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Comment 21 hours ago

Recruiting has taken such a turn that we are now looking at 2018.  Some schools are actually looking at 8th graders.  Mostly likely to get ahead of everyone else so the kid remembers your name.  But no idea of what he'll be like in 2 or 3 yrs. both on & off the field.

As for Walker, I haven't seen nor heard anything that makes me think he's anything but a Buckeye.  Rene won't get a tOSU offer unless quite a few DBs decide against the good guys.  Way too many interested already than we have room for.  And its the same a almost every position.  Interesting how quickly things changed; in the'14 class in May some were complaining how few commits we had, 6 if memory is correct, now for '17 we already have 10 & all are elite players!  With many more heavy leans.  We have to look at '18 to keep on recruiting.   If When we win the Natty this yr. recruiting is going to be in overdrive!          Go Bucks!!!


Comment 28 Jul 2015

Hey John Cooper, if your replying to my 2nd post I was questioning Dantonio's integrity for 2 times when he called kids at a tOSU camp to offer scholarships.  I don't think he'd appreciate any coach doing the same to him.  Yet a kid who has no offer unlike the other 2 MSU commits at FNL gets the boot.   Just maybe Cupp wanted to get additional coaching since he wasn't going to get offered.  If your replying to my 1st post I was stating that he made MSU relevant by coaching up 3* players and it could come back & bite him in the ass.  By the way I started following recruiting in '68 while soph. helping Tim Anderson who played opposite of Jack Tatum, who I also knew, was recruiting a kid that went to VFMA (Valley Forge Military Academy) where I also had gone & made him feel like he wasn't alone.  Since then when ever some from there came in town I got a call to help him feel more comfortable.  VFMA was also where the movie "Taps" was filmed starring a young Tom Cruise, Timothy Hutton, starred in.

Comment 27 Jul 2015

What's really bad about the Cupp situation is Dantonio didn't think anything wrong calling 2 different kids at two different times to offer them while they were camping with us!  That's pure b.s.  Its ok for him to call during our camp but a kid w/o a tOSU offer comes in to get more coaching is dumped.  He may have wanted an offer or just maybe wanted to get better.  My respect for Dantonio is now gone.                       Go Bucks!!!

Comment 27 Jul 2015

For a team that built themselves into contender by taking 3* players & coaching them up,  MSU may start to lose out on the 3*s & if they can't continue to get 4* players they may pay big time for the treatment of Cupp.   The classes of '16 & '17 are going to be a race to see who gets in.  Great time to be a Buckeye when you have turn away 4* players because of better players already committed.  Hamlin & Ford want to play together.  If their choice is tOSU they better hurry space at CB is going fast in both classes.  Especially in '17 w/LeCounte showing high interest.  All depends on how many we take.

A. Jackson is leaning towards tOSU especially after Stacy Elliott (Zeke's Dad) had a long comversation with Jackson's Father.  Sure hope he commits to the good guys.  Also appears that Mitchell still might be a take for us.  I still think Corley is just stringing us on.  Take Mitchell if he commits first & let Corley go to Tenn.        Go Bucks!!!

Comment 27 Jul 2015

If Hamlin & Ford want to play together at tOSU they need to commit now or Ford may not get in.  LeCounte appears to be leaning heavily towards us based on FNL.  Of course Pryor could end up as a walk-out LB.        Go Bucks!!!

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Jackson has built relationships w/staff, current players, & commits.  He's in.   Don't think we get Corley he seems enamored w/Tenn.  Crowell is the WR that Mack called Urb about. He just might be our 2nd WR w?Mack.  From what I've read it appears LeCounte is leaning heavily & might have given a silent verbal.  With Hamlin & Ford wanting to play together I think its either tOSU or Pitt.  One is '16 while Ford is "17.  Things are looking very bright indeed.  Possibly back to back #1 classes & back to back Natty.  Especially w/Brax running from the H-back.  Image him on a jet sweep or even throwing a short pass to a wide open receiver off the jet sweep.  DC have to watch so many weapons & we can't even get all on the field at the same time.             Go Bucks!!!

