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Comment 47 minutes ago


Welcome aboard Mr. Borland!  Our linebacker unit just keeps getting better.  What a surprise.  Now for Ferns and possibly Hansford.

May the week-end be full of Booms.  Especially on Sun w/ Eichenberg!

Comment 17 Apr 2015

I read two different yet similar statements from an interview w/ND's Kelly "his QBs are better than OSU's QBs"  or " I'll take my 2 QBs over OSU's 3".  Sad, sad thing when you live in a total dream world.  The men in their white coats are going to visiting him soon w/a special jacket and put him in a nice safe room!  What an ass.  I don't even know if he has 3 QB coming back w/any reasonable playing time.  After that statement if he does go 10-2 he should be gone.

Looking forward to some commits this week-end or first of the week.  Sure hope one is Sunday, Liam are you reading this?

Comment 15 Apr 2015

Love the fact we have Wallace.  Perfect fit for our system.  As for Judson, never heard anyone predict that it going to get closer.  Hope we land that kid from Cass, People-Jones.  And find another and string Judson along.  I understand they're kids but the meaning of commit shouldn't be difficult to understand.  If you aren't certain don';t be a placeholder just in case you want to play with the best.  The Dean situation sure changed when Dr. Andrews stated that Dean cannot yr for certain & wait and see about next yr.

Bad news on Lattimore w/hamstring problem on his other leg.  MRI sometime today to see if it's a sprain or will require surgery.  Hope its a sprain otherwise he's done for this season.  Damn, I was looking forward to seeing him play.

Go Bucks

Comment 14 Apr 2015

I prefer Wallace since he's a dual threat QB fits the system better. If I remember correctly Wallace was #106 and Guarantano #107 in the top250. Not much of a difference.  Losing Eichenberg, while it would hurt losing an Ohio kid to ND, and Kramer isn't going to change our class ranking that much.  We our in on so many top ranked guys that we'll be more than fine.  More importantly we get guys that want to be Bucks.  They'll like the competition and the grind because they want to be winners.  Still not positive Guarantano will pick Tn.  He gave us the last chance and unless he wants to start as a Frosh we're out.  Good chance all 3 possible starters go Pro after this yr.  Though I did hear some great reviews regarding Collier but that still makes it a 4 man competition all non-starters or even w/playing time.

Comment 14 Apr 2015

Just read that Dr. Andrews stated that Dean will play but not this season.  Seems our medical staff was correct.  Dr. Andrews needed to see Dean again before rendering his opinion.  Seems is rant was"full of sound and fury signifying nothing"!

Also read that DB Patrice Rene has us as his #1 choice.

Comment 13 Apr 2015

We/re not going to get every recruit we have as #1 on our list.  That said, many kids who go to Catholic high schools have a built in liking for ND because of coaches and even family.  Losing Eichenberg won't kill us or even hurt as Urb will always have a backup plan.  Plus we still haven't lost him and its a long way to signing day.  We will get 2-3 great lineman to join the 6 from last yrs class.  We'll also get the DBs and LBs that will make this class fantastic.

Now that Urb is signed thru 1020 let's give some substantial raises to the assisant coaches w/an extra yr or 2 to their contracts.  Make it hard to take a HC job for less money.  But don't start worrying that our recruiting is going to the dumpster leave that for Hairball,  We will be fine and have one of the best classes in college football.  I don't know what it is now but a few yrs ago we lead all colleges w/the most players in the NFL.   If we aren't #1 we're damn close.   Go Bucks!!!

Comment 13 Apr 2015

Chase you are right it has gone from clown show to having so many good to great receivers.  Thomas will be a beast this yr.  So much talent and only 1 damned ball.  Might have to play 5 quarters a game.  Nah that won't work nobody can even play quarters against us.  Damn!  Go Bucks!!!

Comment 13 Apr 2015

Fuller and Felder we have a good chance to get. Don't think we get Wade.  Mack will be a great get but hate to wait 'til June 7.  Love Mack's size.  Would like to see Layne get in this class.  Don't like losing good Ohio kids.

Does Wallace commit before Wed or will he wait until Guarantano makes his announcement since it was whoever commits first is in?  Guess we find out by Wed.

Comment 11 Apr 2015

Perry, Raekwon, Lee, Bell, Powell, Apple

Depending on minutes played.  Booker, Hilliard, Worley, Smith should see significant minutes w/large half-time leads against most of the teams.  That could easily change the numbers and the top 5.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

Felder certainly looks like what Urb wants in a DB good coverage and tackle hard.  Like seeing that Cass Tech group coming especially w/some coming back for the spring game.  If nothing else it keeps Hairball concerned about protecting his own border and pipeline. Eichenberg is a must get for as is keeping Walker and letting him know how all the running backs will play in our system.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

Having gone to tOSU w/the super sophs and friends w/many, I never thought I'd see a team that had so much NFL talent.  These guys may end up as the best group ever.  So many weapons on offense some not even starting, WOW!  Got to watch TTUN Spring game on at 1AM AZ time 4 yours.  Just need a good laugh tonight. And on GoBlow it is their defense that is fantastic this yr.  Yeah, its just you have no o-line, no qb, & can't catch....But the defense is really mediocre at best.  I think there are probably several Ohio high schools that could beat them. 

