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Comment 3 hours ago

Can't even imagine Chip Kelly at Maryland.  Maybe in a parallel universe.  Also I don't think any of Maryland's recruits are worth flipping.  Like Tuf coming to the game.  I think Tenn. & possibly Auburn, if both keep playing like they have, might have a few we could try & flip.  Hopefully Jackson is noticing how bad Auburn is & doesn't think his presence can save them.Daniels is a DT we would take in a heart beat.  Sure hope he gets to campus.  The visit, seeing the WHAC, & meeting the team may move us up his list quite a bit.    Go Bucks!!!   Lets play real Ohio State football early & often, like the whole game!

Comment 06 Oct 2015

Hope the CB's are right.  Would like to See Fuller in this class, be a great addition to an already great class.  Don't think we can get Lawrence but once he gets here.  Seeing the campus, the academics, the emphasis Urb puts on academics, the WHAC, & speaking w/Urb ya never know.  Getting 2 out of Daniels, Lawrence,Jackson would be fantastic.  Stealing the kid from up north as DE would help keep TTUN & MSU trying to guard their borders especially if we could land Corley for '16 & People-Jones for '17.      Go Bucks!!!   Blow out Maryland w/great offense & defense, a high scoring game w/a shutout would be very nice!

Comment 05 Oct 2015

If Daniels wants in take him.  We can still go after Jackson.  Losing Judson is no big deal.  Urb will replace him w/someone better & bigger.  Jay needs to pay more attention to what he's doing not being envious of Urb's rings & coaching expertise.  Throwing to the TEs or anyone requires a QB that can spread it around & not just watch the main rec'r. all the way.  If Jones can't shoGGw improvement at the end of the 1st quarter it may be time for J.T. or Urb to start taking over the play calling & running the offense.  I'm so far not impressed w/Beck.  QB play is very poor and Warriner isn't getting enough time w/the o-line.  Thank God we're playing Maryland just maybe we can get untracked somehow.        Go Bucks!!!

Comment 02 Oct 2015

Got some BOOM.  Just read that Brendon White committed for '17!  Would like to see Okudah, Grimes commit sometime this season, as well as Gill when he can.  Now to round out the '16 class w/Jackson, Fuller, &/or Hamlin, & Victor.       Go Bucks!!!  Let's see the Silver Bullets & some great offense tomorrow!

Comment 29 Sep 2015

I would love to add Victor & Corley if there's room.  If Victor wants chills get him up here.  Wouldn't mind Simmons & Sermon for '17 to go w/Sibley.  Simmons could possibly play LB & we may be thin at slot depending on who goes pro early along w/losing Brax & Samuel possibly moving to RB.  Weber & Samuel would make a nice duo at RB.  Victor don't go to the 'eers come to a winning school that wins championships.      Go Bucks!!!

Comment 29 Sep 2015

Last yr during our run we would have Vanett line up as a TE then move into the backfield behind a guard.  That opened the hole for Zeke's long runs.  Where has that been?  Go Bucks!!!

Comment 28 Sep 2015

Mack is a phenom.  Now I see why we went so hard for him.  I like Ewell but want Jackson for this yr.  We need him.  I like Corley wearing that sweatshirt, even though it can mean nothing.  Thankfully it was a Lions game.  Took my kids several yrs ago to a game against TTUN & wearing their S&G jackets;  They had drinks poured over them by some of the *ichigan faithful.  Almost ended in a fight.    Go Bucks!!!

Comment 27 Sep 2015

Would love to get Kmet.  His size & speed would be great especially in the red zone.  Ewell would be nice especially as I'm concerned about Cage being 100% committed.  Would like both.  White would be a good possibility.  Read on Bucknuts that he prefers offense & Meyer was ok w/that but mention a Darron Lee type to him.

Now just to cut down on under thrown balls to open receivers!  Go Bucks!!!

Comment 24 Sep 2015

Birm,  Not worried about the commits just about the visits.  Seems more are visiting elsewhere than to us.  Are you viewing that as a negative or that we are in contact so much that the recruits know where they stand and what we have to offer that visiting isn't as important?  Also read somewhere that Corley's Dad wants his son to look at playing CB.  His reasoning was that there aren't many CBs that have his skill combined w/his height.  Any truth to that?  I know he has had several INTs so far this season.   Go Bucks!!!

Comment 24 Sep 2015

No need to apologize.  We're in an unusual place at QB. J.T. set 19 records won 11 games until injured.  Jones comes in w/no film & wins 3 games to get us the Natty.  There's the theory that a starter never loses his job because of injury.  Then there's the theory you go w/ what got there. J.T. runs the whole playbook & was hand picked by Urb to run his offense.  Jones can throw the deep ball, really deep ball & can run N/S while bowling over nose tackles.  Each has a skill set.  Let's just back who Urb picked & hope the turn overs (ints & fumbles) stop & we stop the offensive penalties. Regardless of who is playing.  We still can win the whole thing again this yr.  Now more than before the media is starting to be against us; let's hope the team gets that chip on their shoulder & gives all teams hell to pay.   Go Bucks!!!

