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Comment 21 May 2015

I don't think Hall will be at Maryland after those tweets.  He's all ours, thank god or who ever that they didn't see what we saw!  Now that LB from CA, Kelly, has got to get up for a visit!  Would that add to our class.

Grimes made a tweet that list him in the '17 class along w/a ton of 5* including LeCounte.  He did go a little heavy on WR only see us taking 4 max.    Go Bucks!

Comment 20 May 2015

tOSU always coaches up its players.  Under Hoke that didn't happen.  Green would be a much better player here than @TTUN under Hoke.  In fact Green wanted to come here but Urb didn't think he was a good fit into our system.  Zeke as we have seen was and is a perfect fit.  If we don't get Corley or it seems we won't Urb will grab Mitchell and then full court press on Nate.  Depending on how many leave for the NFL we could take as many as 25 in this class.  Lot of room for those 5* great gets.      Go Bucks!

Comment 19 May 2015

I wouldn't count Gary out just yet.  He's closed mouth but could compete and win the starting DT role.  That could be a big incentive to come in and start w/a possible 2 time National Championship team.  Also might take 1 more if we could get Kelly out of CA.  His coach called tOSU saying Kelly had interest in visiting tOSU.  Hard get but you have to take the #1 LB who's a 5* player. And would put Fuller in the mix at DB; I'm not certain who I would switch him for but he's someone Urb wants.

Comment 18 May 2015

Fuller and Corley would be a nice way to end May.  Spend June on NCM and Gary plus getting Mack.  Adding Bosa would make this class fantastic.  W/Gary we might be able to tell him he can compete for a starting position.  That would  still let us have a shot at Little and Kelly.  Kelly's the 5* LB from CA who had his coach call us and say he has an interest.

Comment 17 May 2015

Bosa's offer is committable .  Walker has been doing recruiting so he is close to a lock.  Hill has me somewhat worried since he wants to be a RB; but no one knows where they'll play until Urb sees them @tOSU.  I read a couple of days ago that the 5* LB from CA, Kelley had his coach contact tOSU saying he has real interest.  Could that be true?  Might be an even better get than Ferns.  Time will tell.  We're in on so many excellent players.    Go Bucks!

Comment 15 May 2015

His size is what we need.  His ability to high point a ball and catch the intermediate pass leads me to think of a 3rd down and red zone receiver.  I do think he will red shirt but Urb may want to use him enough this season now that he's at 205.  Picture 3rd down or red zone w/ Vannett, Thomas, and Stump.  Greene doesn't make it for me.  He hasn't shown the ability we all thought he was bringing. 

Just saw this on another site:  Nick Saban suggests 'either have bowl games or have playoffs,' not both     What he doesn't want 'Bama to play in the post season?

Comment 15 May 2015

Let's not forget that Dontre's frosh yr he was mostly a decoy.  Hope he is well and able to contribute to another Natty.  It just gives more versatile play makers to put in all different positions. Just makes DC get more gray hair.  Just try and imagine having 5 play makers not counting the QB and who is going to line up where.  And then have to figure out how to defend it all.  Get well quick Dontre we want & need you to have a good season along w/all the other stars.   Go Bucks.

Comment 11 May 2015

Most of the '69 loss falls on Woody for not keeping the team focused before the game was even played.  I knew we would lose when our Ranswered this question from the media:

"How are you going to feel after playing TTUN and not being able to go to the Rosebowl?"  (that was when teams could not go to the Rosebowl in back to back years)  His answer was it's going to be nice sitting back on New Years Day watching the bowl games and knowing we're #1."  They were not focused they thought we had TTUN beaten, didn't practice extra hard like in previous years.  After all we were#1 since the preseason polls and they believed their own hype.  I personally knew most of the team, they thought it was a done deal and nobody was going tell them differently.  Woody never let anyone talk to the media before "69 or after for playing TTUN.  Hell practices were closed and campus cops looking out for spies in tall buildings etc. before we played TTUN.

Urb will keep them focused all yr and never looking ahead.  Go Bucks!

Comment 10 May 2015

Very excited but do worry about complacency.  I don't worry too much since the coaches so far have had a handle on it and are doing everything to prevent it.

Have seen some reports concerning Dontre & that he'll be in the 2 deep.  But so many weapons on offense & defense.  How does everyone get the ball?  Might need 2 balls & 2 QBs at the same time.  Sarcasm intended.  Can't wait for the season to start!!      Go Bucks!

Comment 10 May 2015

Mitchell & Pryts.  Of course Mack & Davis as well.  I'd love to land Corley but can't see us taking 4 WRs.  We could go w/only 1 LB & then take Corley.  Be nice to keep him from TTUN & MSU.  I don't think Rutgers is in the mix unless we don't take Mitchell.  But if he can help w/ Gary then take Mitchell.   Getting Gary especially at a position of need would be fantastic.  Addition plus seeing Hairball's hiring going to waste.  That also would be very good & bring a smile to our faces.

Comment 10 May 2015

I think its Fuller, Warrior, and Davis or Rene to go w/ Felder.  Would love to hear Tuf and Warrior on the tackle!  Like Hamlin but unless he would commit earlier than he has said I don't think there will be room.  Mayden would look good too.  Don't think we could go wrong w/any 3 of those Birm listed.  We could be on our way to just be Football U between '16 and '17!

Go Bucks.

Comment 09 May 2015

Might also look good at WR.  Line Vannet out wide Berry at TE.  Then Berry goes deep and Vannet swings to the open area near the LBs confusing the defense.  Or even going deep from the TR position.  No one could cover him.

Comment 08 May 2015

Kid has it all.  Will he be a TE or an X receiver, he can excel a either.  Being versatile that's what Urb likes.  Kid could be a real beast and drive DCs crazy.

Comment 06 May 2015

It's not just the last 5 games.  It's every game this year.  We need to get as many guys good playing time to ensure we have the depth at the end.  Can we get lucky again and not have injuries to the O-Line?  We may have to have a 3 deep at most positions so that from MSU on we can roll.  We've got the coach and the players now they all need is to preform.  I totally disagree w/the ESPN prediction that we lose to Auburn in the first playoff game.  Just grind guys just grind.  Go Bucks.

Comment 05 May 2015

We were #1 all time not certain we still are but should be close.  Also have to remember where the player was drafted since the worse records go first.  So many went to bad teams that couldn't take advantage of them.  Good example are the Cards w/Ginn.  They put him in but never throw to him just use him as a decoy.