Good night to all and may it be September 7 when we awaken!

Comment 08 Apr 2015

1.  Wallace will be a great get.  In fact I thought he was rate #106 in the top 150 while Guarantano was #107.  Not much of a difference.

2.  Mack is a must and think we do land him.

3.  Corley might be tough since his parents are very cool towards us, don't know what their problems are.

4.  Why is Layne such a non-priority?  Thought he was a top 100 kid that's from Ohio.

5.  I hope Walker not coming to the spring game doesn't affect Gary  coming.  Heard they  were coming together.  Haven't heard if that's correct or not.  Bleacher Report predicted we land him.  Don't have link but yesterday's Bleacher Report, defensive predictions.

Comment 07 Apr 2015

Bengal have to agree w/you even thou a Browns fan.  A defensive line of Cooper, Gary, Bosa, plus anyone would be awesome havoc on offensive lines.  If Gary comes to the spring game I think we could and will get him. (wishful thinking maybe)  The Silver Bullets would be back with great depth. Several of the kids could be moved to play inside during the game and really throw the offense into confusion. 2 must gets Gary and Bosa.

Comment 07 Apr 2015

The QB depth chart is going to change before Guarantano gets here.  Braxton will be gone, if Cardale starts or plays meaningful minutes not just mop up he'll probably will leave, if J.T. starts or plays meaningful minutes not just mop up he could be gone.  If that happens its between 4untested QBs Burrow, Collier, Gibson and, Guaratano none w/game experience.  If J.T.or Cardale don't leave Guaratano redshirts and its still the same 4.  I think if Cardale plays enough he leaves for the NFL which was interested last yr at 4th or 5th round.  If we play a 2 QB system of some type and win the NC both could leave.  I don't like 2 QB systems but I feel if anyone can pull it off correctly its Urb.

Comment 07 Apr 2015

We were taught that method of tackling in 5th grade.  Only reason for playing in 5th was for yr they moved 6th to some schools and every school had to have a football team.  So some of us had 2 yrs of elementary school football while others had 1.  Learned the method by the time in 7th one school with all the kids in the city. The best players all came from schools that had 2 yrs of learning this tackling technique and of course how to play offense.  To bad I wasn't one of the best.  Finally started my soph. yr.as a 125 -130 pound defensive lineman.  I wanted to be a DB..  Had to use the old dive at the ankles to stop my man.  Thank god I was finally moved to DB.  Thou I think the QB was more excited.

Comment 07 Apr 2015

"Unleash_The_Dave 6 hours ago

Love that Kelly-Powell put off TTUN for EMU!"

Yeah and compare that to Sibley who visit TTUN and stated tOSU &TTUN are equal to him!?

Link (might be premium) http://recruiting.scout.com/story/1535045-sibley-s-visit-pulls-michigan-evenhttp://recruiting.scout.com/story/1535045-sibley-s-visit-pulls-michigan-even

What the f* is going thru his mind.  He must be believing the shit on GoBlow.  TTUN's defense is the greatest that's why the offense only scored 7 points.  Talk about delusional fans and a kid who needs another look at the fact that his blocking FB will be a 2* player either one of the 2.  Read that Shane as of now is the #1 QB.  Of course that could change, when Iowa's former starter & the benched QB Rudock, comes in.  What a choice Shane Morris or Iowa reject Rudock for starting QB.

Comment 06 Apr 2015

Dixon or possibly McLaurin will take over for Smith as they have speed.  Could even see Paris-Campbell or Clark at that position as well.  As for Spencer, I see Jalin or C. Smith. Thou haven't yet forgiven him for dropped td passes vs VTech.  A tremendous amount of the play calling will depend on who is at QB, J.T. or 12 gauge.  J.T. goes thru all the progressions and knows the playbook and this yr can handle more.  Cardale played great but only partial playbook and a great arm.  Have to remember he only played 3 games. Wisc, 'Bama, & Oregon. (3 of the best but also had the defense playing its best)  It will be interesting but if they play w/a chip on their shoulder again a NC is waiting.

Comment 02 Apr 2015

2016 looks like a tremendous class.  Bosa, Ferns, Farrell, King/Dioubate, Gary, Hansford, Wallace/ Guarantano, Mack, Layne.  2017 looks even better.  Urb always seems to get the guy who fits the system, plays and practices hard, loves competition, and want to be Buckeyes!  Then coaches them up.  Our depth is unbelievable. Our future is not only bright but could be blinding!  Urb could be on a run that's never been seen at tOSU which means bettering Tressel's run, winning NCs instead of just Big championships!

Comment 01 Apr 2015

I'd take J.T. he knows the whole playbook and goes thru all all the progressions.  Something Cardale doesn't do yet as far as we know.  Also read that Urb mentioned something he did at Fla.  1 QB to take them to the 5 and another to get the td and not just by running.   I do think Cardale has to have meaningful reps in the game not just in blowouts.

Also read that Dixon has looked real good in Smith's role.  Speed kills and we have it on both sides of the line and on special teams. (as Alabama found out)

Now lets fill out this class with the players Urb wants. 

Urb also mentioned that offers are being given out like Pop Tarts.  Do ya think he was referring to Hairball and his 156 offers?