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Comment 22 Jan 2016

I too felt THE Ohio State was a give away.  But that's my heart.  Its gonna be close.  Sure hope he picks the Good Guys.  Ben hearing that Urb & staff haven't given up on Gary.  Now compared to getting Gary, Lawrence is almost a gimme.  Anything so I can sleep tonight.  Have to check Nola.com to watch it live.  Heard his high school coaches we're telling him tOSU.  Not certain about the source  but it might help, or at least got the "THE" because of it.  Hope good thoughts.  'Til tomorrow or today depending on here ya live!    GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 19 Nov 2015

Sorry to hear of the passing of a family member of Okaduh.  I & all of Buckeye Nations thoughts & prayers are w/you.  Hope you get to campus soon.

Hope we can impress Hamlin & Fuller if they come.  Prefer them to Burton but he would make a very good plan B.  Wouldn't mind Warrior in the class.  Same w/Dorn & Victor to go along w/Mack.  Dexter Lawrence & Jackson are both coming & be great to impress both.  We really could use both at DT.  Now if we can getall of them in the class w/ an OL & a LB.      Go Bucks!!!  Smash Sparty!

Comment 18 Nov 2015

Sorry that Rashad isn't coming but he was a long shot unless Les moves.  I like both '18 Linemen & want to keep them from TTUN both of them unless they should prove tOSU unworthy.  I don't know if we hear a boom this weekend but a solid win over MSU could go a long long way.  We need at least 1 elite DT, Jackson would be my guess.  Plus a couple of elite DBs preferably 1 over 6'.  I think RB & WR will take care of themselves plus an elite LB & OL and we will be in great shape.  BGo Backs!!!  Run pass & smash Sparty in the mouth!  The vanilla offense is out of the game plan.  I look for Brax to throw Sat. or next week from the jet sweep!

Comment 14 Nov 2015

Bruce would be a great get as a 3rd WR to go along w/ Mack & Victor.  I too prefer a 6'4" WR who can go up & get the ball especially in the red zone.  If Bruce wants broadcast journalism just look at ESPN's staff.  Lot of Buckeyes there.  Maybe a couple of them could talk to him, if it isn't against NCAA rules.  Warriner is only a sophmore give him 2 more yr. & he'll be Buckeye material.  Just hope his Dad is still here!                                 Go Bucks!!!  Let's beat the Illini bad & get to the last 5 games still unbeaten! 

Comment 12 Nov 2015

McCloud could be another option if Juarez & Hayes both pick other schools.  Jones would be a get only if we don't get a Lawrence & Jackson.  All 3 fall thru our fingers then he might be plan B.  Personally I'd take any 2 of the 3 to go w/Barrow.  From what I've read it seems as at least 2 of the 3 decommits we based on academics not football.  We need DTs & DBs this class & in '17 as well as WR.  Mack & Victor would be enough this yr since we get Brown back next yr & 2 great TEs.  The '17 class is loaded for elite WRs.  Really would like 1 Lawrence, Jackson, Juarez, & Victor in this class.  Wishful thinking but can't get-em w/o trying.                           Go Bucks!!!   Let's get ready for the home stretch by kicking some Illini butt!

Comment 11 Nov 2015

Gant looks good but my how he's gonna grow if 6'3" 185 as a sophomore.  Read on the BH at Bucknuts that Dixon is having trouble w/his knees & career could be over.  Not that I believe the BH.  I'll believe it when Birm says it.  2 RBs is almost a must if you get into the play-offs regularly.  Don't want to many hits on the star RB but need a 2nd great RB especially if/when they expand the playoffs adding 1 game is playing a regular NFL schedule.  If the play-offs expand they need to raise the scholarships from 85 to 90.    Go Bucks!!!  We need a convincing win this week!

Comment 09 Nov 2015

Glad to see Fuller is still interested, we really need DBs in all classes.  Still would like Hamlin but looking like that ship has sailed.  Great interest in Okudah, great chance to further impress him on his 2nd visit on his dime. Real interest on his part & would only make the '17 class stronger!  Hayes could be an fit for Lee's position, but he'd have to beat out a couple of kids already here.    Go Bucks!!!  Come on J.T. leads us to a great victory!

Comment 09 Nov 2015

Gibson had some issues, like quitting the team then realized his mistake & rejoined.  Also had some academic issues.  All of that is behind him.  He'll redshirt this yr. & Beck wants him back in the QB room next yr.  I don't know for certain but I believe once he strted to get use to WR he was in both rooms.  Learning some of the QB stuff and keeping his arm in condition.  Dontre maybe back this yr. still having foot issues but they appear to be clearing up.      Go Bucks!!!

