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Comment 25 Feb 2015

Buckeyeplumber 8 hours ago

Harbaugh's analogies kinda make you wonder how many concussions that boy had as a player. It's one thing to come up with a goofy quip once in awhile but to continuously make urself look half crazy is another. Thank goodness we have the Urb!

He isn't trying to make himself look 1/2 crazy.  He is crazy.  I also thought TTUN stopped playing football a week or so before Thanksgiving.  Playing that 19th game will make Jimmy have yo be put in the asylum.

Go Urbs,  Go BUCKS!!!

Comment 08 Feb 2015

Love his attitude and speed.  If he's half as good as Teddy he'll be fine.  Look forward to seeing him play.  The future and present are very bright indeed.  With this class and the '16 class I can see multiple championships coming to tOSU!

Comment 07 Feb 2015

From what I have read on several different sites stated that Meyer told Drayton not to do anything until signing day was over.  Drayton contacted the Bears back and told that.  Thurs. morning Drayton spoke w/Bears and set interview for Thurs.  Drayton went to interview and was offered for same $ as he got from tOSU.   Drayton was pissed that he wasn't OC.  Mey er went ballistic when he was told that it all went down on Thurs..  As for the CT coach who was a teammate of Jimmy's snuck Weber to TTUN for the weekend w/o telling tOSU. Now he wants to threaten us.  Talk about "the pot calling the kettle black"!  He spent all the time he could trying to prevent "his" players from coming to tOSU and to play for TTUN. talk about an a**hole.

I don't like what Drayton did.  He could and should have waited a little longer than he did or resign first and then do what ever he wanted. 

Comment 28 Dec 2014

All I know is his brother John called Schecter a liar.  $8 mil/yr for a college coach??  Gonna change a whole lot of salaries in the FBS top tier.  Plus he has a game to get ready for on Sun.

As for Urb he has turned down offers from the NFL both at tOSU & Fla.  Has no desire to to NFL wants to mold kids into men so they're ready for life after football ends either after college or Pro.

Comment 27 Dec 2014

I've been on this site since almost the beginning.  Don't post much due to crippled hands; but enjoy most  of the comments. Knarcisi  don,t leave because of a baiter,  both of you add to the discussion except when it gets personal.  We may never agree on everything but ne thing we all agree on is our support of tOSU!  GO BUCKS and BEAT 'BAMA!!

Comment 26 Dec 2014

My prayers are with you J.T. and Mrs. Moore.  Also Noah & Jacob.

Comment 25 Dec 2014

I can't see any school pay $8 million for a coach.  The NFL and colleges would have to restructure the top 10-20% of the coaches more than double what they currently make. _ ichigan going from sub par $3 mil to $8 plus assistants in line with that.

The family is staying out to let Jim make his own choice.  Anyone saying otherwise is wrong per his brother John.  Also w/a relevant Wisc, MSU, Minn, Nebraska, Mland, and the others w/slight improvement is all the BIG needs let them stay where they are.  We will find out on Tuesday according to some place I read.

Comment 27 Oct 2014

To those of you who want to bash the elderly:  I've been to every home game since my freshman yr '67 never have been or will be quiet during a game nor most of the people I know.  Had to stop my streak a few years ago due to serious illness, but my neighbors complain about the noise my wife & I make every Sat..  I live in AZ so a noon game is at 9 am, we start about 8 with the band dvds blaring until game time then the shouting starts & doesn't stop til way after the game.

After one game against TTUN our table sang quite loudly "Don't give a damn about the whole state of " The table next to us just got served their main course got up and left; to bad so sad they were wearing the wrong colors.  So not all or even most of the elderly are quiet.  If they are nicely ask them to cheer as loud as they can because we need to be the loudest nastiest place to play in!  GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 25 Apr 2014

Maybe this might help.  I read that Gibson has been speaking w/ Kirk & saying how great it would be to have him as a receiver at OSU.  Similar talking with Harris.  Hope its true and they're arranging a mass commitment.

Comment 25 Apr 2014

Maybe this might help.  I read that Gibson has been speaking w/ Kirk & saying how great it would be to have him as a receiver at OSU.  Similar talking with Harris.  Hope its true and they're arranging a mass commitment.

Comment 20 Apr 2014

I read that Gibson & Kirk were talking about going here cause Gibson likes his receiving ability.  Also that both have talked to Harris to make it a threesome coming here