Comment 23 Jul 2015

Great day to be a Buckeye!!!  Bosa the start of FNL!!!!  Now for Grimes, Pryst, Hamlin, Fuller, Harris, People-Jones, Richardson>  Waiting for so many Booms, hope we get one from Jackson.  What a D-Line, Cooper, Jackson, Bosa, Hall. (can't remember the other DE)  What a great start on the eve of FNL!      

Go Bucks!!!   Bring on the Booms!!  Space is getting tighter in '16!  To think we had fewer commits in'14 than we do now for '17!

Comment 23 Jul 2015

Bosa, Jackson, Hamlin, Pryts, Ford, LeCounte, Corley or Mitchell, Harris, Richardson,Victor, NCM, Farrell, to name a few.  There's gonna be a lot of BOOMS w/in the next 2 weeks or less!  And some very disapointed FSU fans for Bosa especially the ones who stated "time to move the CB."  Looked up the '17 class & they showed 2 collegesw/recruits us w/8 & Ohio w/4.     Go Bucks!!!

Comment 22 Jul 2015

Not commenting on how many elite WR that have us as the top choice.  If the #1 or 2receiver wants to commit on NSD, Urb will find a way to make room.  Same holds for anyone very high on our list at any position.  I too like Black but don't know where he stands on the staff's list.

Comment 21 Jul 2015

Cage would be a nice get to go along w/1 of the big 3.  Looking forward to some big time Booms Friday & then for a week or two.  Grimes, Bosa,Jackson (?), Hamlin, Jones, Corley or Mitchell.  Think Corley is all MSU just visiting 'cause his father wants to slow things down.  Hope Mitchell blows everyone away we'll still have room for Victor or NCM somehow.        Go Bucks!!!

Comment 21 Jul 2015

If we take all the elite WR that want in our class would be all WRs.  I do like this kid, has the size we need & keeps defenders off so he can make the catch.  But what about People-Jones, Greene,& Green not to mention Grimes who is going to commit to tOSU.      Go Bucks!!!

Comment 21 Jul 2015

Congats to both Ohio Speed & Grangel.  Ohio Speed, your wife could have C-Section.  Just don't tell her I suggested it, don't need some enraged pregnant woman looking to kill me.  Especially before the season starts.  Go Bucks!!!

Comment 20 Jul 2015

Hey Seattle, he tried to but discovered that U of P only has a stadium no team.

Read yesterday that LeCounte was leaning towards tOSU & when asked about a commitment at FNL he wasn't planning to but you never know what can happen.  Sounds good for us.  Also both Bosa & Grimes are tOSU locks and going to commit sometime after FNL.  Yet Grimes & Greene went to FSU w/Greene working out.  Pryts CB says tOSU & PSU w/only Tom Loy picking ND, yet have read earlier today that its between tOSU & ND w/no mention of PSU.      Go Bucks!!!

Comment 20 Jul 2015

Hey KB, its been a little warmer than 105 the last few days, though it rained today a whopping .04".  It may be warm (hot) but at least no f***ing snow. 

The CB also shows only Tom Loy for ND everyone else picked us or State Penn.  Pryst very well could be a Buckeye since his last visit is w/tOSU & not going to ND.  Also read that LeCounte is now a tOSU lean.

Also read that Hill loves to hit & is willing to play safety if the staff wants him to.                 Go Bucks!!!

Comment 15 Jul 2015

I'm not sold on Hudson.  He needs to go to FNL & workout as a DL.  Another season playing OL w/o any passpro isn't going to get him noticed.  Butler is down the list we have roughly 6 DBs ranked higher any who could commit at FNL.  He also must be high on Hairballs list which tells something of the caliber of player they're going after.  (though they did get an OL that's very good....maybe some flips to tOSU or MSU) Need some BOOMS at FNL or there abouts Nick.  Still think he's all Buckeye,Mom, Uncle, & Brother all went there.     Go Bucks!!!

