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Comment 19 hours ago

I'd take J.T. he knows the whole playbook and goes thru all all the progressions.  Something Cardale doesn't do yet as far as we know.  Also read that Urb mentioned something he did at Fla.  1 QB to take them to the 5 and another to get the td and not just by running.   I do think Cardale has to have meaningful reps in the game not just in blowouts.

Also read that Dixon has looked real good in Smith's role.  Speed kills and we have it on both sides of the line and on special teams. (as Alabama found out)

Now lets fill out this class with the players Urb wants. 

Urb also mentioned that offers are being given out like Pop Tarts.  Do ya think he was referring to Hairball and his 156 offers?

Comment 30 Mar 2015

 McCall was a great get.  Now lets get Mack, Layne, Farrell, Ferns,  Corley, Gary, Bosa Wallace or Guaratano, King or Robertson.  Another great DT and some DBs, another LB. That would make a decent class.  Drive Hairball  crazier than he is now.

MSU will certainly slip in a couple f yrs if they don't improve recruiting.  Eventually the odds of coaching up 3 star players can keep up indefinately eventually there will be some they miss on and they slip.

Comment 26 Mar 2015

Just read some interesting recruiting news.

Guarantano might be here this weekend. His coach said that Guarantano wants to announce on Thurs. when he'll announce his college choice.  With Urb getting the last visit.

Butler the Ohio DB who is committed to Pitt will be here this weekend. 

Wallace is bring a friend who wants to commit to tOSU.  He's a WR @5'10"  w/o an offer.

Texas LB Jackson  (#2 ILB nationally) Got an ofrfer & calls tOSU LBU. and is very excited because we won the NC w/a young team.

Now lets get McCall and Ferns to commit real soon followed by Farrell when he visits next.

Also read that Walker didn't come w/the NJ boys because in his words "they want to also visit TTUN. He wants Gary to come w/him when Walker visits.

Comment 24 Mar 2015

Just read that DT Gary is driving to tOSU arriving Fri and staying thru Sat and possibly Sun!  Lock him up Urb.  Also read that Slade is feeling that he'll be good to go in Aug and would play DT if we want him to. Not sure why he feels that way since his surgery isn't for 2-3 weeks and is a full ACL tear.

 Need to get Mack. Its beginning to look bad w/Corley unless Urb can explain Life Wed to his parents.  Might be time to relook at Layne as long as he fits the system.  Good to hear Farrell still favors the good guys. Great TE combo. Also read that Sibley really liked TTUN.  Clark better work on him.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

Layne was/is a favorite of mine,too.  But Urb has Mack as the #1 priority followed by Corley and then possibly Layne.  I think the way stands right now Corley is out of the picture and then the push goes on for Layne.  I'd like to see them push very hard for Mack and Layne and try to get our foot in the door for Corley and take all 3.  Of course there is the possibility that Layne isn't that interested in tOSU.  There are some Ohio kids that just aren't.  Call them demented but all these kids have different things they look for.  Guarantano is a Rutgers legacy and it is his in state school.  Plus look at the list of QBs outside of the top 3:  Collier, Gibson, Burrow and in '17 Clark.  Wallace looks great has the size at 6'5", accurate, likes the Bucks a lot. I prefer Wallace but we can use either.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

Arizona's a 9 point fav.  Would love to find a way to beat.  Mainly cause I live in AZ & am tired of BS in bball & football.  They think the Pac12 is the best.  Boy were they           shocked at how we beat Oregon!

Comment 20 Mar 2015

I live in AZ & can't get on the computer usually 'til around 11pm.  That said people were cbing Sandwisch to tOSU after he committed to UWV. Somesites show a college that has 10%. It all depends on the person making the pick and his biases.

I'd take Mack and Corley before Layne.  We still might get him if we don't get 1 of those 2 and Layne is #3.  Never forget the master of the flip and the home state pull.  Plus getting the #2 from *ichigan, MSU, & Jimmy would be great.  Still need some DTs, LBs, & DBs plus MCcall.

