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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2011 Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. Last minute interception to secure the win for the Buckeyes. Partied on Bourbon Street after.
  • NFL TEAM: Patriots, Bengals, I like watching the Browns fail

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Comment 09 Apr 2014

Woohoo, I had Owens winning from day 1! Too bad I didn't put money on it. :P

That was some really close voting, I'm surprised.

Comment 18 Mar 2014

1.) Jesse Owns, because F Hitler.

3.) Shula because LOL @ Browns.

4.) WAYNE WOODROW "WOODY" HAYES! The answer is too obvious. I have a hard time believing a single person here will vote Roger Staubach. If you're not voting for Woody, you can gtfo my 11w.

5.) Why are you doing this to us?

Comment 17 Mar 2014

Annie Oakley: super underrated. Being from Greenville I can drop some knowledge on you: She could point a gun backwards over her shoulder, look into a hand mirror to aim, then still shoot the $ht out of any target behind her back that she wanted to hit. One-on-one, as I like to make these things, she'd kick Spielberg's arse. :D Plus, as a kid I was forced to attend the Garst Museum to see all her crappy memorabilia and my tears of suffering have to be worth something.


In my mockup, I had Macho Man Randy Savage and his opponent mutually destroying each other, but since that isn't an option here I'll vote for Savage.