Comment 14 Jul 2015

thje 2 most important kids are Farrell & Jackson.  Yes.TTUN does hire HC and parents (mainly moms) to give them the edge in recruiting top recruits.  Look at what Gary's Mom said when they visited TTUN.  Charlie knows what we like & had everything laid out & would never lead us astray.  To me hiring specific people like HCs & moms of top players ought to be against league or NCAA rules.  I don't mind hiring people who run or worked for state or local recruit training camps as a big deal even though it is an advantage but not nearly the same as moms & HCs of top recruits.  Especially when mom works for the football team.  So far it hasn't done them any good.  Like to keep it that way.  We'll still have the top recruiting class in the BIG.        Go Bucks!!!

Comment 14 Jul 2015

Birm, great write up.   Think we're going to see 25 since Urb has been hinting at that many.  Maybe saving one for NSD or a flip.  Farrell, Fuller, Pryts, Bosa, Jackson, possibly Victor or Mitchell WR since Corley & NCM are out of the picture,Kelly or Hansford LB, and one left for surprise or NSD,or flip.  Any way it goes it will be a great class.    Go Bucks!!!

Comment 13 Jul 2015

Nick Bosa will be a Buckeye there's not a school around that in 1 day can blow him away.  Also read that Bosa was dropped to 4* same as Walker.  Only because he didn't go to camps or the opening disgraceful.  Good news Cooper was given his 5th*.

So many good DBs , do we take 2 or 3 & go w/only 1LB? W/Bosa's commitment that would only leave 7 openings if we take 25 as Urb has hinted. 2 DBs, 1 more WR, 2 DTs, & 1 LB leaves only one space for a surprise on NSD.  And that's not counting Farrell at TE.   We are really tight hoping for many BOOMs at FNL!                            Go Bucks!

Comment 13 Jul 2015

My brother lived in Cincy for several yrs. way back when, since he was a good friend of Pete Rose who playing at that time.  Went for a visit and when shopping had comments made & stuff thrown at me as I was wearing an OSU t-shirt.  I root for all Ohio teams except when they play us.  As for Cleveland they have several great universities they just don't play football or aren't D1 schools.  Maybe not D2.  UC at one time wanted to be Big Ten same Miami of Ohio but didn't have the large enough stadiums to even allow talks to begin UC has never forgotten the slight evidently.  Who cares I'll cheer for tOSU they can cheer for who ever they choose.                        Go Bucks!

Comment 12 Jul 2015

Have Mack now take Mitchell who wanted to be a Buckeye & still does.  Corley has cancelled so many visits it wouldn't surprise me if he's a no show for FNL.  Then  go all out for Victor & NCM & take who ever commits 1st.  Also get Hansford in the class as a replacement for Lee. That still leaves room for 2 of Hamlin, Fuller, Pryts &, Jones.  Hamlin & Fuller want to play together so it could work.  would like to take 3 of them but w/DT a priority and wanting to add Farrell there might not be able to be done w/only 8 spots.  All depends on who we get at DT & if we go for 2.    Go Bucks!

Comment 11 Jul 2015

State Penn's fans have always used excuses or lies when they can't beat a team.  We saw it during the Sandusky scandal.  The only way to shut them up is to keep beating them.  Personally, I'd like a final score some where worse than 59-0.  May Bosa go wild in sacks & plays for loss along w/the whole defense and an offense running on all cylinders!         Go Bucks!!!    Repeat in '15!!!

Comment 10 Jul 2015

What a problem at DB.  Pryts, Mayden, Hamlin, Jones, and now possibly Watts.  We might take 3 since the only LB the staff seems interested in is Hansford & he seems to be drifting away from the good guys.  Though if Kelly wanted in I think we would take him.  We might be able to take 26 since Jurcovic(sp) couldn't clear us academically (nor ND) but signed w/UGA.  If we were at 85 counting him that could leave an extra spot.  Hate to lose People-Jones especially to MSU or TTUN, Hawkins could move to WR he's down to 212 pounds and is 6'4".  Hall will stay w/the Bucks giving us a nice rotation and possibly one of the DE's moving inside as a 1-tech or 3-tech either perm. or on just an occasional basis.

Read an article on MLive comparing our talent to TTUN.  Surprisingly the writer stated we had way more talent than *ichigan.  Then goes on to stating Hairball will coach up Peppers & Green and complemented Hairball on having the #7 recruiting class.  only other kid mentioned was TE Butt & feels he be a big help this season.      Go Bucks!!!