TEs that fit our system.  For DBs presuming we want a total of 4, I'd go with Hamlin, J. Jones, Pryts or Fuller.  Really like Jones & Hamlin.

Read today or last night that Gary is going to try to be at FNL.  Even though according to the CB we aren't in the running he has a very definite interest.  He likes winning, a chance to play early, good academics, and good coaches.  Sounds like a school we know and love!  If his Mom was impressed w/Real Life Wed. we should have a chance.  Can't see TTUN even being close let alone being in the lead.  Possibly 'Bama or another SEC school but not TTUN.  Corley is also going to try hard to be at FNL.  It would be his last visit before committing.  MSU already has 3 6'3" WRs committed.  But I still hate to lose Mitchell.  He was all Buckeye for a long time & to see him go to TTUN makes me sick.  Of course, I think anyone who wants to go there is a loser  and worse.         Go Bucks!

Comment 25 Jun 2015

Good to see Wade is working on getting better & building on his relationship w/staff & teammates. 

 any of the 3 DTs would be great but would like to see us get 2 of them.  Gary's mom wants to be certain her son gets an education/help with his life.   Hearing Urb discuss real life Wed is certain to appeal to her.  No other school can show her that.  Hopefully that can win her over.      Go Bucks!

Comment 24 Jun 2015

Hill is going to be a Buckeye.  Hubbard's head coach is very pro tOSU.  He doen't want to be behind Scott again at MSU. 

I'd take Mitchell since it appears Corley is all MSU.  Look at all the times he's been there and can't manage 1 more trip to tOSU.  NCM & Victor are long shots and we would find a way to fit them in if either or both wanted to commit.

We really need to make a big push on Jackson since we lost out on King & Robertson. 

MSU is starting to get better and better recruits.  It was 3* & coached up, now they're starting to get 4* &  if coached up they could become a thorn in our side.  Good for the BIG but would rather see Purdue, Indiana, & the Illini get better than MSU become great.  TTUN can stay on the bottom forever.  We proved a lousy *ich is fine after all we did win the Natty w/them being a pile of crap.       Go Bucks!

Comment 23 Jun 2015

I'd add Greene, Pryts, & Pryor to the 2017 commit watch along w/Grimes.  Adding 2 more 5* would help get us back to the #1 class, plus make it a very, very elite class.  Winning the Natty is really starting to show in recruiting esp w/Urb leading the charge.  We are building depth on top of depth.  Just get an elite DT or 2 this yr.         Go Bucks!

Comment 22 Jun 2015

I read an article that said we have 3 more openings.  But who is included or at least how many of each position are included leaving us w/3?  Bosa is a given that he's included bringing us to 17.  They want 1-2 more WR and 1 TE and 2 or 3 DB and2 DT is it these plus 3 is that how Bucknuts are counting?    I see 1 WR unless we get Victor & NCM, Farrell at TE,Jaylon Jones, Fuller, and Hamlin at DB 2 DT if we can get 2 of Lawrence, Gary, Jackson.  That brings us to 25 and of course fit in Little if he wanted to commit.  I have know idea how they count at that site.             Go Bucks!

Comment 21 Jun 2015

Mack is a very special player both on the field & off.  Hope he has great luck in getting players to tOSU.  Players like Gary, NCM, Victor,Farrell, Hamlin to name a few.  With him & Hilliard talking to these kids and spots tight it may be useful and get us a couple of mmust gets.  Even 1 or 2 would be a success.                          Go Bucks & Go Mack!

Comment 20 Jun 2015

Right now the time's right to go national big time for big time recruits.  If he fits the bill then offer him. I suspect we'll take2 or 3 OL.  Lets get Grimes to commit soon.  Plus we have several WRs, LBs, & DBs we want.   I don't like the idea of MSU offering when thy're at tOSU and MSU knows it!  Just maybe there is a kid we want and can flip from MSU.  That would be nice.      Go Bucks!


Comment 18 Jun 2015

Would like to see Jones, Fuller, & Hamlin in the S&G.  Be nice if we could get Lawrence out of LA.  I can't even image what the SEC would have to say about that.  LOL!  Corley seems to be a lost cause. Go for Mitchell and then n all out push for NCM.  Add in Jackson at DT w/Bosa at DE in it would make one hell of a class.  Hpe Cooper keeps improving and gets that 5th star.  Then look at the team standings.  They had yr end standings w/anyone over 60% CBed going to that school and we were in 4th behind 2 SEC and FSU.  What a joke that is.      Go Bucks!

Comment 17 Jun 2015

Jackson seemed to like his visit to tOSU.  That would be a big get.  Believe he may be back for FNL.  Now lets push all out for Gary hate to see him go to TTUN!  Those 2 could be the depth chart next yr if we could pull that off.  Anyone notice that MSU may be creating a problem at WR?  They offered a kid out of West Bloomfield and labeled him an athlete to keep Corley still available to them.  Do they think Corley is stupid and doesn't know who this kid is.  I still prefer Victor & NCM over Corley but would take Corley if we can't get both.      Just read that TTUN is now #9 w/a new commit and some ranking changes.  Hairball just got Bredeson and is building a strong OL.      Go Bucks!

Comment 15 Jun 2015

Lot of 2017 receivers out there.  More than enough for all positions.  With those committed and expected to commit do we have room for 1 or 2 at most?  Like People-Jones and he seems to have a real interest in tOSU like Harris' size at 6'5".  At DT in2016, Antuan Jackson is in town hope we can get a commit from him before he leaves, that would be huge.  We could still work on Gary.  Nothing like quality depth.  Same as 2016 w/Mack in, Victor and NCM possible.  Rather have those 3 than Corley and 1 of Victor or NCM.  Seems like we are starting to see some of the big names showing real interest.  And we have only 9 spots  available max if we can take 25.      Go Bucks!

Comment 15 Jun 2015

A chance for Victor or NCM or both.  Be great but think we have a better shot at NCM.  Victor seems to want to be close to home but that can change.  Jackson &/or Gary either or both (I'm greedy) would be great.  They could be 1 & 2 on the depth chart next yr.  Lets get Farrel, 2 of the many ranked DBs, and possibly another LB + Bosa.  What depth we're building.      Go Bucks!

Comment 12 Jun 2015

Add Burrell plus his class and those currently on the roster but not starting and we finally have great depth.  With the greatest OLine coach coaching them up we can have a great rotation.  Burrell's versatility should enable him to see the field before mop-up time.  He's got the attitude, strength, and plays with a chip on his shoulder.    Go Bucks!

Comment 10 Jun 2015

Birm, have you heard anything on Delance?  He was extremely complimentary about tOSU the other day: “Everybody wants to go to Ohio State. They’re one of the hottest schools around. Ohio State is the place to be if you want to win a national championship.”

Jeter looks good.  Hope he has a good camp & we offer.  Same w/Jaylon Jones like to see him a Buckeye too.