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Comment 08 Apr 2014

I've head Tim Settle pop up here a lot.  A co-worker of mine is very good family friends with a kid who is a teammate and good friend of Settle's.  My co-worker is a Florida fan, who has read that Florida is also on his radar. He's a recruit-nut like myself and asked the kid point black where he thought Tim Settle was going.  He said there was no way he wasn't going to Alabama.  Obviously, things can definitely change, but I'm not holding my breathe for a Buckeye commitment here.

Comment 24 Jan 2013

In a lot of ways I thoroughly agree with you, but I do question the rationale behind your argument.  Truth:  NCAA Football is cyclical.  All you have to do is look before the SEC domination.  ACC used to be downright dirty, Big Ten has had its moments, and back in the day the Big 12 was what the SEC is now.  However, I there is a lot I disagree with.  I think everyone will agree that, until Saban retires, Alabama will be the pinnacle of SEC and possibly all of NCAAF.  I firmly believe there will be competition when Urban starts to sign and breed the players he recruits.  Florida's recruiting class is top 5 in pretty much every poll, and South Carolina will always be able to land solid recruits.  Not to mention Georgia is one of the heaviest hitting recruiting states in the country. For that reason UGA will always be a force to reckon with.

That leaves one thing that it will come down to: player development.  This is why I think the National Championships for years to come are between OSU and 'Bama.  Saban and Urban show a unique ability not only to just recruit the best, but recruit the best that fit their system and turn them into the player they need them to become.  I think we saw a good bit of that out of Charlie Strong this year with Teddy Bridgewater and a lot of other players on that Louisville squad.  I disagree with you calling out Will Muschamp.  He's shown the ability to develop players on the defensive side of the ball.  Think about all those Texas defenses and remember how good UF's defense was this year (up until the played Louisville).  Steve Spurrier has his fair share of guys who have gotten drafted as well (whether they've been successful or not is another story, but you don't get drafted by being a slouch at the college level)

Also, you said the SEC is going down then referenced UK and Tennessee o_O

So while I do agree with you, I haven't seen much from any other conference as a whole to tell you which one is next.  I'd like to say the B1G, but with the exception of OSU and that team up north, I don't see any other team right now that is built to be a top 10 team over the next 5-10 years.  They SEC's going to be the pinnacle conference for a while with 1-2 teams out of other major conferences making occasional appearances.

Comment 13 Dec 2012

I love seeing us in competition with Alabama all over the map.  People try telling me that no team is going to be able to beat Alabama the rest of the decade and I ask them if they no anything about recruiting, which they never do.  Urban's able to reach out everywhere and grab people from places OSU has never been able to recruit before but still keeps his roots finding the best players in the mid-west.  Genius recruiter.  Especially now since he lets his coaches do a lot more than he did when he was at Florida which really shows he's serious about everything he told his family before taking the job.  So glad he's our coach.  OSU could not have made out any better.