Comment 24 Sep 2015

Urb's recruiting at almost all positions has been spot on.  Every class a top 10, w/most a top 5.  We all wondered how he passed on Green who wanted to be a Buckeye RB.  TTUN took him look where he is on they're depth chart.  Instead of the #1 back we took some kid from MO. Zeke Elliott.  Looking at the up coming classes & commits his recruiting is going very, very well.  "The future looks bright at Ohio State."     Go Bucks!!!

Comment 22 Sep 2015

A good example of the opposite type of recruiting can be seen at TTUN under Hoke.  Jumped at Green, where is he on the depth chart?  They took high 4* &5* but never able to coach them up.  Hoke probably figured they're elite they don't need it as much.  We took some 3* players that fit the system & coached them up & lose 3 games since Urb's been here oh yeah, & a National Championship.  Hairball seems to be coaching up the players time will tell.  Though I did like his remark that tOSU & MSU are ranked where they belong.  God help me that I actually agreed w/that man!   Go Bucks!!!

Comment 21 Sep 2015

Urb could also be laying ground work for next yr.  We could get by w/1 LB for '16.  Read last night that Corley might prefer CB over  wr.  That was according to his Dad.  Evidently he's a well above average CB, maybe not elite.  Not many CB at 6'2".  If we can get him & Victor it might be an option.      Go Bucks!!!

Comment 18 Sep 2015

IMG is no different than private schools or military schools.  Both offer scholarships for students that meet their standards.  Money usually comes from the alumni associations or individual alum.  In many cases they are normal people using their retirement w/the hope that their child can get into a better college & get a scholarship.  Nothing wrong in wanting the best for your kid.

I hope Wallace doesn't get hurt this yr.  Need quality depth at all positions.  Want to hear a commit from Jackson.  Its been too long since our last commit.  Good to see Barrow is pretty much locked up.  Let's finish up the class in style: Corley, Victor,   Hamlin, Fuller, & maybe a LB.        Go Bucks!!!  Can't wait until Sat!

Comment 17 Sep 2015

That Silbaugh story was excellent as is he.  Disabilities are sometimes in the eye of beholder not in the eyes of person themself.  Great article, Birm.  Ewell sounds like the real deal, we could use him in '17.  Like to hear some great news about Jackson & an OSU commit.  Add in one of the Lawrence's & Hamlin & Fuller would be a dream come true. Urb is stacking talent on top of talent.  What a great time to be a Buckeye.  Everyone not just kids need to be careful what they put on social media.  it can & has bitten people of all ages in the ass.  These kids can lose scholarships & possible NFL money.  They need to be careful.        Go Bucks!!!

Comment 17 Sep 2015

Agree!  The other problem is running the entire playbook.  Cardale, who is a great QB, runs only part of the playbook & has additional plays favoring what he does best.  J.T. runs the entire playbook, set 19 records, & many have forgotten thru deep to Smith otherwise Smith couldn't have had the number of deep catches he had in only 3 games.  J.T. gets all the receivers involved being able to throw long, medium, & the short pass.  Jones runs N/S well & can bowl people over just ask the 'Bama nose tackle, but has a problem running E/W & then turning it up N/S.  J.T. can run E/W & go N/S as seen against VT.  Who ever is the ultimate starter needs to run the playbook & get all receivers involved.  Personally I favor J.T. but don't care who starts as long as we win the Natty again.      Go Bucks!!!  "Another shutout against NIU!"

Comment 15 Sep 2015

According to the "ever reliable Bucknuts" Fickell has been in contact w/Youngquist for sometime & Youngquist told them he is currently commited to OK.   Also from Bucknuts was that Troy Vincent's son has OSU at the top.  The comments were interesting as all were from Wisc fans who have already complaining that they lost another legacy.  They already are conceding to us. LOL 

Love to see Corley commit to OSU to join Mack & possibly Victor.  Thomas would be a nice addition to '17.     Go Bucks!!!

Comment 15 Sep 2015

I'm a '71 grad & haven't been back since the mid '70's. ( I live in AZ)  I have no idea what you guys are talking about.  The place changed a lot.  We had the North Berg, the South Berg, dirty Charberts, & OSU just opened west campus my Sr. yr.  Times may have changed  but the Bucks keep on winning!  That's the main thing.  As far as the sec goes they had a few teams drop out of the top 25 while we added 2 teams.  As the season goes on everything will balance out & the Bucks will win the Natty!  Go Bucks!!!