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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The good guys winning the 2003 National Championship
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jared Sullinger, Scoonie Penn
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Comment 07 Oct 2014

The guy that wants to be a Buckeye, wants to work his ass off, doesn't expect success to be handed to him, and is willing to lead the team to a National Championship

Comment 17 Sep 2014

I am a Cincinnati alumni that is proud to say I will be on the correct side next Saturday! UC took my money but it will never have my heart. Go Buckeyes! 

Comment 05 Sep 2014

Sweat. The #1 basketball player in the world convinces the #1 player in the class to commit to the good guys!

Comment 05 Sep 2014

Perry, Grant, and Lee were listed as first teamers on the depth chart last week but Ash and Fickell started Worley, Perry and Lee. Depth chart doesn't mean much

Comment 30 Mar 2014

Ohio State, Ohio State and Ohio State. I go to Cincinnati and don't even consider them one of my favorite teams, I've attended more Ohio State sporting events than UC sporting events during my five years here. I love Ohio State as much or more than anybody else on here. It burns my blood seeing someone wear anything *ichigan in Ohio, wear that shit somewhere else. My point is, I've grown up rooting for the B1G during the non-conference and post-season. But being a Buckeye, that only goes so far. I absolutely did not root for *ichigan in last years basketball championship game and I can't stand Louisville. But regardless, I'm not going to root against somebody just bc their fan base wouldn't root for us in the same situation. And I certainly won't root for or against somebody just bc somebody on the internet has a differing opinion.

Comment 10 Mar 2014


#8 Indiana vs #9 Illinois - Indiana

#5 Ohio State vs #12 Purdue - Ohio State

#7 Minnesota vs #10 Penn State - Minnesota

#6 Iowa vs #11 Northwestern - Iowa


#1 Michigan vs #8 Indiana - Indiana

#4 Nebraska vs #5 Ohio State - Ohio State

#2 Wisconsin vs #7 Minnesota - Wisconsin

#3 Michigan State vs #6 Iowa - Michigan State


#5 Ohio State vs #8 Indiana - Ohio State

#2 Wisconsin vs #3 Michigan State - Michigan State


#3 Michigan State vs #5 Ohio State - Michigan State 65-62

Comment 04 Dec 2013

El Guapo is going to go for over a hundred on the ground and so is Braxton (two 1,000 yard rushers in one season!!). That means the only way we lose this game is if Dennard gets a couple of picks and gives a mediocre Sparty O good field position.