Comment 18 Mar 2015

We need to put the full court press on Ferns same w/MCcall.  We need both of them.  If Sandwisch is plan a then we need to work on him now.  Corley is also a must get; plus stealing the #2 player from Jimmy would be great.  Layne is also a must get the longer it goes the less likely we get him.  Layne and Mack would be a fantastic pair of WR with MCcall an H-Back.  Speed and height at WR and speed at the h-back.  Add in some Florida boys esp. Nick Bosa, a DT or 2, 2nde LB, Farrell at TE.  Would look great.  GO BUCKS!!

Bosa and a couple of tall CBs

Comment 18 Mar 2015

Must get McCall, Layne, Mack.  Like  to get Victor, or Corley, or Mitchell, or Hammond.  Seems like we're losing on Victor.  Toss in Farrell at TE.  Show all of them J.T. throwing to everyone  including the 2 TE sets we ran.  That is what the play book calls for and all QBs will do it.  That should get us 4 great receivers withat least 2 tall ones. (over 6'1") 

Comment 18 Mar 2015

We definetely need at least 2 LBs in 16.  Problem w/DT% is that none have really showed up.  Schutt's a sr. who hasn't showed he can start either has anyone else.  Then the injury to the kid coming in fall. We do need good DTs in this class.  Otherwise we have to put some DEs inside. Not the best solution.

As for Cass Tech, it's going to be how many if any commit.  Love to get the ones we really want and stick it to Hairball.  And lock down St.Eds from Hairball.  Jimmy hiring the coach but putting him where he has little interaction w/the kids isn't going to help him much.  (I hope!)

Comment 16 Mar 2015

Anyone that wants that badly to be a Buckeye...offer him if he's a tOSU kid.  Presume he is otherwise  He'll work hard to prove he's worth it.  Also at the end of'16 we'll lose at least 2 if not 3 RBs.He & Sibley would be a great duo and one may be able to play another offensive position like h-back.

Now get Ferns, Farrell, Mack, and Grimes!  The rich get richer.  GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 13 Mar 2015

Good luck waiting.  I lived in *ichigan for a couple of yrs.  Was visiting my Dad who was very sick in AZ.  My daughter called because her car broke down at midnight.  She called AAA.  We paid extra for the plus plan.  They told her it was to dangerous to send a tow truck until 7am.  I called & went ballistic w/them but to no avail.  Thank God cop stopped & helped her out.  He called AAA & told them to send a truck as he would wait them so they didn't have to be afraid..Like a 16 yr old girl should wait because tow truck drivers were all scared.  Wonder what they'd do if it was their kid!

Comment 13 Mar 2015

Thanks 305 great job.  Looks like some very good players are going to left out.  Love Grimes and paired w/Judson & Hawkins, wow.  Like to get People-Jones just to keep him from TTUN but to many excellent Ohio guys.

Comment 12 Mar 2015

Totally appropriate Birm.

Nutty stated:  "Kill is the coach of the year. Do you really think Urban would make a better impression?"  

In a word, YES.  Compare, Big Champion, Sugar Bowl victory over Alabama,  National Champions over Oregon.  I believe Urb's record at tOSU is 38-3 don't know Kill's 3 yr record but believe he lost at least 4 last yr alone.  Want to win championships go tot tOSU.  Want to try and build a program pick most anyother team in the country especially Minn.

Comment 10 Mar 2015

In '70 Kroger's distributed thousands of copies of TTUN's fight song for The Revenge Bowl.  Lost my copy during a move.  Of course now I can't totally remember the words but since Kroger's paid for everything there were no "bleeps".  Every time that songs was the stadium rocked w/our singing.  During the ABC telecast of the game, the announcers were wondering how come so many people in the Horseshoe were singing.  When I watched the replay I discovered they got the mics closer and they announced to the world  what was going on.  It was my senior yr and was sitting on the 50 in C Deck 3 rows from the press boxes and saw someone give them some papers.  When I watched the replay I found out it was a copy of the words.  Good times @ tOSU!

Birm,  feel better and thanks fot the Hurry Up.