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Comment 11 hours ago

You guys didn't hear? Hubbard switched positions again. He is now on the offensive line. Next Reid Fragel. But about 50 lbs lighter. 

Comment 14 hours ago

perhaps, if the football gods are happy with us, we will be up really big, score a touchdown and go for a 2 pt conversion. Then urban can say that he went for 2 because he couldn't go for 3. How he wanted Hoke to go out with a bang and how he despises everything about that state up north. Except D Webb and Alabi and Weber and any other recruits we are going after. Can't wait 

Comment 14 hours ago

We all know his drink was spiked with ecstasy- twice. I wouldn't be surprised if the spiker was none other than Brady Hoke. 

Comment 25 Nov 2014

We should all be upset with the person who spiked his drink with ecstasy- twice 

Comment 23 Nov 2014

A buddy has one. It looks just like the photos on urbs desk - pretty sweet.  He keeps hoping we eventually wear it in a game. Supposedly he got it last year at a store near campus.

Comment 23 Nov 2014

Hill. Qb for BYU. Watching BYU run all over Texas the last 2 years has been glorious. I can't thank Hill enough for that. I also find it hard to dislike BYU 

Comment 23 Nov 2014

Zander Diamont. He is a model of greatness. 

Comment 20 Nov 2014

I don't think I can wait until the 25th to find out - or whenever it's decided. I do like me some Noah spence

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Maybe Its me but not working on my iPhone. Sorry about the multiple posts

Comment 20 Nov 2014

More often than not - you get what you pay for. You pay your coach crap and first opportunity they are gone. it takes money to make money. Urban was a bargain (but still well paid). Think about the wonders he has done in recruiting, wins, restoring excitement to the program. It's almost like he was sent directly from heaven. He way more than pays for himself. Where would we be if we would have brought in someone else? Think about the kind of excitement at a lower B1G team if the ponied up and brought in an urban Meyer type. It would take a lot of money and mutual interest on the part of the big name coach - but it could happen. Also coming along with that are increased donations and better fan attendance. Well worth it I believe.