Comment 08 Nov 2015

Thomas & Kelly-Powell would not be bad.  Same goes for the LB, Cossou, but we would have to coach up the 3*.  Which of course we always do under Urb.  Mack going along for the grand tour can only help.  What a great commit & leader he is!  Gant probably won't get an offer for awhile since he's '18.  It would be great to get Dotson in the fold.  He has the size & skill set we need at TE.  Hayes might be the solution if we lose out on Juarez.  With so many of these kids wanting to commit early we should know something come mid-Dec.  We should have 5-7 spots depending on the number we take (23-25)     Go Bucks!!! J.T. give the Illini Hell!

Comment 06 Nov 2015

Grimes is an absolute must for '17. It appears that People-Jones might be coming also.  Both great  additions to an already stellar class.  Hayes or Juarez would be nice for '16.  Build up the LB & DB for this yr & next yr classes.  We are getting incredible depth at almost all positions.  The future sure looks bright for tOSU for several yr. to come.  The '17 class has so many great WR & if we can add Victor to go w/Mack we could be loaded.  Urb just needs to get Jackson & possibly a Lawrence at DT to insure the depth at DT and build up an incredible D-Line w/ depth coming in '17.    Go Bucks!!!   Score early & often against Minn. & Silver Bullets contain Leidner's passing & running!

Comment 05 Nov 2015

15 5* for 1 'Bama game?  Must be just to see LSU vs 'Bama.  I'd think some would rather play for the best coach in college football, Urb!  They may get a huge group for the game & possibly some commits but we'll still have the better class come NSD.  If you read Birm's picks for the final 5 recruits for tOSU you'd see some of the best coming our way.  If we take 25 it could be bigger yet.  Go Bucks!!!  Cardale have the game of your life & Silver Bullets stuff-em!

Comment 05 Nov 2015

I'd take either , but Birm's is the best by far especially if it could go to 6 & add Warrior.  Wow Birm, do you really feel we'll get those 5 or do you have your S&G glasses on.  Go Bucks!!!  Get Birm's 5!!!!!!!

Comment 03 Nov 2015

Too many kids getting hurt.  Now Nick Bosa, hopefully he'll be set to go when he gets here.  Hope they all get cleared medically.  Non-clearance could really ruin this class.  Bowden needs to come to tOSU, great athlete similar to Jalin Marshall.  Dotson has got to get on board or we go to plan B for a TE.  Of course, Plan B or C usually works out fantastic w/Urb & the staff.    Go Bucks!!!  Cardale we need your best game Sat. lets do it big!

Comment 02 Nov 2015

Ga. Southern?  LeCounte must want them to feel good.  Still think he comes to tOSU.  Richt leaving could really open up recruiting on several kids plus change the minds of kids thinking about making that commit.  The 2 Lawrence's & Jackson all visiting for the same game, WOW. I'll take either Lawrence (or both) & Jackson would be a huge get.  Plus Barrow.  We'd have on hell of a defensive line all of them plus Bosa.  Maybe able to fill Washington's slot w/1. Bosa, Cooper, Lawrence (take your pick),Jackson or Barrow.  Now that would be the best DL maybe in recruiting history!  Add in Lewis, Hubbard, & Landers.  That could be very special indeed.  One of the new at the 1 tech & another at the 3 tech we could stuff the run & scare the opposing QB w/o blitzing.      Go Bucks!!!  And may Cardale have his best game Sat.

Comment 30 Oct 2015

Nice that Urb visited Mack.  Have to keep in the class.  Hunter might not be a bad pick up as the 2nd LB in the class.  I can hear the call Tuf, Warrior, & Hunter on the tackle!  Just has a certain sound about it.  Getting Jackson, which is starting to look good for us, & either of the Lawrence's would be phenomenal. But only leaves 2 spots for 1 or 2 WR & 1 more DB if we take 25.  Would Berger not being able to play gives us 1 more so we could take Corley & Victor or has that already been accounted for unless Corley could be either DB or WR.  Corley's Dad at one time stated that his son might try CB since there aren't many good CB's his size & according to his Dad plays it very well.  Urb wants him at WR but could we have another 2 way player, haven't had one in a while.  While his name escapes me he played WR, DB, & punt& kick off returns.                              Go Bucks!!!   Get healthy & keep grinding, 7 more games to go!  (and win)

Comment 29 Oct 2015

I still like Walker sticking w/tOSU.  He's taking his final official visit here.  That tells us something.  Giving Urb the final voice & when he speaks the kids do listen.  Yes he's taking several OV's but who can blame a kid for seeing some great football games & seeing places he might never see.  Nothing can compare w/our academics, football facilities, & our coaching staff.  As for Gary the thing that draws his (or his Mom's) attention is TTUN hired his old coach.  However, after his last visit here his Mom liked our academics, how we prepare kids for life after football, & the coaching staff/facilities.  His Mom did say his old coach would take care of him.   While I don't think we get him, I'm not totally writing him off if the coaching staff is still working on him.  He did say I lot of good things about tOSU if true we might have a chance to get him on campus 1 more time.  That would be great, but also wishful thinking.  Even though he said he sees how he fits in & could possibly see early playing time.  Must be asleep because Gary at tOSU is a dream But someone once said dreams do come true.  If only, what a get & loss for TTUN & Hairball!                          Go Bucks!!! Get healthy & remember to grind 'til the Minnesota game!

Comment 28 Oct 2015

LeCounte appears to be leaning more to the Bucks.  We need to get him on campus as much as we can to solidify him.  Shame about Kill, his health must be getting worse.  Does Minnesota promote an assistant or go for a new staff & head coach?  That could make a difference w/Coughlin.  Though, I prefer Juarez if its legit interest not just to see a great game.  Don't we all wish there were more Bosa coming after Nick!                      Go Bucks!!!

Comment 27 Oct 2015

Victor & Bruce to go w/Mack, now that's a group of receivers!  Juarez seems like a long shot but if he gets to campus ya can never tell.  If we could get those 3 plus Fuller of NJ, Warrior, Jackson and 1 other DT would be great but 1 over the 25.  Eliminate Fuller & it would still be the best class BIG & Nationally.

I don't really worry about Moretti going anywhere else but it is a long time to NSD '17.  If Hairball just lets his son, Jay, recruit Moretti we have nothing to worry about.  He use his crayons to send a nice letter.  Just everyone get healthy for the final 4 regular season games & stay that way for 3 more!    Go Bucks!!!

Comment 27 Oct 2015

Hairball's recruiting depends on how many ex-high school coaches he can hire & how many Mom's can get admin assistants or secretarial jobs at TTUN.  If he keeps that up for a couple of yrs. other schools will either copy orfile complaints w/NCAA & we could see new rules re: this type of recruiting. (Hire Mom & the kid comes along)  Wonder what happens if the kid goes elsewhere does the coach or Mom get fired?!  Also early on Hairball had several 3* recruits.  If they upgrade to 4* are any schollies going to get pulled?  Urb is still the best recruiter of talent regardless of star rankings.  He's done an excellent job to date & don't see that changing.      Go Bucks!!!

Comment 26 Oct 2015

While Bruce may be a top talent he doesn't seem to have the attitude of Buckeye commits.  I'd be thrilled w/Victor & Mack.  Bruce seems to need an attitude adjustment before I'd take him.  But Victor,Mack, & Bruce talentwise would be very good.  Wouldn't mind having Young join up especially if it would help w/Victor.  Add in Jackson & 2 DBs w/o any decommits would be perfect.  There should be plenty of playing time next yr. w/the list of probable early losses to the NFL. It could be a big yr. at the 'shoe for freshman & ophomores.                  Go Bucks!!!  Get healthy & keep up the work.  The grind should pay off big come the last 2 games & then 13-15!!!

Comment 23 Oct 2015

I think Victor is coming to the good guys, Corley will stay up north.  I'd take both if there was room.  Warrior is a very possible get for us.  Jackson has said he would go to the team that needs him the most, i.e. early playing time.  If you look at depth Auburn might have an advantage, based on need for a great DT we have more need.  Tough call but I'll be a homer & say he picks tOSU.  Auburn can't claim to be in CFP for several yrs in a row while we should be in it for many, many yrs.  My biggest worry is losing Warriner & Ash.  Like them to get major pay increases to keep alot of schools from coming after them.    Go Bucks!!! 

Comment 21 Oct 2015

I think Walker will stay.  He hasn't much time if he wants to enroll early.  That said, I'd like to see him fill out some paperwork.  Hamlin is a lost cause. People-Jones I don't even think he knows.  If he tells friends its OSU he gets grief for leaving the state, so he confuses himself.   Go Bucks!!!

Comment 19 Oct 2015

Victor would be fantastic.  Hope it comes true.  Wade's Dad shouldn't worry as White & Pryor are going to be LBs or Hybrid LBs like Lee. Which would still leave room for Warrior.  Do like the sound of Tuf & Warrior on the tackle.  Walker if he stays is great, if he leaves not really a big deal.  We have McCall & Williams & could pick up another WR or RB for the slot.  J.T. needs to be the starting QB.  The offense runs smoother w/him.  All the sports broadcasters here in AZ as well as nationally agree.  While Urb knows best I think it will happen sooner rather than later.  He was after all handpicked by Urb to run the offense.  Go Bucks!!!